Monday, October 27, 2014

T Stands For Botanical Gardens

Before we begin, I apologize for NOT visiting you, my dear friends who I owe comments to, or who I visit on a daily basis.  I'll be around as soon as possible.
Today, as promised, I'm finishing the Senior Expo Day, with the afternoon portion.  Sally and I went to the Botanical Gardens in my town, where I was able to attend as her caregiver.

I apologize that I can't turn these into collages, but I can't get on the internet at my house.  My IS Provider believes it's my router.  So, I'll let you peruse these photos of the botanical gardens at your own speed without my comments.  Note the water?  That's the waterlilies' drink of choice today.

These sculpted birds

have plenty of water to drink and play in, too.

Inside, I couldn't help but take a photo of a carousel horse, part of a display that would soon be part of a new exhibit.

These four waterlilies photos, all taken at the Botanical Gardens were the top winners for 2014.  Every year the Gardens holds a contest, with a specific subject chosen.  This year was waterlilies, which is fortuitous, since I'm using waterlily water instead of a drink this week.

A fountain also contributed to the concept of water.

I continued taking photos while Sally waited for me on a bench at the main entrance of the Gardens.

Tuesday, October 28, is Bleubeard's birthday.  I had actually planned a birthday celebration, but since I have no way to upload photos to my blog, I was lucky to transfer my Botanical Garden images to a CD, then my friend Sally let me use her computer to upload the images.  You have NO idea how hard it was to use her laptop computer (WITHOUT A MOUSE, even) to upload these photos.  Luckily, I had the photos off my SD card and had chosen and named the ones I wanted to use.  Unfortunately, I ran out of time to put together a birthday celebration I planned for Bleubeard.

Thanks for joining the fun today.  I realize that waterlilies (and a fountain) are a bit of a stretch for the drink of the week, but I DID say any photos and any story that you could relate to a drink was acceptable.  After all, waterlilies have to drink, too!  So share your story, your tale of T this Tuesday, and be sure to wish Bleubeard a happy birthday, too.  He's the one who will ask you to leave your link to your T post that does NOT have to be taken on Tuesday (or even this week, as you can tell from these photos).  I will be around three times to visit, so if you don't hear from me immediately, you know it's because my ISP is still not fixed and I've got to impose on my friend Sally.

One final thought. Since Art Every Day Month begins next week, I'll still post at the same time each Tuesday, but the AEDM number will show the number for the following day.

25 thoughtful remarks:

Karla B said...

Gorgeous photos, my friend. Bleubeard and I have something in common: it's my birthday tomorrow too!Soooooooooo let's celebrate Elizabeth!

Linda Kunsman said...

A VERY happy, happy birthday to Bleubeard!!! May he be fested with lots of extra attention and goodies:) The botanical gardens are so beautiful with all the blooms and greenery -and even sculptures! Thank you for all the time it took you to share the magic. Happy T day!

Bridget Larsen said...

Gorgeous garden indeed, I feel so relaxed just looking at your photos. I too had a phone and computer meltdown which you will read about tomorrow on my WOYWW post.
Hope you get your computer fixed
Bridget #2

pearshapedcrafting said...

These gardens look beautiful! Sorry I'm not drinking tea or coffee but we were in need of a cool drink - coke for me, beer for him!!! Hope you get your internet sorted soon! Happy Birthday Bleubeard, put your paws up and be waited on(he! he! of course, you're a cat - so you should!) Hugs, Chrisx

jinxxxygirl said...

WEll Elizabeth i can appreciate all the trouble you went thru to upload those pictures. I love a botanical garden so thank you so much for doing that. Happy, happy birthday to Bleubeard you adorable kitty you! And a great big thank you to Kathy for letting you use her computer! :) Happy Tday Elizabeth!! Hugs! deb

Helen said...

The gardens look beautiful, and I am glad Sally let you take the photos you wanted this time! Hope you get your connection sorted soon, I would be lost without mine. We currently have problems at work so I sympathise.

froebelsternchen said...

AMAZING photos Elizabeth! Happy birthday to Bleubeard♥♥♥
and good luck with your PC !
Happy T-Day my friend!

Vicki Miller said...

Waterlilies are one of my absolute favourites!

