Monday, February 24, 2014

T(ea) Stands For Detour

A couple of days ago, my friend Sally and I were heading to Sam's, a US warehouse membership club where you buy items in large quantities.  Sally has a membership and she's always good about taking me.  It's where I buy all of Bleubeard's supplies (both in and out--you cat owners know what I mean), coffee, and much of my frozen food.  We got sidetracked because I saw the sign for PizzaTacos.  I was curious, so asked Sally to stop and I'd treat her to lunch.

I confess that Sally wasn't nearly as enthusiastic about the place as I was, but she agreed to stop.  Of course, she stayed in the car while I took photos of the building

and the menu.

It didn't take long to realize it was also a bar, with outside seating that was not being used.  After all, it's still cold in Kansas, although most of the snow had disappeared: all that is, except in the residential areas.

When I got back to the car, Sally asked me what was on the menu.  I confessed I had NO idea, i was just taking photos.  She took a look at the menu and wasn't sure she wanted to go in, but I told her if nothing else, we could pig out on their salad bar.

Unfortunately, when we got inside, we learned they didn't have a salad bar, but they DID have a pizza buffet.  The crust on about 1/3 of the pizzas was made from flour tortillas.  We were the only people in the restaurant, since it was during that "dead" time between lunch and dinner.  Sally told the owner (later learned it was Charlie, himself) it was our first visit.  That's when he told us that our meal was on him!  Can you believe it?  I was stunned.

Sally offered to buy drinks.  After all, I had told her I would pay for our meal, but even the drinks were included per Charlie.

He even brought the salad out from the fridge.

Of course, I couldn't let him off the hook.  I had to get a photo of him, even though I had to be quick about it, since he admitted he was camera shy.

Sally was getting her salad when I found a place to throw my purse down.

It was fun getting some uninterrupted photos of the hockey game that was on TV, and a few shiots of some of the photos, too. 

This was the original Charlie's Pizza Taco shop, probably from 1965.  It's certainly changed a lot since then.

The other photographs were equally lovely, although I got my camera in the reflection of the glass.

Sunflowers seemed to be a theme in the restaurant, too.  They were everywhere you looked: on the walls and on the tables.  They were even on the end of the counter where you paid.

It took me awhile, but I finally got my meal about the time Sally was finishing her first plate.  You can see we're both enjoying a soft drink, too.  Yes, I played little miss piggy, because there is nothing better than pizza and nothing better than FREE.  After all, I come by my moniker "Dr. E, Queen of Free" honestly.

I couldn't have been happier, and told Sally what a great dining experience this was, as opposed to the horrible way we had been treated at Ciao's a few week earlier.  And although it wasn't a restaurant we would normally frequent, we had a wonderful experience and Sally even smiled several times.  Unfortunately we both ate way more than we should have, and decided to visit Sam's someday this week.

If you like pizza that is not made by a corporation average, you will love Pizza Taco.  Some of the offerings included spinach and four cheeses, tomato and basil, and veggie barbeque.  There were various meats, too, and Sally said a couple were with both chicken and sausage, along with other ingredients she wasn't sure of.

What detours did you experience this week?  Were you taken by surprise at something someone did for you?  Did someone do something that makes you want to "pay it forward?"  Share any experience you like, as long as it can, in some way, be related to your drink.  That can be art, photography, scrapbooking, card making, flower arranging, anything.  And it can be taken any day, too, as long as you add your direct link below.  BTW, can you believe this is the final week of February?  2014 is whizzing by.

21 thoughtful remarks:

voodoo vixen said...

I'm back!! LOL Sorry I have been away so long, but it seemed wrong to play when I couldn't spend the time to visit people in return.
Looks like you and Sally had a lovely FREE lunch... which goes to prove that the saying 'there is no such thing as a free lunch' is completely wrong! How nice of your restaurant mannie to let you both eat for free, I am sure you will be back!!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

You made me want to go order a pizza! I don't even love pizza. It's good once in awhile but that looked good. The man has great business sense to buy you lunch, not a lot of that these days. Happy to see you have bare pavement, I'll bet you are too! And, YES this year is flying by.

Krisha said...

Oh FREE is almost always good. The pizzas sound delish, and I am not big on pizza.

Can't believe it is already the last week of February either. Seems I just put those Christmas ornaments away.

Janet said...

