Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Altered Playing Card Challenge, week 2

I've had these altered playing cards made for the 2nd week of the APC Challenge at Claudine's Art Corner finished since Monday, but didn't have a chance to show them until now.  I usually like to get my challenges out of the way as soon as possible, but this has been a very, very busy week.

Now I realize that Claudine said we don't have to use the same products she uses, or even the same dies.  Unfortunately, I don't have anything the same as she used.   But I tried to make a couple of similar cards, though.  For my first card, I used two acrylic craft paints that I slathered onto the card.  I achieved lots of texture, which I was hoping for.  I allowed this card to dry while I worked on the next card.

For the second card, I borrowed Claudine's idea and dug out a mask and stencil sent to me by my friend Voodoo Vixen. You can see I've already put both parts to good use before.  I also took out two of my handmade shimmering mists for the background and the butterfly.

I laid down the stencil part of the butterfly and spritzed the handmade shimmering mist just like you would any stencil.  Since the stencil was made from craft foam, I had no way to stamp the butterfly as Claudine had.

I should probably have waited for the butterfly to dry a bit before I removed the stencil.  Live and learn, and these challenges are definitely all about that.  At least you can see a bit of the shimmer I achieve with these mists.

Once the mist was dry, I adhered the mask 

and spritzed around the butterfly.  It was time to allow Card 2 to dry

and return to the now dry Card 1.  I used my crow stamp that I had created a mask for several years ago.

Whew!  My stamping abilities aren't the best, so I was tickled when I could actually make out the crow image.

I was thrilled I had saved the crow mask, because I needed it for my Nupastel branch I tried to create so the bird would have something to stand on.

Since I was looking for a bit of continuity, and since Card 2 was dry to the touch, I used the same pastel to outline the butterfly.  BTW, this is the first time I've used these pastels, and it's fairly obvious I need a lesson or two in smoothing them out.

Now it was time to add words to these cards, although I thought they looked a bit plain.

For my first two altered playing cards, I give you "Spread your wings"

and "Fly."

Although they still look a bit plain, I'm really happy with the way they turned out, as well as my color choices for this week.  Since I'm not a member of Facebook, this is the only place you will see these cards.  Thanks for looking and I hope they make you as happy as they do me.  And just think: 2 down and only 50 more to go!

13 thoughtful remarks:

Jo Murray said...

I'm to the studio.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

wonderful APCs Elizabeth .. I love your use of the firm pastels.. I own a big sortiment of them for many many years now - long before I explored rubber stamps ( bought them once to be an artist - lol - but I wasn't able to handle them!)Meanwhile I am better with them.. but the soft pastels are more my cup of tea..
I bought artist grade ones
( Sennelier) recently and can tell - they are AWESOME. I am also not very happy with the Pan Pastels
( bought some pans to try it out)


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I really like all the texture behind that stamped crow! These came out really great, and I am glad that you played along so we can commiserate on the next 50!

Corrine at said...

You are one busy lady too. All these challenges, don't know how you keep up. xox

Kelly said...

I see you've also found a theme. I should have mine caught up by the weekend... somewhere between artist interviews and making apple butter hehe Can't wait to see how your deck comes together. Creative Blessings! Kelly #67

Eliza said...


Good for you for giving it ago I really like your textured background and the pastel give it another dimension. Good work too, try smoothing the pastel with your transdermal applicator everybody has one it is commonly known as the index finger. LOL

Hugs Eliza

TwinkleToes2day said...

Well done Elizabeth, I think they are both a success and tie in together very well :D

see you there! said...

Glad you are doing the challenge your own way with your own materials. Especially like the crow card.


Claudine Criner said...

Wonderful outcome of both cards, I love that you made them your own. Very creative to use the masks and such.

dawn said...

How pretty these are Elizabeth! They came out great and the chalk looks good to me. Perfect words for each one too.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Beautiful! Love the textures and colours! Chrisx

Cindy McMath said...

Very nice Elizabeth! I almost took this challenge - I will enjoy seeing what you create for it each week!

ionabunny said...

Hi Elizabeth, great start to this fun challenge. I love the crow. Great colours on both but I like that the texture really shows through the crow stamp. I have only managed to get as far as gessoing all my cards. Blame it on the sheep!!! Hugz