Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Smiles 81: A trip through the park with my friend Kathy

I'm joining Annie once again at A Stitch In Time, this time for the 81st Friday Smile.

Two Fridays ago, we visited my friend Kathy and had lunch with her, and on Sunday we took a ride through the main thoroughfare of Kathy's town and saw several of the lovely sculptures and gazebos the city had to offer.

We left off where we were just about to enter the beautiful park

at the south end of town.

On our way to the zoo, we passed the golf course,

and although I know nothing about golf, it looked like a very challenging course.  As an aside, this is a small course at the south end of town.  The course at the north end of town, Prairie Dunes, is world renown, and has hosted several national golf tournaments.   I'm sure most American golfers are familiar with the name, if not the course.  Prairie Dunes hosted the U.S. Women's Open in 2002, the U.S. Senior Open in 2006, and the Men's NCAA Golf Championship this year.

Next it was off to the zoo. 

But once I pulled the zoo photos off my camera, I accidentally deleted all of them.  That's the first time that has happened to me in a LONG time, and I was quite saddened by my stupidity.  Since this is obviously not the zoo, we can't dwell on my stupidity mistake.  After all, this is a post about smiling!

Instead, we should dwell on the gazebo that I actually did take photos of.   Not sure what this was, but it looked like a child's play area and was located not far outside the zoo.

I was impressed that there was a history lesson to be learned as the (non-existent on the day we were there) children played, swung, teetered, and climbed on the old forts, wagon, through the teepees, and around the cannon as parents sat in the gazebo watching.  At least I could envision it in my mind as I shot these photos.

This is where I had intended to stop, but since I had no photos of the zoo, I decided to continue and show how we returned to the area I showed on Sunday.

Now, however, it was mid-afternoon, and we were on the other side of the river, looking at the first gazebo we saw before.

And here is the river that caused all the destruction in that area of town, and prompted the revitalization of the town, at least the area near the river and downtown.

Even though it's an ugly river (in my estimation), it served a unique, vital, and challenging purpose for this beautiful area.

Kathy and I are preparing to enter the museum, which is FREE for all.

Don't you just love the photos on the windows?  They really draw you in.

But before we were drawn in, we had to appreciate the courtyard, with its newly landscaped areas

that included the fountain

which was working, even though you had to get close to appreciate it.

Although I failed to get a photo of the front of the history museum, I captured Memorial Hall, which was nearly destroyed when the river overflowed and entered the building.  The entrance looks nothing like I remember it!

Of course, I was drawn by another art sculpture in the distance.

Did I not mention there was art and sculpture everywhere in this city?

But Kathy was ready to enter the museum, so off we went.  And since this is a museum about a specific county in Kansas, I'm not sure many of my International friends would be interested.  So I'll stop here and let you smile at all the beauty we saw that day.  I'll show the remainder of the photos sometime next week when I eventually get them off my SD card.

Now go share a smile with someone, and join Annie for even more smiles as the weekend begins. 

15 thoughtful remarks:

Annie said...

Wow. What amazing photos you're sharing today. I love seeing snaps of where each of you are from so I can imagine you living there :-) the world is a beautiful place and it now seems so much smaller thanks to the internet.
Annie x

Laura said...

Lovely town. I adore the bicycle art :)
Hey, deleted photos just mean a return visit to take more :)

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Elizabeth, what a glorious day you and Kathy enjoyed and beautiful photos too. Happy Friday Smilles, Robyn

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Thanks for making me smile today and some more photos of this beautiful area.

I loved those photos on the windows, but what really caught my eye was the small structure that looked like a prison isolation cell to me. Maybe, I watch too many movies, Ha Ha!

Mrs.D said...

What super photos Elizabeth, and you clearly had a wonderful day with your friend.
Shame about the zoo pictures, but your remarks prompted me to put my camera batteries on charge before my husband does a zip wire challenge tomorrow, so you made me smile on two counts. Thank you
Chris #7

Dianne said...

Your photos did make me smile! I could totally envision my grand kids playing in the fort and having a wonderful time...lovely flowers and gazebos. Tell Kathy I like her snazzy jeans! and encouraging to see how revitalization can come after tragedy (the flood) thanks for the trip!

Divers and Sundry said...

I enjoyed the pictures you were able to share (I love parks and public art), but Oh! what a shame about your zoo photos :(

Corrine at said...

Great spot to hang out and read or just watch the birds fly by. Thanks for the tour. xox

Krisha said...

Great pictures of you day with Kathy. Too bad about the zoo pictures, but I did chuckle when it said zoo pictures and it was a children's playground........I mean, IT can be a ZOO of sorts when it is FULL of laughing children......grin

Love the pictures in the windows, almost missed that one. It really is a beautiful area, so green and full of blooming flowers.

Have a great weekend.

mamapez5 said...

You have some great photos to share this week. I love having a guided tour around places that I will probably never get to see for real. It somehow makes the world a smaller place. Thanks for showing us around.
I understand how devastating the flooding can be, and it is good to see many places being rebuilt. It all looks great again. Sadly much of the flood damaged areas around here were never rebuilt because there is no money for the work, but it did lead to some road improvements, so it is not all bad. Kate x

~*~Patty S said...

Smiling even on Saturday here ;-)
The town certainly keeps everything looking tidy and clean with lots of nice plantings too.
I like the word "gazebo" and the structures too.
Thanks for sharing
bummer about deleting photos which is always a fear of mine
Happy Weekend E!

fairy thoughts said...

Fab photos ..... Very smiley now thanks for sharing

Twiglet said...

Great photos - thanks for the trip. x Jo

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh! good! The journey continues - I for one would be most interested in the history of Kansas! These photos have been great, sorry you lost your zoo pictures. Will posting some photos soon myself! Chrisxx

Cindy McMath said...

More wonderful photos of your day out. I love that red bicycle especially!