Monday, March 21, 2016

T Stands For Riverside Cafe

Recently my friend Sally and I ventured to the Riverside Cafe, a "greasy spoon" in my neighborhood where locals hang out.

We both ordered veggie omelets.  I ordered a side of ranch dressing for my hash browns, 

while Sally got some disgusting ketchup (can you tell I don't care for ketchup?). 
There are so many items of interest on the walls,

I always see something new each time I visit.

Now it's time to show what drink related post you are sharing this week.  It can be photos, a place you visited, movies, postcards, books, sketches, mixed media, drawings, paintings, tags, scrapbooking, or other art that is digital, hybrid, or traditional, as long as it in some way relates back to a drink, any drink.  Regardless, please share below and Bleubeard and I, along with the rest of the T gang will be by to visit.  Old photos are acceptable because they may be taken at any time, and don't even have to be taken this year!

As an aside, I will be gone all day and evening, so I'll visit very late tonight.

19 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Looks like a fun place to go for a filling meal. Happy T day, hugs, Valerie

Linda Kunsman said...

that is a lot of food -wow! I agree with you about the ketchup as I am not a big fan of it-but my son will put it on things unheard of-yuck! Happy T day!

Carol said...

Those omelets look heavenly!!! Our favorite local family placed closed down and the owners moved to Arizona. Tired of cold winters. Now we have to find a new place. Happy T Day!!

~*~Patty S said...

Looks like some generous portions that would stick to your ribs for awhile ;-)
Not liking catsup saves you from all of that sodium!
Happy T Day dear E

Nancy said...

A major meal! Veggie owlets look good enough to eat.

froebelsternchen said...

Wow ... those are really generous portions - great!
Happy T-Day Elizabeth!

johanna said...

oh yes - that Looks mighty! i´m going out for lunch today with friends and hope not to Forget my camera. and not to Forget taking Pictures before eating, because i often think of it when finished;)
happy t-day. elizabeth!

AiyanaKalyna said...

I love how good everything looks, especially the toast and hashbrowns. Omelets always look so yummy. I am allergic to eggs. :( You made me hungry for my local greasy spoon. I am going to have toast and hashbrowns this weekend. Thank you for inspiring. I have loved all your blog posts last week. I wasn't feeling well and didn't comment too much on blogs I read. All your creations were so inspiring.

Lisca said...

Wow, that looks an enormous meal! I love omelettes. I agree with you on the ketchup, but we have it in the fridge as my hubby loves it.
The cafe has some interestinf photos on the wall. I spy vintage racing cars and a tram.
Have a good week,

My name is Erika. said...

Yum. Yum. Yum. I think going out to breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out, and that veggie omelet looks so delicious. And so much of it too. Happy T Day! I hope its a great one. Hugs-Erika

Darla said...

Looks like a great breakfast (or lunch). I like my hash browns just as they are - no need for anything to cover them in. Nice to have a local place you like to go to.

Divers and Sundry said...

I see we're both posting home-town restaurants today. You can't go wrong with local talent :)

Dianne said...

wow, the omelettes look yummy! Tell Sally I loved her first I thought, really-she's wearing a guns 'n roses tee shirt?! cool...then I realized! ha ha! too funny. fun decor in that place...but the crooked picture frames would drive me crazy. I would have been over to that wall in a flash to try to straighten them up, and people would be thinking I'm weird. but I guess that's not unusual for me! lol. I got lazy today and just added on a coffee cup drawing to the swap pages post...hope that's ok. have a terrific week dear E, Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

Jeanie said...

That's one huge, serious omelet! Looks like a wonderful time and always good to have time with a friend!

Anonymous said...

That is one huge plate, wow! Kitschy places like this are always the best. Bet the locals have their tables they sit at all the time and things like that and the history on the walls. Fun. xox

pearshapedcrafting said...

Those omelets looks delicious! The walls do look interesting too! Sorry I am late- been for a hair cut and stayed chatting!!! Hugs, Chrisx

Ariel said...

These look so delicious:-) Now I seriously feel like having an omelette.
Wishing you a wonderful week

Halle said...

Sorry I didn't even have time to comment yesterday. I was under the gun with time. Now I just need to figure out a permanent attachment solution for my hasty slipcover. :)
I love small places that have interesting stuff on the walls. I'm like you...looking around noticing something new each time I visit.

Rita said...

I will have to try to pop in now and again to your blog to see what you are up to! I might be back one day. ;)
Looks like that one wall needs some picture straightening--LOL! Lunchtime and you made me hungry.
Thanks for everything you do. Love, Rita :)