Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Smiles #47: O Tannenbaum

It's been three weeks since I joined Annie at A Stitch in Time for Friday Smiles.  I know several people have asked me to show my Christmas trees, but today,

I'm giving you just a tiny peek in my "bird sanctuary" (also known as the powder room, the loo, or the throne room).  I hope this tree and possibly this room, makes you smile. 

Originally, all I had planned was to show the overall shot. Then I thought I would give you a closer look at the tree.  That's when I remembered

there were other trees that live permanently in the "bird sanctuary."  It's amazing how we get so used desensitized to something that lives in the same spot day after day, year after year.

This tree holds a candle, while

this one is an incense burner.  As an aside, I just realized this incense burner was a tree I had failed to put away last year after Christmas.  So all those waiting for trees, you've had a small peek in the "bird sanctuary," which hopefully puts a smile on your face.

Don't forget to start your weekend with a smile.  Drop by Annie's for links to other Friday Smiles, too.  They'll appreciate it as much as I.

19 thoughtful remarks:

Annie said...

Hi Elizabeth. It certainly has made me smile. I really love your throne room :-) Do you wear your crown when you 'go'? :-)
Thanks for joining in today...I've missed you.
Annie x

tilly said...

love your trees in there lol, the red one is beautiful

Anonymous said...

That's probably the most festive power room I've seen yet...nice. The christmas tree box reminds me of one my Mother head for years....She loved little boxes like that. xox

dawn said...

This did put a smile on my face, so pretty everything is. I LOVE the tree, so cool!! All your extra little bird sanctuary things are so pretty.

Thanks for the peek at some of your trees, can't wait to see more.

Thank you for the comment on my wreaths, I love wreaths!

Have a wonderful weekend!

JoZart Designs said...

Beuatifully co-ordinated. I bet you don't have so many red cardinals as you have rocking horses!!
Enjoy your weekend... I'm off to the Lake District next week ( poet William Wordsworth country)
Jo x

French Nanny said...

Love the idea of those little bells on the tree...


Gill Edwards said...

nice collections of trees there and a very smart bathroom

Gill x

elle said...


JoZart Designs said...

Just added an extra post which may interest you.
Thanks for your comment.
Jo x

Halle said...

What a pristine bathroom! Cardinals always remind me of my dad. They were his favorite bird. Thanks for the smile!
btw--I didn't fall off the face of the Earth...just got bogged down in day to day life.

Nan G said...

Ah-hem...thanks for opening the door for does one cyber knock anyway? Love the wire Christmas tree. Wouldn't last on the edge with me...arms shake so bad some times I need a clear counter. :) Hugs

Craftymoose Crafts said...

This has to be the "best-dressed" bath--thanks for inviting us in! Hope you have a nice weekend, my friend!

Unknown said...

Very welcoming! xo

Carol said...

That red tree is so darn cute!!!! Love it ♥ Still haven't done any decorating here.

Rita said...

That crazy tree just makes me smile! I forget what is around sometimes, too. Or where they are exactly. Sheesh! I used to remember well. ;)

Karla B said...

Love to see your posts. It is always a celebration of life and colors.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, what a fresh and cozy place to do your business :-}
and you have a clock in your bathroom? I don't know why but I find that interesting. I've never had a clock in any of mine. Hmmm
Happy Weekend!!

Hettie said...

Awww! Lovely to see Christmas decs in your loo! Mr Hettie thinks I am mad to put decs in there but I guess you are in there a while over the holiday so why not have something to look at!

Dianne said...

a delightful peek at your 'necessary room.' love the reds and the cardinals, and of course the trees!