Monday, August 31, 2015

My August calendar page is complete and September is ready

It's the end of August and time for me to share my bland calendar page.

I did very little "decorating" this page, because, like a fool, I scribbled prices of some tape all over it.  Then I created the two rubber stamps.  I'd heard you could create a stamp from left over rubber, but I'm not really a hodge-podge person, so never considered it until I cut the rubber recently on some key stamps.  The leftover rubber became abstract stamps I can use because I mounted them on a single piece of wood.  I mounted the three pieces on the end and the four pieces on the side of a block of wood and tested them by creating backgrounds for this page.  Even though the "decorations" were minimal this month, I was tickled with what I accomplished because I created these "stamps" from rubber that would have originally been thrown in the trash.  I don't know anyone who recycles rubber attached to sticky foam.

Since I was a bit early getting August's calendar page finished, I am all ready to begin filling in my September page.  As always, I decorate the page sometime during the month, after I have a feel for what's important that month.

Thanks for looking and thanks so much for your comments.  After all, there are SO many more lovely ones out there, mine can't really even be called an art calendar.

5 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

I love your abstract stamps, great idea to use the scraps instead of throwing them away. Both calendars are good, you gave yourself plenty of space to write, and that's the main thing. Love those little coffee cups on the September calendar, you know I love coffee cups - especially filled with fresh coffee. Have a lovely day. hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

You are busy -- look both very good - so like the cooffe cup stamp you always use for TSFT and I enjoyed all the photos in the earlier post! Especially loved to see you on the!Would so like to see your face once!!!
We timed our "AJJ time" InLinks for a bit longer meanwhile to make sure that you can join in on Tuesday with your idea. Looking forward to see it!


dawn said...

Hello Elizabeth! YAY for calendar day, always fun to see yours. May not have much art on it but it's still makes me smile! That is one form of scrapping booking without pictures and I love it! That tea cup stamp is the cutest too.
I failed at my August calendar, wasn't coming out like I planned in my head. Might just leave it as is and turn the page or just get it done and turn the page. Either way I will be sharing them soon.

I just did my T Day post and will link up tonight or in the morning. I babysit and help my grandma tomorrow, so will make the rounds between those and on Wednesday morning if needed.

Read your posts too, YAY for seeing you at least half of you, lol. I'm sure Bluebeard won't mind you sharing your face one of these days. So fun to see your takes on the photo challenge. Great page on your plans too.

Happy Monday and last day of August, it's a hot one here and will be here all week, YUCK!

~*~Patty S said...

I salute you for keeping up with the calendar challenge along with everything else you do.
The months are flying by so quickly!
August looked good here and September is full of possibilities ;-)

johanna said...

your tea Cup stamp is so awesome! and elizabeth as we know her.. not wasting anything - Keep up the Recycling flag!!