Monday, April 28, 2014

T(ea) Stands for more bEARTHday fun

I bet everyone is wondering why I keep bringing up my bEARTHday, since it's been a week since it passed.  It's because I keep getting taken out to eat and am bringing you along today.

I've been here before to this Mexican Buffet, and every time I come, I enjoy it.  I've always been for lunch, though, and this time it was for dinner.

I love the colorful tables, booths, and chairs.

However, this was the first time my friend Scott has been here.  He even commented on the colorful tables and chairs. 

Since Scott had worked all day, we came for the dinner buffet right after he got off work.  Look at how he's trying to be aloof and ignore me.  Fine by me.  I like candid shots best (grin).

I suspect now is the time to put this camera away, because I could tell he'd had enough of me taking his photo.  I can always say I'm taking photos of our drinks, which was water with lemon, although originally he asked for a specific kind of Mexican beer they didn't sell.

I also have photos of being taken to three more restaurants over the past week as birthday gifts.  But, they will have to wait till later in the week, because I don't have them off my camera/SD card, yet.

So what are you drinking today?  Or are you making drink related art instead?  Will you celebrate at home, or take us out and about?  Regardless, please share your experience and link below.  The photos do NOT have to be taken on Tuesday, you do not have to drink tea, and you can post about anything drink related you like.

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DVArtist said...

Happy birthday late or not. My birthday was Sunday the 27th but it has been going on all month. I have two more gifts coming in the mail this week. That Mexican restaurant looks awesome!!!!!

Linda Kunsman said...

Well look at me-who's on first? :):) You can celebrate all year if you wish Elizabeth!! Funny thing is, had a few business issues to take of with my Mom today. We never got to lunch for my b'day due to weather and schedule conflicts-so we went today-AND, my birthday was in.......March!!!Love all the festive colors in the restaurant you enjoyed. Happy T day!!

dawn said...

How fun to spread your birthday out all week, YAY!! We have a restaurant like that near by too, have been there a couple times because the kids love their chicken nuggets and Rich gets the tacos or a burger. It's always fun to go in and see all the colorful chairs, would love that in my home too.
I am linked up early this week, YAY!! Bible study took the night off before starting a new book and Sam's soccer practice got canceled "in case" the rain which wasn't even here yet got bad. Guess what it never rained, uugggg so no practice for my poor Sam who loves practice. We've never had a coach cancel even if it was raining, we only cancel if thunder. Wondering how the other parents are feeling right now and if the coach is scared to show his face again with us.

Anyhow, Happy almost T Day my dear friend! Enjoy your week!

Rebeca Trevino said...

E - you are a lucky girl!
keep enjoying all the lunches and all the dinners, you deserve it!

Unknown said...

I think you should celebrate Bearthday every day. :) Thank you for sharing. I love that decor of the restaurant. The first time you showcased it I showed my hubby and we both agreed we wanted to do something similar for our kitchen.
I am drinking tea and water today. I did drink a Pepsi because I don't feel good. I always have a soda when I don't feel wekk. A nurse taught me that trick.

~*~Patty S said...

It is wonderful that you are still celebrating your special day Elizabeth!
What a colorful and beautiful spot this is...I L♥ve the decor and we have those same round glass plates. We had gotten them for Jim's parents many years ago and inherited them back in 2005 ... I often prefer them to flat plates.
Trying to get my groove back...traveling is wonderful but does seem to throw me off some...
Hope you are enjoying Spring and your celebrating continues...
Happy T Day to you

Julia Dunnit said...

I love it. That sort of mis matched matching and colour is just the best for me, I can feel the warmth and ambience from here. And just look at that blue skY! Jealous!
Plans for today have changed, so I'm here, and loving the Ts today!

Darla said...

The tables and chairs are so colorful. The whole place looks lively somehow.


Divers and Sundry said...

i _love_ those tables and chairs. it looks so happy and festive, a perfect place to have a celebration :)

Chrysalis said...

Thanks for hosting this party - I'm so glad I found it today, my birthday. I love the wonderful colours and atmosphere of the restaurant - just the sort of place I'd like to celebrate! Chris x

Dianne said...

A fun that you got "wined & dined" for your bEARTHday! Scott's studious avoidance of the camera was funny, but at least we saw him in the viewfinder (unlike our dear E!) those colorful chairs in the restaurant are very pretty! Managed to do a quick post to link up with your party today, but will be gone the rest of the day so probably won't get to visit everyone until Wednesday. but I'll get there eventually...have fun all!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Love the quirky mismatched chairs. Sounds like you've made the most of your birthday celebrations. I'm having a cuppa and catching up on a few blogs, before the children burst through the door!

Halle said...

Love the funky decor of that place. So fun that you keep getting to celebrate over and over!!

Krisha said...

Oh my, with all this royal treatment of wining and dining, your "head" is sure to grow.....LOL

Very colorful place, is the food as good as the colorful décor? I DO love GOOD Mexican food. Looks like Scott does too! But you need to hand the camera to one of your guest and have them take a picture of you once in awhile dearie!

We would like to see the face behind the art.

As always, thanks for the wonderful comments you always leave me.

Nancy said...

I'm back from holidays :)
What a colourful place to eat--love it and the food looks awesome!!
Happy Tuesday T

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Oh, this reminds me of a tiny place I found on the outskirts of Denver. It was a hole in the wall that served THE BEST food!

Tell your friend that I was looking at the chips and salsa - not him at all! tee hee

Happy birthday - they're always nice when they're stretched out, don't you think?


Jo Murray said...

Happy birthday...again...and again. Love those birthdays that go on for days.

Hettie said...

There is nothing wrong in extending your birthday Honey! I try to too!
Love the look of that restaurant. Those chairs look awesome.

Denise Price said...

Hello! This looks like it was a fun place to have a birthday supper. I love all the bright colors in the decor. Glad you got to celebrate your birthday...over and over! You can never have too much fun, right? ;)

Rita said...

I hate having my picture taken, so I can empathize--LOL! You are one lucky lady to get taken out to eat so many times for your birthday!! Love the colorful chairs and such here, too. :)

Janet said...

Hey girl! I have been gone for a month and am trying to catch up! Sorry to have missed your birthday! Sounds like you've been doing lots of celebrating! Woohoo! Hope to "see" you around soon!