Saturday, September 12, 2015

Journal 52, Week 37: Hope

 Hope is the theme for Week 37 at Journal 52.  When I first read the prompt, I thought "Hope is not just a town in Arkansas."  When I couldn't find my Arkansas map, I decided to go a much, much different route.

It was then that I decided this week was all about trying a few techniques I either hadn't tried before, or hadn't tried in a long time. The first thing I did was get out my Crayola crayons.  These are the best when it comes to resist.

I wrote the letters using a red crayon and used a shooting star stencil in place of the "O."  Then I grabbed a bottle of Tulip fabric paint, a product I have had for many years, but never used.  It adds a puffy slick raised edge when dry.

When the paint was dry, I got out my Twinkling H2Os and created the background.  That's where the resist came in.  The crayon resisted the Twink and showed through the background.

I have a couple of books on Quotes, so I just cut all the ones that were in one of the books and used them.  There's no sense in not using them.  I am on a mission to use these originals, not copy quotes out of them anymore.   The 37 is the week number.

I also used a crayon (black) to outline the swirls.  I am happy with this stencil because I can turn it either direction, something I can't do with a rubber stamp.

Unfortunately, I don't see the Link at Journal 52 anymore, so I guess this is the only place you'll see my entry each week, since I'm not a member of Facebook or Flickr.  But that is OK, because I can show my dear friends a few photos I took yesterday who have followed my "Sally saga." 

These are the shoes she is keeping in her walk-in closet, but they are only a partial offering. 

It was very hard to get a good photo because I was fighting a few dresses and such that Sally had indiscriminately hung on a peg after we had cleaned the room.  These two containers hold her winter shoes only, which is what she wants handy when winter arrives.  The summer shoes are in her office closet, and her tennis shoes fit in shoe racks that fit on both her bedroom doors.

These are specialty shoes in the top container, including SEVEN pairs of swimming shoes.  I knew she had swim shoes, just not a pair for every day of the week!

You have to remember we spent three days sorting and purging in Sally's main bath.  This was all that was left when I got there early in the morning.  Against the back wall are two containers I cleaned and placed items in after we purged everything.  I realize it looks really bad, but you can't believe how much we've gotten rid of.  Next, it was time to purge and clean what was on her filthy sink counter.

Three hours later, this is all that was left.  I still needed to clean the floor, but I wasn't going to do that until I knew for sure that Sally was going to take care of the room.

For those of you who are like me, and don't like ANYTHING sitting on my counters, this will look like a nightmare.

These were all the things she wouldn't let me move elsewhere, because she said she used each of these every day.  I somehow have trouble believing it, after all the gunk and cat fur I found on many of those bottles and jars, but I was not in the mood to have her argue with me.  I was simply too tired to care.  This wouldn't make me happy, but apparently it does her.  And yes, I cleaned EVERYTHING, including all the items in each of those plastic containers, as well as the containers themselves. 

I had to laugh at a comment my blog buddy Corrine said about having one minimal room for her friend and letting her home stay like she liked it.   Sally has no concept what minimal is.   What you are looking at is her bedroom from her bath.  Nearly every room in her house looks like this or worse.  Originally I took the photo to show

her excess tee-shirts and where she stored them.  The stack starts at the dresser and goes to the top of her dresser mirror.  And those are just the ones she has no room for in her drawers.  In the process, I got a rather bad photo of her "dressing area" that is now piled high with junk that will need to be purged.  Sadly, I fear she won't be so willing to get rid of the pillows, blankets, and other things that are taking up space in this part of her bedroom.  

And now maybe you can see why it took so long to clear out the garage and her main bath.  Consider these last two photos "before" photos.  Not sure how much we'll get done in a week, especially since we can't even get through her living room, or get into her kitchen without stepping or crawling over things right now.  Only time (and my patience) will tell.

Thanks for following me on both my art journey and my Sally saga!

