Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's time to be accountable for 2013 and look ahead to 2014

Let's begin with my word for 2013, which was DOCUMENT.  As I explained on January 2, 2013, the nicest thing about this word is, it can be a noun, meaning 1) writings that provide information, 2) a written account of ownership or obligation, and 3) anything serving as a representation of a person's thinking by means of symbolic marks, which in my case comes from my keyboard.

As a verb, this word can mean 1) to record in detail and 2) support or supply with references, something I always do.

As for my intentions/resolutions I made on January 2, 2013, let's see how well I did:
1. Continue to make art that I hope some will find meaningful and show the process along the way.
I spend a lot of time with many of my posts making certain I document everything.  So I feel I have lived up to that commitment.
2. Create at least one tutorial each month.
I can't be completely certain I created at least one tutorial each month, but I am certain I created at least 12 this past year, and probably more.  I know I created several in April, 2013, so I hope that took the place of any individual month I may have missed.  I believe I have fulfilled that commitment, too.
3. Interview one artist a month.
For this, I started with good intentions, then allowed the interviews to fall by the wayside, although there are several people I have asked to participate.  Unfortunately, I have yet to send questions to some people.  And unlike some who interview once a week or month, but use the same questions each time, I tailor my questions to those persons I'm interviewing.  Seems I fell short of this one.
4. Create several mixed media pieces each month.
I am NOT sure I created several every month, but I know I created at least 12 mixed media pieces over the course of 2013.  If you add the collaborations I was in, such as Summer of Color, Artful Readers Club, and Index Card a Day, I made more than enough to put this one in the fulfilled column.
5. Create at least one scrappy journal each month.
I admit I only completed two scrappy journals during 2013, but I have enough pages completed and sorted by theme for a dozen times that number.  I also dyed and painted fabric that will be useful for the covers.  I may have taken this intention too literally, because I made several books made from scraps this year.  One could argue that the four scrappy file folder journals I made at Christmas could fit in this same category, as did the two books I made in April out of old greeting cards and the single one I made in April from discarded silverware  holders.   So that amps the journals to nine, just three short of my intended goal.

But as far as the 96 page fabric covered scrappy journals go, it's finding time to put all the disparate parts together and finish a few more of these that keeps me out of the fulfilled column on this one.

Speaking of time, that's a good way to segue into my word for 2014, which is UTILIZENow who doesn't like a word that has part of her own name in it?   My name aside, the word, a verb, means to put to use, make use of, or turn to practical use.  And time is one of those tools I need to utilize.

Other forms of speech include:
u·ti·liz·a·ble, adjective
u·ti·li·za·tion, noun
u·ti·liz·er, noun
and a very British u·ti·lise 

I know many of you pledged to USE IT UP a  couple of years ago, but this is not the same.  Utilize, to me, means I have a lot of tools and products I'm not utilizing properly or thoroughly, or taking full advantage of, so in 2014, I'm going to experiment with new ways to utilize them.  Some may involve items I've owned since forever and never used, or tools I've yet to open out of fear I'll mess up.  In fact, the Merriam-Webster online dictionary had my very thought in mind when it provided this definition:
to put into action or service  [we need to utilize all the tools at our disposal]
Looking back on my previous two years' words, I'm going to continue to try to inspire others, continue to document the processes, and begin to utilize my tools, techniques, and time to my advantage.

So what should I attempt to account for in 2014?  Since I've stopped using the word "resolution," which seems to set anyone up for failure, I hope to fulfill the very same "intentions" in 2014.  Because I was successful with three of the five from last year, I'm going for a perfect record in 2014.

Thanks for your continued support, because I hope to show that blogging is not dead, as many who have migrated to other social media sites believe. 


20 thoughtful remarks:

Sharon Fritchman said...

(My word for 2014 is "believe!") Happy new Year to you and your family! Thanks for all of your wonderful inspiration in 2013 and I can't wait to see what you create in 2014, too! HUGS!!!

see you there! said...

Enjoyed your review of 2013. I haven't chosen a word for this year, don't know if I will. As for blogs, I still enjoy them and plan to continue mine. I do know others have migrated to FB and such though and I just don't use those platforms much.


Dawn said...

Fab post Elizabeth, I love the retrospection and forward thinking mix, great reading sweetie. I think you have chosen an incredibly apt word for yourself to focus on and I can't wait to follow your exploits through 2014.
Huge hugs x x x x

Anonymous said...

Whether you accomplish one or all 5, it makes no difference in the grand scheme of things because all that really matters is that you show up everyday for your life and be present. You are such an uplifter, Elizabeth and that my friend is more precious than any amount of goals you could rack up!
Thank you for being a friend and for all the lovely comments and encouragements you have given me along the path of 2013--so looking forward to traversing 2014 along with you!!

Dianne said...

you are so much more organized than I...I suppose it's the scientist part of you? I really should follow your example of setting goals. I simply have little idea where I am headed or what I want to accomplish. working toward a goal would certainly help, though spontaneity is important to me also...You do indeed INSPIRE us dear E! inspiring list of 'intentions!'

elle said...