How sweet of him to comp your meal. I'm willing to bet you'll go back! Looks like lots of fun. Glad you're getting out and about in spite of the cold!

Nic said...

That place looks really lovely, always good to go out of comfort zones.

February has goone too quick but at least it means that this weekend is a long weekend for Labour Day (3rd March - Yay!)

More crafting time - I hope

dawn said...

Hello Elizabeth! WOW, how awesome that you had a nice visit and a free meal. So happy and you both needed that after that bad experience in the past. How fun that you got so many pictures too, love when we are alone somewhere and can do that.

We have or I should say sadly had a pizza buffet place here too. We loved going in there and picking which pizza's we wanted and enjoyed have a variety at one time. No where else you can do that for a low price. We each had our favorites and it's the only place Sam has eaten 6 pieces of pizza, he doesn't eat much so we loved this part. They had to close down 2 years ago, not enough business I guess. We still talk about it and miss it.

I will be posting my T Time post after kids go to school. YAY!

Can't believe it's the end of Febuary already.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great place, love those neighborhood friendly ones. I bet you will go back. Nice copper? counter and cute decor. detours, um, trying to do my usual walk on the dirt road over the ice there, zigging and zagging for footing....lots of Spring birds to accompany me and the doggies....still 8 inches of snow on the ground and more coming, cold again too. xox

Ariel said...

Wow! that was so nice of that person to offer a free dining experience.Yes, though February has only one or two days less than the other months I always feel that it flies off too soon. Hope to see Spring weather in March. Hope you have a great week.

Darla said...

Looks interesting although I don't eat a lot of pizza. Certainly nice (and surprising) that the owner offered you the meal for free on your first visit.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

What a nice surprise to have the owner offer you a free meal! I went to a pizza buffet restaurant many years ago in North Carolina where all the courses, including dessert, were made on pizza shells--talk about eating too much!

I also went to one at a chain restaurant which was basically horrible, but I this one looks like you lucked out with fresh tasty food!

Happy T Day, my dear friend!

elle said...

What a great guy! And you have no snow!!!!

Hettie said...

Lucky YOU! You seem to get all the luck! Looks good too. Next time I am in Kansas (as if) I will have to all by!
Hugs and Happy Tuesday.

Divers and Sundry said...

that pizza looks good! i think i'd hafta go back :)

~*~Patty S said...

Now that is the kind of place that begs for a return generous and welcoming...above and beyond (way to go Charlie!)
It looks really nice and the flour tortilla crust sounds like a very nice change from flour dough too...
You've made me hungry this morning :)
Happy T Day to ya E...

Dianne said...

My detour is in Florida this week! on vacation and loving the sunshine and the sound of great that you found a friendly tasty place to eat, and for free!

Linda Kunsman said...

What a great day that turned out to be! That was a very kind gesture by the owner. It looks really good but actually not making me hungry because just a few days ago I was absolutley dying for some pizza (which we rarely have anymore)and my neighbor calls to tell me she had an extra-FREE veggie pizza from a function and was bringing it to my door-I was in pizza heaven:)

Terri Kahrs said...

It's nice to know that some kindness still exists in this world!!! What a wonderful thing to do! I always enjoy hearing about your adventures and explorations with Sally. You journal your day beautifully, Elizabeth!

Thank you, too, for your blog visit and lovely comment. I'm thrilled to know that you enjoyed my tutorial! It's my way of "paying it forward". I've been given many blessings. Sending HUGE hugs! ♥ Terri

Rita said...

I love great finds like this place. I hope you two go back really soon! What a nice man. Things like that can make your whole week!! ;)

Nancy said...

Been off the tea blogging for a while but would like to join in again if you'll have me :)
Lucky detour you made-the pizza looks yummy.

Denise Price said...

Hello! Interesting that you and I both have pop as the beverage in our posts today.

The pizza buffet sounds like so much fun. It would be wonderful to choose all kinds of different pizza to try. And it's awesome that your lunch was on the house!!! I am excited for you. :)

Rebeca Trevino said...

what a great day all around.
i am glad Charlie was such a nice guy, and that he bought you lunch, but i was beginning to wonder if the food was good, and you finally let on that is was. i would go back there again - i love pizza, and i love tacos, so what a great combo.

ps; i took a short break from the blog, i missed everyone,but i'm back