Monday, March 27, 2017

T Stands for my foodie friend Sally's birthday

Before we begin today, I want to comment on both Deb's and Divers and Sundry's T posts last week.  They were both outside the box, and both unconventional.  I was totally impressed, and always appreciate when there is an unexpected and unique way of expressing your drink.  If you didn't see their posts, you missed two wonderful ones.  And both were very different, too.

Now, please join me at home as I prepare for Sally's birthday on Tuesday.  Remember. it's still Monday in my world because of that pesky international dateline that breaks time zones into 24 hour segments.

Maybe not as much fun as others' posts might be, but I bought this cake for Sally on Saturday, to celebrate her birthday.

I found some stretchy lace, wrapped the container,

and tied a candle to it.  Then I took it to her on Sunday and sang the birthday song to her.

Fast forward to Monday morning and I'm getting ready to wrap her gift. 

I will give it to her at whatever restaurant she chooses on Tuesday (28 Mar, 2017).

It's one of those adult coloring books.  

Seems she's one of those weirdos who likes to color between the lines.  This book will keep her company and give her lots of opportunities to practice.  The only thing I didn't like about it is (well, other than the fact I think doodling and coloring are not my cup of tea OR coffee) the book pages don't lie flat.

So what's in my cup, you ask.

This beautiful and incredibly unique tag

was sent to me by my friend Valerie, a great participant in this weekly meeting.

A few up close and personal shots.

Now it's your turn to share your post.  The rules are extremely simple.  Your drink related post may be anything from a photo of a glass, cup, or mug, to an actual drink, or even a sketch or a digital, hybrid, or traditional page in your scrapbook, art journal, or altered book.  Maybe you'd prefer to share a tag, or photography.  You might choose a postcard or decorated card.  Or perhaps you prefer to review a place you visited, a movie or book.  It makes no difference as long as it's drink related.  And don't forget that the more unique and outside the box it is, the better I like it.  Please tie it back here, and please link only to your post, not your entire blog.  When you link, Bleubeard, the T gang, and I will be by to visit.   Bleubeard would also like to remind you that your photos may be taken any time, even months ago, if you choose.
Please don't forget to have your Second on the 2nd ready.  It can be any post you choose, as long as it's one you have shown in the past.

24 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Love the colouring book you bought for Sally and the nicely packed piece of cake for her! Glad you liked your tea tag, I had fun making it. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

johanna said...

happy birthday to Sally and may you Show many many more Restaurant visits here on t-stands-for-tuesday!! cheers!!

Halle said...

Mini-me has several coloring books like that. You'll laugh when you see my post today...

kathyinozarks said...

Oh I love the tag very much, and love the way you presented her piece of cake. I am not big on coloring books either-I have tried-bought different pencils, gel pens too I got further in the yellowstone coloring book I picked up but I still have trouble with it-I am not a painter or coloring book person I have decided lol
Happy T Day

Lisca said...

Oh I'm sure Sally will love the colouring book. (even though it doesn't lie flat)
The tag is really beautiful!
And I really like the way you packed Sally's birthday cake (plus candle).
I am now looking forward to seeing the photos of whichever restaurant the birthday girl has chosen.
I had a birthday too, and next week i will show you where we went and what we had for dinner (lunch).
Happy T-Day,

~*~Patty S said...

Have a lovely birthday celebration with Sally.
Happy Happy Birthday to her.
Amazing to me how popular the adult coloring books are.
Not my cup of tea but obviously lots/loads of people like them very much.
Valerie's tag is a beauty.
Extra fun for you to see it in real life too I bet E.
I have a large stamp with the same swirls as the napkin background she used. Very Art Deco.
Happy T Day to ya...HOW can it be the last Tuesday of March ALREADY!
p.s. that slice of cake looks delicious and such a neat candle too ♥

pearshapedcrafting said...

What a great idea for Sally's cake! I am sure Sally will love her colouring book! I thought I would use mine far more than I did - it's still there if ever I feel the need but suspect I may pass it (and a couple of untouched ones) to a friend who loves colouring! I will still keep some small ones for if ever I am in bed ill!! Valerie's tag is wonderful - she knows you so well!! Big Hugs, Chrisx

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

What a wonderful 3-day (or was it 4? I lost count) birthday celebration you planned for Sally. The art deco tag by Valerie is fabulous! I love those stamps she has, but it's just as important that one know how to use them ;-)

Happy T-day, Elizabeth, and happy birthday to Sally! Thanks for hosting us once again. Hugs, Eileen

Linda Kunsman said...

a very happy birthday to Sally!! What a perfectly lovely cake and gift to celebrate. Fabulous tag from Valerie! And I couldn't agree more about Deb's and Divers and Sundry's posts :) Have seen that Secret Garden coloring book. Have been gifted with a few similar books but don't tend to use them . Happy T day!