13 thoughtful remarks:

dawn said...

Hello Elizabeth! How pretty your HOPE page came out, creative too.

WOW, you do have work at Sally's, not sure I could have done all that. It would have "accidently" ended up in the trash bags, lol. Looks just like my sister's bathroom and her closet full of years worth of extras she keeps buying on sale. You are a GOOD FRIEND to help her do this. Is there a reason for this big clean up and I missed it? Is she moving? Good luck with the continued organizing, your doing great!

I won't be able to link this week for T Day, busy week for me and babysitting. Should be good to go for the next week,YAY!

Happy weekend xo

Viktoria Berg said...

I second Dawn: you are a very good friend to help Sally clear this up. Sometimes, one´s own mess can be so overwhelming, and a fresh eye can be of so much help. It can take a truly herculean effort to do this alone, and it always takes more time than one imagines.

Sami said...

Goodness, I couldn't sleep in that bedroom - they say a cluttered home is a cluttered mind! I also don't like to see too many things on the counters, prefer things hidden away.
Although my study is looking rather messy at this moment, as I'm changing things around, but it's driving me crazy!!
I have to agree with the above ladies - you are a good friend! Good luck and I hope Sally keeps it up.

Valerie-Jael said...

Your 'Hope' journal page is beautiful, love the quotes you used, and the effect from the resist with the crayons. I very much admire what you are doing with Sally and her hoards of stuff, and hope it will not be in vain, she does seem to have a problem there. I am not the tidiest person in the world, and have stuff on my bathroom counter, but it really is just what I use daily and does get cleaned regularly. You have really taken on an enormous task there! Good luck with getting it done! Hugs, Valerie

Corrine at said...

You are the best friend ever. Actually, maybe Sally used her minimal friend as an excuse to get her good friend Elizabeth to just help her pair stuff down. We paired down alot when we moved, but never did we have this much. Now that we keep paring down, it feels so much freer to create for me. Bathroom looks great. You must be thoroughly tuckered. Fun page you created with your spray of quotes. Nice. xox

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm really taken by your Hope page, but now I'm thinking I could totally make that idea into an ATC lol You have indeed created a monster ;)

Wow. just Wow! Now that all that work is done is she happy with it? Will she be able to learn to maintain this? It still looks very cluttered to my eye, but -like you- I like clearer spaces.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Your hope page is great Elizabeth!
Oh no.. this is horrible... I just can live with enough clear space everywhere..I would get crazy in such a desaster-
you are a heroine to help her with all this.. I would not be able to bring order to such a chaos ....
seems to be a bit in the direction of hoarding disorder ... poor Sally! You are a very good friend to her Elizabeth! ♥♥♥
oxo Susi

Jo Murray said...

You are an angel Elizabeth. Sally is lucky to have you for a friend. Does ONE person NEED all that stuff?

Rita said...

Looks like Sally could have the hoarder gene! Good luck! I HOPE it all goes well without too much resistance on her part. She truly is lucky to have a friend like you. :)

~*~Patty S said...

Those are some great HOPE quotes.
Your page turned out great.
I just used a different Oscar Wilde quote recently myself.
He had quite alot to say about a wide variety of things it seems.

Sally is a really good sport for letting you show her "stuff" E!
I am sure she appreciates your help for such an undertaking.


johanna said...

the blue on the hope-page is actually shimmering, though h2o´s seldom do that on the Computer Screen...
and i think you really were the last hope for Sally;) you are a VERY good friend to her!! bravo!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

You really have been working hard at Sally's--not sure when you are finding time to make art, too! I had to wonder if Sally even has room on her bed to sleep!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love you HOPE page - some brilliant quotes there too! The shimmer looks great and I love the way you have written HOPE! As for Sally's bathroom - You have done a really good job - I hope Sally can maintain it!! I wish I could come and help! Good Luck with the bedroom and the other rooms! You really are such a good friend! Hugs,Chrisx