Great post. I'm with ya, Elizabeth.

Krisha said...

Good word for 2014.
I do believe you will achieve your goals, one or many. You have 12 months ahead of you, plenty of time........LOL

Kyla said...

Well done on meeting so many of your 'intentions' (I like the idea of that).

I too chose to have a word for this year, mine is Balance-which for me can mean many things, work/life balance, housework/craft balance, healthy diet/choccies, nuts and beer diet! You get the idea :-)

I look forward to more inspirational works on your blog (and seeing your 365 pages too).

Happy New Year

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I'd say you were successful in your intentions for 2013! I find your posts to be full of information!

Oh, I hope blogging doesn't die out -- I'm not into all the other social media stuff!


PetraB said...

You have achieved so much last year, it is amazing. I very much love your new one, it seems to be so simple but I believe it is a challenging one ... would definitely for me! Enjoy 2014! Wish you all the best.

Halle said...

You definitely lived your word for last year in my opinion. Here's to another great year. Fun that your name is in it too. Maybe mine will be Hallelujah next year. *grin*

dawn said...

Hello, so glad to be here and have missed you again. I'm sorry to be late, seriously you have known me half a year now and I am never late for anything, I'm always early, everyone knows that. At least I'm on time for your post today, soon as the kids go back by routine will be back to normal.

WOW, I realllllly love your new word and the meaning of it is so good. This would be helpful to me also. Do you have a list yet of what you will do? Remember to utilize that gelli plate daily and then again so it gets utilized plenty (grin)

I think 2013 word was wonderful for you. I agree with what Dawn above said and perfectly written I think. You have amazed me at all you do here and share, do you even sleep? So I think you did your word proud!

Oh and the inspire, you inspire me so much and will continue to do so for years to come I'm sure. You have so many ideas and things to share and teach us all kinds of things. THANK YOU FOR THAT!!

I'm so thankful for this last half year of knowing you and joining you for Tuesday's and Mandala's. Looking forward to a WHOLE year together now.

Hope your New Year's is off to a good start. I have something new to share on Tuesday, might have to post it on Sunday just to get it done. Seems Sam has turned on the snow machine and it hasn't quit in 3 days and now the below zero temps are coming which means kids may not go back right away next week but I might just go drop them off there anyhow, haha.
Either way I will be there.
love and hugs dear friend!

Vicki Miller said...

Social media and blogging are for different people. Blogging is for people who DO things. Social media is really for people with nothing better to DO, well that is my spin on it. I don't make new years resolutions, because I can never keep them, but I think I have already started this word, lol. My collage a day is about using up all my stuff, but I should try and do more tutorials. Thanks for your comments.

Carol said...

You have accomplished a major amount of creative projects this year :) You have guided several of us through some slumps in our own creativity and for that I am very thankful. I like your word for the New Year. I haven't chosen mine yet so I guess my year of slow decisions has carried on into the new year also :) I will get there ♥

Corrine at said...

Utilize is a great word and I am sure you will show us some fabulous way to do just that with your array of tools and ideas at your fingertips. Intention is such a better word for what we set out to do. xox

Craftymoose Crafts said...

You did a terrific job of fulfilling your intentions for 2013! You have certainly inspired me with your projects, energy and tutorials. Thank you for your generosity in sharing so much fun!

Best of luck in 2014--I know you will accomplish much!

Nan G said...

oh my, blogging is definitely not dead! I do not participate in any other social media only blogging. I may be a member of FB but dont ask me how to do anything or post something to me there cause i'll never see it. :) your site and you, elizabeth have been a real inspiration to me! look forward to many more visits with you and bleubeard in 2014. may it be a fruitful and inspiring year for us both. warm hugs, nan

Andria said...

You have lots of accomplishments to celebrate for the past year. And I can completely identify with your desire for utilizing your resources in 2014. I am definitely interested in using the things I already have--in new ways, if need be--to satisfy my needs and wants, rather than rushing out to make new purchases. I look forward to your creative new year!

~*~Patty S said...

Dear Elizabeth ~
UTILIZE is a great word...One I could certainly focus on as well!!!

You do such a great job on so many fronts...
I am red faced and full of regret for dropping the ball on the questions you sent has gone past embarrassing and I hardly know what to say for myself 2/3 completed and left in limbo...
I am SO VERY sorry for not helping you keep up with #3 :( it really is out of character for me!

Here's to a wonderful new year full of more fun and creativity...

Thank you for all you do to 'inspire' ... 'document' and more!


~*~Patty S said...

To answer your questions from Friday on my LIGHT journal pages…
The image of the girl is from a Victorian Trading Company catalog.

I created the ‘star’ on the right hand page using layers of various stencils and spray inks (I am a BIG fan of 'bursts' of all kinds!).

I hear you on trying to write on top of gesso and wrecking pens in the process.
I am having really good luck with my newest slim line Fine Black Sharpies.

Thanks as always E for your visits and for saying such nice and thoughtful things oxoxo