Carol said...

That cake you got Sally looks so yummy and love the way you presented to her. The coloring book are great. I have to be in the right mood to color but if I am I love it. Happy T Day!

chrissie said...

A wonderful cake for Sally she is so lucky to have you as a friend. I hope you both enjoy her birthday.

Beautiful tag from Valerie as well.

Always great to see what you have in your posts.

A Very Happy T Day

Love Chrissie xx

Helen said...

love the tag, and a cute way to present a slice of cake! Hope you enjoy Sally's birthday lunch.

Meggymay said...

Happy Birthday wishes to Sally. The cake looks delicious and I think you will be having a lovely day today.
I have seen that colouring book on sale here, tiny spaces to colour but she'll love it. The colouring book I get I am able to take the pages from the spine and its much more user friendly. For me it keeps my fingers mobile, so thats a plus.
Happy T Day.
Yvonne xx

froebelsternchen said...

Looking forward to see which restaurant Sally has chosen !
Great tag from Valerie - wow!
Happy T-Day Elizabeth - Thank you for always bringing us together here on Tuesdays! It's a wonderful event!

Let's Art Journal said...

Have a wonderful time celebrating Sally's Birthday today, please wish her Happy Birthday Wishes! Mmm, the cake looks so delicious and you packaged it beautifully :-) . The adult colouring books are so popular these days and I'm sure Sally will love it, that is very thoughtful of you! As is Valerie sending you that lovely Art Deco tag, it is something to always cherish. Wishing you a very Happy T Day with special Birthday celebrations! J :-)

CJ Kennedy said...

I love the idea of packing up a slice of delicious cake with a candle. Happy Birthday to Sally. The coloring book will give her many hours of enjoyment. The tag is awesome. Lucky duck! Have a great day and Happy T Day. Oh, and I really enjoy this meme and look forward to Tuesday. Thank you and Bleubeard for hosting.

Darla said...

What a clever way to wrap Sally's cake. I'll have to remember that. As far as adult coloring books go, looks like you picked a nice one. I know a few people who enjoy them. Your bag deserves a WOW! What a nice surprise for you.

PS - I"m happy to slip in here for Tea again this Tuesday. I haven't been able to make it every week and I really miss it.

Nancy said...

Happy birthday to Sally. I like how you presented the cake, and I'm sure she will enjoy that coloring book. Beautiful tag, too!

jinxxxygirl said...

Thank you for the shout out Elizabeth! I'm so glad you enjoyed my 't party' last week .. :) Its so easy to brush aside a birthday... my husband does it every year.. its JUST another day... but i think its so special when someone takes a moment to remember your special day.. the day you came into this world and made it a better place.. I'm sure Kathy loved it.. and it meant even more then she might have shown.. I think those coloring books are so beautiful.. my eye immediately loving all the detail....but i know better than to buy one... then i will color and not sketch... and i need the practice... so for now i will just look... :) Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

Divers and Sundry said...

What a fun way to package the cake :) I haven't tried the coloring books yet, but I find the designs in the one you chose appealing. I might have to take the pages out so they'd lie flat ;) but then that'd be ok.

I'm glad you didn't take issue with my sideways T Tuesday connection from last week. Sometimes I'm just struck by a connection that few others see lol

Dianne said...

That is a stunning tag, and a lovely coloring book! I would rather draw and color my own pictures, but so many people are enjoying them now, and I think it's great. Sally is fortunate to have you for a foodie friend! enjoy your coffee/tea today! ♥

Sandra Cox said...

Happy BDay, Sally!

You took good care of your bud, Elizabeth! That cake looks luscious. I have a garden coloring book too:) I think mine is Enchanting English Gardens.

Sami said...

A belated happy birthday to your friend Sally.
I was given a colouring book for Christmas but haven't started on it yet. I've heard it can be very calming to colour in....
Your book marker gift is spectacular!

Jeanie said...

What a fun T. I love the cake and how you put it together and I think Sally will just LOVE the Secret Garden. Happy Birthday!

Valerie's tag is gorgeous. Lucky you!