Monday, March 17, 2014

T Stands For Solo's Tuesday

I had intended to show art today, since I try to alternate between my Out and About Tuesday posts, and art or a drink at home.  But pressed for time, I decided to use a post from a restaurant my friend Sally and I visited awhile back.
As we drove to the restaurant, we encountered the first bits of "wintery mix."

It wasn't too long ago all the roadways looked something like this, either rain, snow, or a wintery mix.

I seem to have this obsession with taking photos now that I have a camera that doesn't produce fuzzy, out of focus photos (say that three times fast).

It felt like we had a LONG way to go on the frontage road.

Much longer than I anticipated.

Wasn't I just talking about fuzzy, out of focus photos?

I suspect the problem was the camera focused on the rain and ice as it hit the window.  Since it was taken with my "old" Nikon, the settings were more limited, and there was no depth of field I could focus on.

I reminded Sally she had to smile when I take her photo.

I liked the restaurant with its funky floors and the artwork that paid homage to the private plane industry that is so prevalent in Wichita, KS.  After all, we ARE known as the aircraft capital of the world.

For it being so gray and forlorn outside, the restaurant was vibrant with color.

Once I got all the photos off my SD card, I realized I had no photos of the menu, only a plug for Solo's.

Somehow I remembered to take a photo of our lemon water, but failed to take any of our omelets, that came a few minutes later.

What have you been up to this week?  Share the love by linking below.  Show a drink, art made using something drink related, or share some photos that have caught your eye that are drink related.  Scrapbook pages, altered art, mixed media, handmade books or greeting cards, anything drink related is fair game.  We'd love to see and share it.  Bleubeard and I, along with many T members, will be by to visit, too.  Remember, your photos can be taken any time, not just on Tuesday.

BTW, I'd love to leave a comment for Nikki D., but I am told I MUST join G+ in order to leave a comment.  I have a problem with authority figures, I guess (grin).

20 thoughtful remarks:

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I was happy to see Sally smiling in these photos! Looks like a cool restaurant!

I put my post up earlier & just linked up--jumping a little ahead to tomorrow since I will be busy this week with our daughter's visit!

Happy T Day, dear Elizabeth!

Hettie said...

Yep! Nice to see Sally smiling! Hello Sally!
Love those pictures in that place.
I was only drafting my post and luckily enough I peeped and spotted you were up and running. Off to fill a mug with hot chocolate to go to bed now.
Happy Tuesday to you both.

Rita said...

Yes, nice to see Sally smiling.
My photos just show a drink--usually the same thermal mug of coffee--and my art hasn't even been drink related. I am so glad you're okay with that. ;)

Krisha said...

Happy T-day!! When you visit you will see Sally's smiling face too, since I took the picture in front of the monitor. She is becoming quite famous in our little group. Tell her I said hello, and I love her smile!

I got your e-mail and I will check on it tomorrow and let you know if they are still carrying it. I'll be more than happy to do it.

Give Bluebeard a pat for me.

voodoo vixen said...

Hiya, so glad I managed to pop in for T on Tuesday with you this week.
Tell Sally it is lovely to see her smiling and looking so chic in her hat!!

Nic said...

Hahaha - it's okay I know you come to visit :-)

We have only just started to get cooler weather in Perth - it's down to around 30 - 40 degrees Celsius which makes for lovely lunchtimes in the gardens outside work.

Vicki Miller said...

Looks like it was a great outing. I ACTUALLY went out today! But I forgot the photos, lol. Thank you for the mammoth number of comments you left this week. I am also amazed by your creativity, too. how you find little pieces of interesting ephemera when you want them is a mystery to me. I can never find anything when I want it. Happy T day!

Jo Murray said...

I enjoy your little restaurant jaunts. Nice to see it all from the other side of the world.

Darla said...

Enjoyed the ride and the restaurant. I really like Sally's hat!


Anonymous said...

Cute place. Sally looks quite jaunty in her hat! Did not know that Witchita was the airplane capital, learned something new. Do you have lots of small airstrips about. Sick of wintry mix....but mostly cold 10 again this morning. I am sure frostbite will be permanent if I keep walking in this stuff. Have a marvelous day. xox

Linda Kunsman said...

Your friend Sally has such a lovely smile. Those skies sure were dark on your day out. The vibrant colors in Solos was a perfect pick me up on a day like that! Happy T day!

Divers and Sundry said...

i like sally's cap! :)

restaurants that want to have themes around here do a lot of university of memphis tigers or memphis grizzlies, or they focus on music history or the river. airplanes aren't big around here. it's interesting to see how different cities are, well, _different_. :)

Halle said...

Nice to see Sally smiling...and I love her hat!
That place was definitely more cheerful inside than the weather was outside. :)
Happy Tuesday!

dawn said...

Happy T Day!! I'm glad you liked my T post today, thought everyone would like those teas. I've had a busy morning and am finally getting around to everyone.

What a fun and colorful place to eat at, great pictures! Love that you have such a nice friend who likes the camera. Glad the weather didn't stop you from going out.

Have a great day! HUGS!!

Denise Price said...

So nice to see Sally with a smile on her face! Hope you two liked your lunch. Must have been good if you were so busy eating that you forgot to photograph the food. :)

We had some of that "wintry mix" just this morning. C'est la vie. That just makes it a good day to drink tea, right?

Crystal Komara said...

Hi Elizabeth (and Bleubeard!) Looks like Solo's is a great place to eat! It's certainly bright and cheerful on an otherwise dreary, rainy day. Hugs and I'll probably see you tomorrow at WOYWW!

~*~Patty S said...

wanted to pop by and say hello and Happy T Day eventho I am not joining in today...just couldn't get myself together for several reasons...

Fun to keep learning more about Kansas and your local eating establishments!
Sally looks especially nice in her hat and a smile...

You had mentioned on my blog about being surprised I have an Irish maiden German heritage comes from my Mutti/Mom ♥


Nancy said...

Definitely a rainy day you had there! I wish for a bit of rain to get rid of the rest of the snow :) such a dreary time--a nice bright place you went to :)
happy t day

creatorme said...

Sally has a great smile. Please tell her she is very photogenic. Solo looks like a nice place but kinda empty. Did you go at an off hour?
It's so much fun seeing all your photos. Made me feel like I was there. Love the virtual tours you provided.

Dianne said...

I guess it's been a busy week...I had no idea how many posts I had missed! sorry couldn't hook up with you all this week. Love Sally's hat--and that you caught a smile! I am hoping we are nearly done with freezing precipitation and can at least settle for spring rains! hugs from Ohio...