Friday, August 29, 2014

A virtual visit to Iguassu Falls, Argentina

Since Friday Smiles is still on hiatus, we're once again heading south of the equator to Argentina.  This time we're once again visiting Iguassu Falls in my 7 Continents Altered Book.  If you want to see our first visit, go here, please.

I had many photos from various travel magazines and brochures of Iguassu Falls, so I tried to assemble them all in two pages, the first seen here.

According to what I've read, the Argentina side of the Falls has the most dramatic views, while the Brazilian side is more "intimate."  These are supposed to all be from the Argentina side of the Falls.

I was a bit surprised that Iguassu Falls was twice as large as Niagara Falls.

If pictures are any indication, this is one mighty sight to behold.

There are apparently lots of activities available around the Falls, too.

There are the specially built rafts that get the visitor up close and personal,

the lookout and walkway over the Falls, the train that takes visitors who want an extended tour, and 

a trip through Devil's Throat.  I've rotated this picture so you can see it better.  I couldn't fit it on the page otherwise.

In addition to pictures from various travel magazines and brochures, I added washi tape around the photos, computer generated text, stars I painted three shades of green, then cut using a punch, and a ticket.  My substrate for these pages was NOT pages from my Physician's Desk Reference, but a used file folder I cut to size.  I realize these look more like scrapbook pages than altered book pages, but I hope you like my take on the Argentina side of Iguassu Falls.

8 thoughtful remarks:

Karenliz Henderson said...

Love you page! I love the use of washi tape.

see you there! said...

Your book must be getting quite fat by now. Never heard of the falls so appreciate seeing them.


Divers and Sundry said...

Wow! I want to raft through those falls! :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Just beautifully done! Niagara Falls is stunning, but this must really be amazing IRL!

As you can gather with all the chaos of getting DD ready to move back in on Monday, I am Way behind on everything including T Tuesday. I hope to rejoin this coming week if I can lift my head after the "traumatic" drive to NYC.

Let me know if you are lacking ephemera for any particular country or continent and I will try to tailor your package with at least some of what I hope you can use.

Halle said...

Lovely! I can't even imagine what the falls sound like in real life!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Those falls look really spectacular-they must really roar! I loved seeing smaller falls than these the other week so I would love to visit these and thanks to you I very nearly have! Chrisx

Corrine at said...

Love your travel journal. What a place. From what I have read Argentina is quite beautiful. That would be someplace I might want to visit - maybe, some day. xox

Cindy McMath said...

This is beautiful Elizabeth! What a stunning locale too - I was lucky enough to see Niagra Falls a couple of years ago and although I've seen waterfalls before the power of falls that big is awe inspiring. I love your composition on these pages. I think you should be sending all of these to their tourism bureaux as every time you post one of these I immediately want to go! I'm so glad Bleubeard approves of my Crazy Cat Ladies book - I was waiting for his "paw's up"!