Sunday, September 14, 2014

Comparing late August to mid-September in my garden

It's been a hectic week here, so I thought I would show my late August herb and front gardens in full bloom, then mid-September's dwindling gardens.

We'll begin this tale in the late August flower bed.  Seems I only took two photos before I had to leave.

When I saw this photo, I realized there was one last rose of summer, valiantly clinging on.

When I tried to take a quick close-up of it, there was too much wind that day and the photo came out looking like ones I used to get with my other cameras.  No way to go back now and retake the shot.

My late August herbs still looked quite decent.

The mid-September flower bed, shot from my front porch, is starting to show its age.

Right after I mowed (and before I swept), I followed the paths
to see how many perennials were dying back.

Heading left on the path toward the street, shows there are still lots of plants and growth that is still holding on/

Heading right on the path, toward the neighbor's yard, shows basically the same.

A photo taken from the front shows an overall view of the early morning flower bed and the paths.  My property line extends to the end of the wooden fence, which includes all the greenery at the left of my house.

My tomatoes are starting to fail, but you can probably see I still have many on the vines, as well as a few yellow flowers still in bloom.

The annual herbs (mostly basil), on the other hand, are starting to show their age.  

I'm trying to build this area up with green waste (my neighbor's grass clippings), brown waste (dead leaves from last fall), and paper shredings I've added over cardboard.  I'm sincerely hoping I can plant many of these perennials in the ground next year, and start my lasagna garden again.

I keep hoping the perennials will overwinter, because I lost so many plants this year that I'd had for a long time.

One final overall view of the mid-September herbal, as it struggles to make me happy.

And one final look at the cherry tomatoes that came up volunteer, as well as my lavender that I have managed to keep alive for a full summer.

Thanks for looking.  Please believe me when I say this is art, too.

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Ohhh Snap said...

Such a beautiful garden! I'm always amazed by the chance that can happen in a couple of weeks. will you bring your lavender inside for the winter?

pearshapedcrafting said...

Yes - Autumn is on it's way! We went to a local Hall and Garden today and the roses are almost over! (Hubby took photos) Your garden is such a wonderful space -Thank You for showing us around. Hope you can protect those lovely plants this Winter! Hugs, Chrisx

dawn said...

I love all of this, all that green and pots makes me happy. Thanks for the walk through your garden spots, the morning light is beautiful on it too.

Our garden is at the end and we think someone came overnight and stole 4 watermelons. Isn't that crazy??!!

TwinkleToes2day said...

What a wonderful size of garden you have. Just right for growing all kinds of lovely things. Your tomatoes are coming along well. Do you eat them all naked, or do you make any of them into chutneys or sauces Elizabeth?
All is almost at an end with us here, the fruits and salad vegetables are finished, but the potatoes are just about ready for lifting. Yum! Home grown potatoes, for roasting, making fries, and baking. Nom nom. Have a wonderful week ahead :D

Divers and Sundry said...

Yes, this is definitely art, too, and I love what you've done with your space. The stone walkway is just perfect, isn't it! I hope you'll show it through the seasons so I can see how you manage it once it's died back. I like the photo showing the rose blowing in the wind :)

I'm determined to plant veggies next year (I really miss the fresh tomatoes and green peppers), and I'll try to over-winter my herbs as you do.

As I think about bringing all my potted plants back in for the winter, I'm wondering whatever possessed me to buy _more_ of them! lol

Thank you so much for sharing your garden! Somebody -but not me!- should start a weekly garden party to complement your T(ea) party ;)

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh it is art. And work! It all looks great to me, in such extremes of temperatures it's got to be hard to hang on to some, even perennials. I'm doing a weekly photo of a creeper on the back of my house - it turns so fast and I don't want to miss it this year!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Gardening is definitely an art and a skill. I forget whether the vine along the fence is ?blackberries...but has it produced any fruit for you yet?

see you there! said...

Fall is on its way. You have a lovely garden.


Cindy McMath said...

I am always awed by your garden.

Cindy McMath said...

When people see my garden they go "aw", as in how sad. LOL

Corrine at said...

You have such a cute house. Thanks for sharing that last rose and your lush plantings out front. xox