Friday, November 8, 2013

The harvest

Each month since May, I have taken photos of my herb garden.  I believe this is the final month I'll show this garden this year.  It became obvious from these photos that I didn't go TV hunting, mainly because I had too many other responsibilities.

So today (although it will probably be yesterday by the time you read this) because it rained off and on all day, I knew I had too much to do to listen to salespeople tout their newest and best TV, especially since all I really want is one with absolutely NO whistles and bells.  That may be harder than fighting the weather I dealt with today.   In between the rain and gusts of extremely high wind, I headed to the garden to

survey the damage and mess after leaving the garden to fend for itself for several weeks.  It was obvious I had much weeding to attend to, as well as decide what I would allow to overwinter.

It's obvious from my compost container that I have removed the remainder of the volunteer tomatoes and some of the weeds that had grown in places I hadn't added cardboard.

I will allow my cilantro (in small white pot in front) to overwinter, but I haven't decided if I'll bring the German chamomile in (in the other small white pot, front right).  It never flowered, much to my chagrin, so I somehow doubt it ever will.  My scraggly sage (large pot second row right) will be harvested, and will overwinter in place, like it has the previous two winters.  I'll give the dill (large pot second row left) a few more days to see if it will continue to grow until I hear there will be a hard freeze.  I'll harvest some of the lemon grass (large pot third row middle), but leave some to overwinter.  Not sure if it will, but I've read it should.

I've left chives (small white pot third row) to overwinter before, because the second year they get the pretty bulbs.  Of course, the blackberries have been planted in the ground, so I know they will be staying.

I still have no idea what these plants are in pots at the shady end of the garden, but I know I saw small lavender flowers on both before.  The one in back will go in my compost pile, but I might keep the other one for a few more days.

As I stooped to inspect the plant, I noticed both a lavender flower and what looked like a squash of some kind was trying to grow.

That's also when I noticed the small lavender flower that had broken away from the mother plant.  I saw this as a great photo op!

The plant behind it (now shown on the left) didn't fare as well, though.  It went to the compost bin after I retrieved my trash container from the street.  Glad I was out when the trash people came by, so it didn't blow away after they dumped it.

Doesn't my tree look awesome with the now yellow leaves?

One last look at the clipped herbs before I return to the house

with today's harvest.

This is Day 9 where I'm joining Leah, our lovely host of
AEDM and putting my herb garden to bed.

14 thoughtful remarks:

Vicki Miller said...

I think I would be quite ashamed to show my garden as the grass is two feet high and it is more of a jungle, lol. I have melted my baby wipes as well, but I just love using them.

fairy thoughts said...

I have to admit this wasn't what I expected to see when I read herb garden.... A work in progress but then aren't all gardens.

BJ said...

Only too glad to be of assistance, look forward to your page. BJ

dawn said...

Hello Elizabeth, I love when you share these posts. Already excited to see you do this in the spring. Glad some of your herbs can be saved and love the little bloom you found at the bottom of a pot. Gardening is always a surprise isn't it. I know we had our share of them this summer and will again next year.
That tree is GORGEOUS, love the color yellow on it. Wish I had one tree that had the gorgeous color of fall on it. You could use these for your mandala.
Wishing you luck if you go tv shopping this weekend, will cross my fingers you have an easy time and find the perfect one.

Thank you for the visit on my blog. I'm happy to say my PL pages finally came out ok. Still missing a few pictures but it worked out now. Will re-post it again Monday or Tuesday.
I also cut up my postcards and enjoyed it. I will have to do this again. Hope to post those on Monday too.
Have a good weekend, stay warm.
You are doing a great job posting everyday too, have enjoyed seeing each post. Keep up the good work, I know you can do it!!

Marilyn J. Rock said...

This is all amazing and you are creating life for the Spring! xo

Monica said...

Look fo the least expensive TV in an adequate TV size. Go to walMart or if you do n' t like them another big store.
Advantage no sales person will off to help you.

Come tuesday a huge arctic mass is descending on all of us, so take the plants in you want to winterize

Anoeska said...

I love your herb garden! Great! In Holland we say when someone is a good gardener that he or she has 'groene vingers' (green fingers). You sure have groene vingers!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

There's nothing like fresh herbs during the growing season, is there? You had a large herb garden to manage!

Nan G said...

Lovely pic of the purple flower. Maybe that little squash plant will overwinter if mulched. Hmm Fab color on your tree! Have loved seeing the progress of your herb garden this summer. I agree with someone above...go to Walmart or Target. They'll explain a tv to you but not "push the sale". Plus they have great prices and a huge selection now a days! See you on mandala Monday. :) Hugs

~*~Patty S said...

Your mystery plant with the purple flower makes me think of "eggplant"...

Growing herbs is one of my favorite have quite a variety there E!

Carol said...

My herb garden was grossly neglected this year and still managed to do fairly well :) I didn't harvest as often as I should have so I will probably have lots of volunteer plants everywhere I don;t want them next year... the joys of lazy gardening :)

Rita said...

End of the year for the herb garden. Your tree looks orange and fiery!! :)

Halle said...

I brought a pot of my herbs in for the winter...hopefully they'll survive. :) Yours are looking great for November!!

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking I'm going to start a potted herb garden on the balcony, but I've yet to do it!

I hadn't thought of it recently, but gardening (and growing houseplants) can be a VERY creative endeavor. It also brings me a great sense of serenity. Thanks for reminding me.