Saturday, January 18, 2014

Inspiration comes from many places for my 7-Continent AB

I believe I'm on a roll with my 7 Continent altered book. 

Back sometime around September or October, I was out with my friend Sally when we stumbled into this construction zone.

A new bypass is being built in our area,

and my thoughts quickly went to my 7 Continents altered book.  I was so glad I had my good camera with me at the time.

It's quite obvious this was taken in warmer times,

because there was obviously no snow on the ground, as there was up until a few days ago.

I kept snapping away, thinking I might use some of the better photos

in a spread that reminded me of a TV show I had seen on Hulu that, at the time, was being aired on the FX network,

which is aptly called

"The Bridge."  In case you aren't familiar with the show, the bridge, which is short for Bridge of the Americas, is the scene of the first grisly murder of two women, placed together to look like one.  One half is from one side of the bridge, the other half is from the other side of the bridge.

Appropriately, the center of the bridge is the dividing line between El Paso, Texas (TX) and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.  I could not believe my fortune when I was sifting through some postcards and found these.  Since I don't like to use my printer for photos, these postcards were quite fortuitous. This spread will represent part of my North America section.

You can even see the bridge in the background, which actually contains two bridges with six lanes per side, and the only toll free bridge joining these two cities.

I should have taken a close up of the lady I cut and glued to the tag I found in my stash that reminded me of the Texas star.  Other symbolism relates to the crosses that are at the border on the Juarez side.  They signify the young women who are missing from that area.  The gist of the show is that two detectives, one from El Paso and one from Juarez, must work together to find a serial killer who kills victims on both sides of the border.

I never thought I would be inspired to make these types of spreads in my 7 Continents AB.  But I have found this seems more meaningful to me than trying to focus on the absolute beauty and purity of a country or continent, as I did with my tip-ins and first spreads I made before the book fell apart.

For this spread I used two postcards, two flags taken from a roll like the ones I used in my Sochi spread that open and show various images (stars under US and crosses under Mexico) I placed inside (sorry, they can't be scanned open), ink pens used to make the crosses on the map, staples, part of a tag, and a background from part of a city map.

What is your take on the way this 7 Continent AB project is headed?  Is it too gritty?  Too far from what you would think of when you think 7 continents?  Any and all comments are welcome.

14 thoughtful remarks:

Krisha said...

I found this to very interesting, and this is YOUR AB to add to as you wish. Do you journal on these pages so you will remember your inspiration?

elle said...

I think it is great. Real. So much today is press related and propaganda. Good idea, Elizabeth!

Veronica Reynolds said...

You mentioned not liking to use your printer for photos. Would it be too cheeky to ask how you do get your pictures developed/printed? I have been thinking of trying to get my pictures done professionally but first it's the cost then it's knowing where to go. I would really appreciate any advice you can give.
Vicky R

Nan G said...

Great construction pics. Love the tie in to your AB! And I love how the page turned out. This AB is being filled with some cool substance...some real some it! A true artistic expression of its maker.

~*~Patty S said...

We watched The Bridge and sometimes I wonder about my violence tolerance level...guess with enough blood and gore in the media...well you know...
I do cover my eyes a lot these days.

It was gritty and spell binding and the actors were super too...

Now when I got to the last photo with your paragraph underneath that started "I should have taken a close up of the lady I cut...." well let me just say I broke out in a bit of a sweat wondering what I would read or see next ;)...

Your spread is really thoughtful and colorful and certainly captures some of life and drama and it tells a story too!


Halle said...

Boy that camera certainly did take awesome photos! Cool that you were inspired by them.

PetraB said...

Great photos and brilliant how you translated them into art!

Vicki Miller said...

As you said, inspiration can come from anywhere and so long as it interests you, then it is good inspiration. I like how these pages have some history and a story.

Marilyn J. Rock said...

Inspirational fodder for your AB book! Great photos! xo

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I think any way your thought process takes you is great! Although I am not familiar with that show, you did a good job of conveying the message through your page.

Unfortunately, the world has dark spots, and they happen on every this fits well with the good, too.

Corrine at said...

I think your take is your take and art has to move you where it wants to go....It is a fascinating way to think about the connection of that bridge....great postcards too! xox

dawn said...

Hello! WOW, you are brilliant when making pages for your journal. I had never heard of this story before so it was all new to me. I love what you did and it came out great. I like that seeing the construction inspired you for this page too.

Your photo below made me smile too but sad your camera is giving you a hard time. Good thing Bluebeard can cheer you up.

I have a terrible head cold now and the kids have more days off. We fixed our pipe leak, YAY and it wasn't as bad as first thought. Since my cold kept me home from church and anywhere else I cleaned my craft space for 8 hours and finished it. YIPPEEE!! So excited and glad I finally got it done. Once my computer issues are solved I will post pictures of course.
Sorry I will have to miss T Day, not much fun posting with no pictures.
Have a wonderful day and hope your staying warm. It's getting chilly here again.

Dianne said...

I think the look of the pages is quite lovely and interesting...and I know you have the skills to follow this theme without it becoming too grisly. of course, you only have to please yourself! these postcards are wonderful, and the 'story' the pages tell will be quite fun...perhaps like a novel. I think it is useful for art to reflect both the beautiful and the ugly in life...looking forward to seeing where this journey takes you!

Linda said...

Nice way to integrate the theme of your altered book.