Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Russia with Love

Today I've finally found time to create something for Art Journal Journey.  My dear friend Erika, aka BioArtGal is this month's host and I am so glad I found time to participate.  I even managed to create two spreads, too.

The nice thing about Erika's theme, which is Journeys, is I can once again create a few pages in my 7-Continents altered book, the book I have proclaimed to be the longest WIP in history (at least in MY history, because I started this 7 continent journey back in 2003).  So today I give you # 67 on my bucket list of places I want to visit.

     Let's head to St. Petersburg in Russia

where we encounter the famous Resurrection Church also called Savior on the Spilled Blood.

This famous church is a highlight of any tour of St. Petersburg. 

I apologize, but the used file folders I chose for this were too long for my scanner.   That will teach me to measure before I create a background.  I call this side "To Russia with Love."

The church is part of the St. Isaac's complex.

It is famous for its many mosaic tiles, possibly the most in the world.

Also on this page

which I've named "From Russia with Love,"

is a picture of Catherine the Great's country home which is outside St. Petersburg.

Materials used include a used legal size file folder, paint applied with a gift card, a Micron ink pen (that didn't want to write on the paint), and images from various travel magazines.

Thanks for taking this journey with me to St. Petersburg today.  I hope you will also visit Art Journal Journey for some incredible journeys, including real, imagined like mine, and implied.

11 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

St Petersburg is really a beautiful place to visit, and you have done the town justice with your lovely journal pages. I had to laugh at your comment on my blog, I would never throw my good coffee at anybody! The English way of driving is strange for me in the meantime, but I always adjust quickly once there. Have a fun day, hugs, Valerie

My name is Erika. said...

I love your travel book and I think this would be a great place to visit. I think there would be so much so see there with all those old palaces and the history. I'm glad you posted another entry in your travel book because I love seeing these places, and I'm glad you joined up on AJJ too. Plus I LOVE your background. How did you make it? Hope you aren't in that next big storm system I heard about. I hope you're winds calm down a bit. (Wow, watching the morning news and they just showed the weather in your area. They don't usually do that.) Have a great day.Erika

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love both of these pages - Russia has been on my 'places I would like to visit 'list since I was a teenager! Your pages show me what I missed and as usual accompanied by such interesting information! Away at present but have post prepared to show how I made your tip ins when I get home! Just read Erika's comment about storms coming your way - take care! Hugs, Chrisx

froebelsternchen said...

Oh wow - gorgeous Elizabeth!
I am proud to tell that I already visited St.Petersburg and that it is an amazing city! Thank you so much dear ELizabeth for joining us at Art Journal Journey!
Happy Wednesday!
oxo Susi

~*~Patty S said...

Wonderful journey to a beautiful city E with your colorful pages.
A very nice addition to your travel journal!
My Mom and I were lucky enough to tour Russia and the Baltic states back in 1999. St Petersburg was definitely a highlight of our visit. I have heard it called the Venice of the North. We enjoyed a boat ride through that beautiful city and got to have caviar and champagne at a folk concert in a historical theatre with costumed attendants. One group played folk tunes on giant saw blades. It was hauntingly beautiful.
ooops you got me going down memory lane.
Sorry to ramble...

Jeanie said...

Wow -- fabulous colors and such a lot of energy! Russia is a spot I've not visited but you certainly seemed to capture the cultural beauty of the country. Lovely. said...

I went to that church in St Petersburg -- when I walked around a corner and saw it I was stopped dead in my tracks. And we went to an amazing flea market waaaaay out of town. Took the subway with my husband and THAT was an experience trying to read the subway stops in Cyrillic was great and seeing your fab pages brought it all back to me! Spasibo!

sheila 77 said...

This must be a fascinating book, this being the 67th place to visit. As a non-traveller I thouroughly enjoyed my visit to St. Petersburg with you as my travel guide, thanks!

Meggymay said...

Wonderful pages, so many lovely pictures and interesting history details. It looks a fantastic destination to travel to see.
Yvonne xx

Halle said...

Nicely done! That certainly would be quite the journey.

Carol said...

Great pages and really love the way you did the backgrounds ♥ Would be a marvelous trip :)