Friday, September 25, 2015

A few new projects in the works and a bit of Moo

Some of you may have read that I brought a few items home with me from my friend Sally's.  I got many hard cover books.  In fact, I got five containers like the one on the chair full of hard cover books.  Most of the covers have been stripped from the pages and will go for other projects, but these I wanted to keep

because they are dictionaries.  I will find definitions as I need them in these dictionaries, including a Spanish to English one.  I'm sure they will come in quite handy.

I sorted my book covers into cloth and NOT cloth, so I gessoed a few of the ones that were not cloth.  It was much easier than sanding the shine off the covers.  I was about to cover the artwork on the one above, then thought I should at least take a photo of it before I painted over it.  Had I been thinking, I might have used it for my Houses AB, since I've never cared for the book I chose for it.

Depending on how I decorate each of these, I may or may not need to add a second coat of gesso.  You can see at least ONE cover that is drying on the floor.  There are others out of camera range and several on my table, too.

Some of you were here a few days ago (I swear I've lost all track of time and content) when I mentioned my friend Sally had given me a new organizer (that rolls, I might add) exactly like one she has some of her scrapbooking supplies in.  I fell in love with hers the first time I saw it, although hers has less drawers, and the two bottom ones are deeper.

Please excuse my dirty floor, but I wanted to show how it rolls right under the table that holds my TV, guillotine cutter, and sewing machine.

It appears I didn't get all the tape off it (the very bottom of the bottom drawer).  I noticed it when I was down on the floor taking a floor shot.  I usually don't notice these things until I remove the photos from my camera, but I saw this up close and removed it.

Here is its new location and filled with a few items I will use in my scrappy journals.

Speaking of scrappy journals, while I had a few materials on hand, I decided to join Moo-Mania and More for their latest fortnightly theme of "favorite colors."  It didn't hurt that I was able to make something constructive at the same time!

This is a single page folded in half and sewn on four sides that will constitute four pages in a Christmas scrappy journal.  It will be one of many (24 pages folded in half and decorated on both sides) to make a total of 48 pages in each signature.  I always make two signatures for a total of 96 decorated and sewn pages for the recipient to write on.  Red and green may not be my favorite colors,
but Susi scared me the other day when she said there are only 12 weeks till Christmas.  So, these are rather traditional Christmas colors and symbols of the season.

I continued the Christmas theme and traditional colors many associate with Christmas on page 3.

As hot as it's been here, this was a refreshing color combination for page 4.  And although I'm driven by color, these are not necessarily my favorites, but ones I chose to use to create this Christmas/winter scrappy journal page for Moo-Mania and More.

On the home front, or rather outdoor front, the yard is still looking decent and I see some pink.

Pink roses, that is.  Can you see the bud on the far left?

Two days later, the first two roses were dwindling, and the newest rose had bloomed.  I've never seen this bush produce so many roses in a single year.  In fact, I've never seen it produce this many roses total in all the years I've owned it until now!

Thanks for looking.  I hope to make something a bit different art-wise in the next few days, because I'm really tired of just going through the motions, then going to my friend Sally's.  For the time being, I want to say I'm really grateful for all your comments, even though I haven't always had time to reciprocate.  And please, please don't forget to visit the extremely talented artists at Moo-Mania and More for this fortnight's challenge.

9 thoughtful remarks:

Shelinwa said...

Oh I have missed seeing your creative spark. I have not been in blogland much lately and you are my first visit. Love love love love everything are up too.
will be back soon,

Divers and Sundry said...

I still haven't tried stitching any of my cards, but I like the look.

I always enjoy seeing your yard. I like how you've taken the lawn space and made it a haven. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of it :)

froebelsternchen Susi said...

This organizer is just super - you are right...I would like to have such one as well. Or better a few such!I have many mini organizers in this manner - they are quite handy for me as well.
It's good to start with this christmas book now - the early bird! ... and super that you show it at Moo Mania & More!
I always love to see your wonderful house! Beautiful that this roses bloom so well this year!
Thank you for joining Moo Mania & More Elizabeth!
I wish you a happy weekend!

Krisha said...

I love those carts and have 3 of them......chucked full, I might add.

Last spring I went through a bunch of children's books, that I had bought in a bundle, at a yard sale, and tore off the covers of the ones that were badly torn or scribbled in. Those covers have been so handy for making journals and for dividers for my scrap papers.....LOL I did pass on all the books in readable condition to the GKs. When I need a cover I switch out one of the dividers for something else.

I would have latched onto those dictionaries too, what a great find.... on mans trash is an other man's treasure.

Valerie-Jael said...

You have been busy, and I am sure you will get a lot of use out of all the books, especially the dictionaries. Love the roll container,Hugs, Valerie I would love one like that, too. Your altered piece for Moo is great, really well made, love the sewing, too. Thanks for joining us at Moo Mania and More! Have a nice weekend. Hugs, Valerie

Carol said...

It's always great to score good art supplies :) I've used many hardback book covers in my creative life and that organizer is fantastic. You've reminded me that I do need to get started on Christmas projects PRONTO!!!!! Have a great weekend :)

Rita said...

That is a very nice little rolling drawer unit! And it fits perfectly under your table, too. Nice!
The yard is looking good and roses are always appreciated. I hope they smell good, too. Have a perfect weekend. :) Are you done at Sally's now?

johanna said...

what a nice view of your porch with the roses. the decent pink is so beautiful.
and i see you are collection book covers for later use... so am i. i can´t trow away These nice thick covers without imagining to bring them to new life (one day). gesso is always a good choice to give them a foundation.
and i love the beginnings of your Christmas book - especially the page with the embossed trees. awesome! oh my, in 3 months Christmas will be already over. who can believe this??

pearshapedcrafting said...

Christmas is how far away? ! Love your scrappy journal! Your rose bush looks wonderful - pink roses are my favourites! Chrisx