Monday, March 10, 2014

T(ea) Stands For Auntie Mae's

Welcome to T Stands For Tuesday.  I want to begin by saying this is a very, very long post with tons of photos.  I got a bit carried away, I'm afraid.

Last week, my friend Sally and I went to another new restaurant we had never been to before.

It was a combined gift shop and restaurant.

Of course, you had to walk through the gift shop first before you were seated in the restaurant.

In a way, it reminded me of Carriage Crossing,

the Amish run restaurant in Yoder, KS

where I sometimes stop to buy huge cinnamon rolls on my way to my friend Kathy's.

Sally had no desire to look at all the art and goodies that were in four different dining areas.  She was in a hurry to be seated, but I got distracted by

the large cinnamon rolls.  They still didn't look as good as the ones I got in Yoder, and they were over three times the price.  That didn't stop Sally from getting one to go, though.

I snapped a few more photos before I joined Sally

in time to peruse the menu.

The art on one wall caught my eye, and I was surprised at how much the choice of colors and font plays a role in the brain understanding certain words.  Granted, I didn't have my glasses on, since I only wear them when I'm driving, and I don't bring them when I'm not.  But in my mind, I saw the word "tea,"

when in reality the word was "Cinema."  Wow, did I have tea on the brain, or what?

Now I'm going to finish taking you on a tour of Auntie Mae's Attic and Restaurant, and let you enjoy the photos at your own pace without my constant yapping.

Sally had been in such a hurry to catch up with our hostess, she and I both missed the salad bar we had to walk past.

Of course, any time I'm near a "Route 66" sign, even if it's in a gift shop, I have to stop and take a photo or two.

When our meals arrived, I nearly forgot to take photos, even though the purpose of the exercise was to take photos of our drinks, which in this case was lemon water.

You can see I shared my pancake with Sally.  I was so glad I chose that option instead of toast!

I'll stop yapping again, and let you share your T (ea) story for the week by linking below.  Please don't forget, it should reference a drink of some form in some way, whether art, photography, a stencil, art quilt, scrapbook layout, or a glass of water.

25 thoughtful remarks:

Denise Price said...

Hello! I like seeing your lunch date posts. You have a talent for picking interesting restaurants. This one has a fun retro feel. I would be distracted by those cinnamon rolls, too, LOL! And my goodness, the pancake you got was huge. This restaurant seems to do everything in a big way. :)

I, too, saw the word "tea" in that "cinema" sign, but it may be for the same reason that you already mentioned--being in a "tea mindset."

This week my post tells about a birthday card I made that includes a tea bag for the recipient.

Happy T Day!

elle said...

And my eye was drawn to the lovely metal circles! wow!

Halle said...

That is either the biggest pancake I've ever seen of that was a very small plate they used to serve it on.
I saw tea as well but given all the movie memorabilia I figured it said cinema.
The little store/gift shop had some neat things but I'm sure it was all quite expensive.

Krisha said...

One of these days I am going to pop in and go have lunch with you and Sally. You always find the most interesting places to eat. That pancake looks divine! and I DO like pancakes.....LOL

Vicki Miller said...

You do always find great places to go. Perhaps next week I will be able to show an interesting place as out quilt group are going out for the day. Hopefully I will remember my camera! Thanks for all your lovely messages on the weekend. they were much appreciated.

dawn said...

Hello and Happy Tuesday! I agree with the others, you share the best places and pictures. That pancake is big and looks yummy! I love all the fun stuff they have there to see and buy. I too saw the letters TEA, how funny that it stood out that way.

I am linked up and ready to see what everyone's doing today. The morning is warm here already, YAY!! Our last day before another blast of cold and snow coming this way tomorrow and Thursday, YUCK!! It's been like spring here the last few days, YIPPEE!!

Have a great day!

Eliza said...

Sorry not joining in just popping in for a perve and look see. What a wonderful place to eat and check out the goods. Glad to hear you did share that is one huge pancake.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda

Eliza said...

Oh I forgot I saw Tea too, in the cinema sign. Who'd figure....

Hugs Eliza & Yoda

Unknown said...

What a fun place to be! Lots to look at and drool over! I can't get over the size of that pancake! Yummy! xo

~*~Patty S said...

Fun how photos help tell stories...I find them and just a little text a really pleasant way to fact being a visual person I feel I could not post without at least one photo and usually it ends up being alot more ;)...
You know I also read TEA when I first looked at that may be true that we see what we want to see...
that said I am wondering if it is camera angle or is that one very BIG pancake ;)
Looks like a fun spot to get lost in...
great word/inspiration sign that covers so much :)
Happy T Day to ya dear Elizabeth ♥
p.s. hope you are feeling much much better too

Carol said...

Looks like a very interesting place to eat. Lots of eye candy there :)

Linda Kunsman said...

What a really great place!! So many things to take in and lovely little seating nooks. Love all the posters and celebrity wall art too. This reminds me of an old general store which sadly there are so few of anymore. And that pancake-OMG I've never seen anything like it! That'd be three meals for me though hubby would happily eat this all at once. Happy T day- and thanks for sharing another wonderful outing.

Hettie said...

When Krisha catches up with you two for lunch may I join in too?
I would have had to buy that Route 66 sign. Always fancied one as 66 was a very good year!
My friend would have loved it for the Elvis pictures too!

Divers and Sundry said...

i love the furniture. those red & gold chairs in that 7th photo! I'd like to spend some time in that little gift shop. i could get a sunshine for my daughter :)

Dianne said...

Hi dear! on my way out the door, so will visit later this evening...hello to all and I'll visit you as I can!

Nancy said...

Oh gosh, I love all your photos, what a great place to meander around!
Happy tea day---I'm just buzzing out the door quickly, but will check the blogs when I get back :)

Ariel said...

Thank you Elizabeth for always sharing your new restaurant experiences.Great pictures of the interiors and yummy food too.

Rita said...

Wow! I'd have to go back there more than once just to be able to look around and see everything! If the food was good, of course. And it sounds like it was an okay place to eat, too. :)

creatorme said...

OMG pancakes! I like breakfast no matter when. There are a lot of goodies besides food! Are those bags of jelly beans?
Love that Men's room sign right next to Marilyn's photo. LOL

Jo Murray said...

What a little treasure trove of a café!.. You wouldn't get me past the shop.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

It looks like you can spent hours browsing around between all the goodies on the wall and the gift shop. I hope you enjoyed the food, too. I spied the Elvis poster in the window of the first picture and was glad to see the additional ones as I am a big fan!

Kyla said...

Food and shopping, that sounds like a great way to pass a few hours!

As for cinnamon buns-my favorite, especially if they are still warm and sticky from the oven.....ooh I can hear my belly rumbling!!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a cool spot. I would love to wander around there, just as you obviously did.....thanks for the visual vacation.xox

Anonymous said...

Oh what a cool spot. I would love to wander around there, just as you obviously did.....thanks for the visual vacation.xox

Nic said...

Am a bit late this week - at least it Thursday so still a T day.

This week's post has made me really hungry & it's still 2 hours until I can have my lunch break...