Julia Dunnit said...

I love these pics Elizabeth, the gardens are beautiful. I love the colour of the iris in clash with the citrus, that's clever planting. I don't think it's a stretch to mention the water lilies!
happy returns to Bleubeard, and I'm so sorry about the internet issues, honestly it's fine when it works, but Argh, the dependence on others when it doesn't is just horrid isn't it!

Sharon Fritchman said...

Happy Birthday to Bluebeard, Elizabeth! And I can't tell you how much I enjoyed seeing your awesome and gorgeous photos!!!!! I love how you took photos inside, too! The carousel horse is wonderful.

Divers and Sundry said...

I love gardens! And your garden is beautiful!!! I'd love to see it in person, but your photos are great, and I almost feel like I was there. I'm sorry you had so much trouble uploading them.

Happy Birthday, Bleubeard!

Darla said...

Happy Birthday BLeubeard, hope you get lots of treats today. The botanical garden is so pretty. I think water lilies are nearly magical.


Krisha said...

Thank you for the walk through the Botanical gardens, so lush and green, and I could hear all the water features. What a fun place to sit and do some art!!

To me, botanical gardens are like art museums, I can spend hours wondering around them. The flowers always demand photos be taken of them, and I'm glad you shared them with all of us.
Happy T-day and Happy Birthday to the little gentleman....Bluebeard!

Halle said...

Beautiful gardens. In recent years I've really come to love lily pads and the gorgeous flowers that the sprout. Hope your internet gets fixed soon.

Rebeca Trevino said...

the Gardens are beautiful this time of year!
you photos are gorgeous.

ps: love the carousel horse . . .

Dianne said...

Beautiful photos...I think these are my favorites from the day! I'm unable to join in on the link party this week, but may be able to visit the party goers later...? give Bleubeard a birthday hug from me! ♥

TwinkleToes2day said...

Gorgeous images Elizabeth. The gardens are obviously a wonderful place to visit, how lucky that you got to go with Sally. That horse is beautiful as are the Water Lillies pictures.
**Happy Happy Birthday to Bleubeard **

Vicki Miller said...

Thanks for your visit, elizabeth. I appreciate your kindness. Hopefully, my year is going to improve soon and your internet is going to suddenly be perfect! :-)

johanna said...

thanks for the photos, elizabeth, i could LIVE in a botanical garden, i often spend hours there (without any companions, as they are not patient enough for my photographing).
hope your pc is ok soon, annoying!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Happy belated birthday to Bleubeard!
You are so lucky to have such a beautiful place so near by! Thanks for sharing your photos.

~*~Patty S said...

I came by to enjoy your photos again and to read what I wrote in my comment BUT my comment is not here?
Very peculiar...
So let me just say how great your photos are
AND Happy Birthday week to your dear Bleubeard!
The photo you took of the waterlily bud is perfection and the one with the bee on the blooms...lots of nice ones E.
The Botanical Gardens must be a great place in every season.
Happy Wednesday to ya!
p.s. hope you get your computer issues squared away!

Anonymous said...

Late to the party I'm afraid. Hope your glorious boy had a wonderful day. The gardens are gorgeous, what a lovely spot you have near you. Hope the computer woes disappear, such a pain. xox

Donna: said...

Elizabeth, your photography is so beautiful.... AND what a difference 300 miles south or so make. WE have run out of leaves and flowers to photograph!! Looks like you had a wonderful day.

dawn said...

Hello and Happy belated Birthday to Bleubeard!! YAY, how exiting for him. I am having computer issues again, the modem isn't working and must need replaced soon I think. What a pain this year has been with my computer.
I'm at the library on a time limit, YUCK!!!
Hope you are doing well, you must be having issues too I guess.
LOVE LOVE these gorgeous pictures. Would love to walk thru there with you and my camera. I think it's great to use the water as your beverage today, very clever.
I had posts ready for this week and next week and my WITL pictures I've been taking this week. Hope I can share them soon. Sorry to always be late or missing, it is frustrating.
Take care and enjoy your weekend.
hugs and love

Janet said...

Happy belated birthday, Bleubeard! Hope you had a great day! And Elizabeth, wonderful photos!