Monday, December 29, 2014

T Stands For a Year in Review

It's time to look back on 2014's T Stands For Tuesday posts as this year winds down.


In January, I honored China in my 7 Continents AB with a collage.  I used tea bags, a tea tag, and various collage elements to create this spread.


In February, I took my friend Scott to dinner (during an out and about T), and as we were about to enter the restaurant,

we saw the moon.  Since my camera was new, I decided to see if I could actually get a few good shots.  I was thrilled with every photo, all of which were much, much better than any digital photos I had taken in the past.  That's when I knew I was going to LOVE my new camera. 


At the end of March, I began my recycle projects by keeping five soda/pop cans out of the recycle bin.


I felt so fortunate that I could celebrate my bEARTHday with my T group this year.  For those new to my blog, I was born on Earth Day, so this is a very special day in my world.  It also helps guide how I feel about recycling, reusing, and reinventing to reduce the amount of waste I put in the landfill.


In May, I traveled to Chihuahua, Mexico in my 7 Continents altered book.  I didn't actually drink any of that beer, but it made great embellishments.


I got patriotic in June, with this glass of tea I shared on my front porch.


For July, I started with a retrospective, which I updated with better photos when I tried to capture a tea blossom as it bloomed.  It was to lead up to people sharing their favorite T post

when T Stands for Tuesday turned one year old on July 14.


In August, I received some happy mail from my friend Julia of WOYWW fame, and shared it during T.  I loved the coffee cups on the card, don't you?


In September, I participated in a 30 paintings in 30 days event.  Here is one of the abstracts I created during that time.


I spent time in October planning and executing a Safe Communities event for my neighborhood.  Although you can't see it here, there were drinks: Starbucks (donated) coffee, tea, and hot cocoa (I provided).


November was all about Art Every Day Month, or AEDM.  So I started the month off with CreativiTEA.


I'm sure many of you remember last week, when Santa took center stage, along with hot cocoa and store bought scones.

Now it's your turn.  Reminisce, start a new tradition, or simply enjoy one last 2014 T Stands For Tuesday.  Whatever makes you happy today before we turn the page and start 2015.  Just remember the rules are, you can talk about anything, show ANY photos, as long as it pertains, in some way to a drink.  Although you don't have to take photos on Tuesday, you must link below, so Bleubeard, Squiggles, the T Stands for Tuesday gang, and I can visit you, too.

19 thoughtful remarks:

Denise Price said...

I can't believe I'm first again this week! I must be on the ball.

I really enjoyed this year-in-review post. From events around your city to virtual travels via the 7 Continents book, I feel like you have brought your blog readers on a series of wonderful journeys this year. And I'm so glad that I got to come along for the ride!

Best wishes to you, Bleubeard, and Squiggles for the new year!!!

massofhair said...

Some fabulous adventures shared in your review, wonderful pictures and ideas Elizabeth and hope you carry on in 2015 with your T for Tuesday fun:-) xxx

Anonymous said...

Always lots going on in your world of varied texture and hue, and I am thinking of all the posts you are not talking about here. Never a moment. xox

Krisha said...

Hope this finds you feeling a little better, if not a lot better.

It has been a fun year blogging and making friends all over the world, and your T-day has really helped.....Thank You

It is rather fun to look back at the year and see what we have accomplished. I haven't done a post on the full year, just pulled some of my favorites form T-days

Happy T-day.....the last for this year.

Happy New Year to you and Bluebeard!

johanna said...

oh, i can remember most of the Posts here, at least from the second half of the year. a wonderful Review, and that´s what is good to do at the end of the year. it helps you recognize the year didn´t "rush by", as we often think, there were many things Happening along the time.

Vicki Miller said...

Wonderful memories!

dawn said...

Hello and Happy last T Day of 2014!! WOW, these were great to look back on. So much fun and craftiness in one year.

I didn't get time to post a new one but am sharing my holiday post from this weekend. I hope that is ok, there is mugs but no link.

So cute to see the newest member's name in your post, I'm sure he will like T Day and his new friends.

The weather has changed and it's cold out now.
Happy New Year dear friend, thank you for all the inspiration and fun you bring us! Hugs!

Halle said...

Lovely recap of the year. I'm glad you did this because it got me thinking about selecting a word for the year.
Happy T Day!

Darla said...

Fun to see your year in review. Looking forward to 2015, Happy New Year to you and all the T gang.


Linda Kunsman said...

Nice way to recap some of the highlights of your year Elizabeth. I do remember those posts and have enjoyed them all. Thank you for being such a wonderful hostess for T Stands for Tuesday. Wishing you and Bleubeard a fabulous New Year!

~*~Patty S said...

So nice to get to revisit some of your special T days Elizabeth!
You did great picking just one photo for each month...with so much going on in your life I am sure it was challenging.
Thank you again for getting so many of us connected in blogland and for sharing your creative life with us.
Happy Healthy New Year to you and Bleubeard and Squiggles oxoxo

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Got a slow start this morning, but fun to see that great minds think alike! Of course, I did my post on a much smaller scale.

It was a lot of fun to look back on all the special moments and projects. Here's to lots more in 2015!

Dianne said...

the year really has gone by quickly! Love your retrospective, and I think my favorite photo is the moon and the birds flying...really gorgeous! Happy New Year dear! hugs...

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this so very much, Happy New Year to you!!!

TwinkleToes2day said...

I'm gutted that I'm running late again. I really wanted to be ahead this week, being the last T Tuesday of the year. I hope this isn't a portent of the coming year! Eek! Honestly, I started typing my post first thing this morning, but because we're having some building work done tomorrow, the day has slipped by in unfettered interruptions. Bu-ut, I'm here now. So I best quit yapping and get my visiting up to scratch.
I love your year review Elizabeth, I remember most of the posts, even if I didn't join in each week.
I hope you are feeling better and the new year brings you abundant good health and happiness. Happy New Year & T Day! :o) x

Rita said...

What a year! Nice review. 2015 is going to be great!! Thanks for doing this every week for us, Elizabeth!! :):)

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm late, but I made it! :) I enjoyed your overview of your year.

Robyn said...

A wonderful full year.
Heres to a 2015 of creative blessings!

froebelsternchen said...

What a fab review Elizabeth!
Thnak you for all the inspiration and your art in 2014!