Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's time to turn questions into answers

Back in late March I answered Seth Apter's call for answers, even though I am a contributing artist in his book, The Pulse of Mixed Media. Of course, I read about the open call on his blog, The Altered Page.

(Image brazenly stolen from Seth's Open Call blog post.)

There were three twists to this open call. The first was that the project would be online, similar to what led to the book in the first place. The second was this was NOT a juried event, so even I had a chance of getting in!! And third, it was a real mail call. Remember real mail? You know the mail call that involved envelopes and postage stamps and what we cyber junkies call "snail mail."

There were rules, though, such as size requirements and questions we had to answer. We were given a choice of 1, 2, or 3 questions. We could answer any or all. Quoting Seth:

"Your answer must be presented on a 5" x 5" square, which could be a piece of paper, cardstock, canvas, wood panel, fabric...could be anything. Your answer must be in words, which can be written, typed, drawn, sewn, painted, etc. Since we are artists, I encourage you (but you do not have to) also make your submission visually any way you desire. "

Two weeks ago, my 5 X 5 piece was shown on Seth's blog, The Altered Page.  It just goes to show how seldom I check my e-mail.  Since I love to explain how I make each piece I create, below is what I created way back in late March of this year.

I did something totally uncharacteristic for me and created a small practice piece. I wanted to see if the beeswax I planned to use would soak through my handmade paper into or through the card stock substrate to the back of the piece. I did this after I had already created the square I was going to send to Seth. I realize I don't have the concept of "practice piece" down quite yet! You can see here, I recreated the larger piece by tacking the handmade paper to the substrate with thread. Although I really liked how the beeswax complimented the thread, I was very unhappy with how it changed the color of the handmade paper.

The good news was, the beeswax didn't seep through the cardstock to the handmade paper on the back.

So here is the original 5" X 5" square I created. I answered the first question, which was "the artistic ingredient." I first sewed around the outside of the square, then sewed horizontal lines above and below the information I created on my computer and printed on my handmade paper. As you can see, I only placed the beeswax over the words to the answer, and left the rest of the handmade paper as I made it. If I had to do it again, I believe I would use something other than beeswax to add color and interest.

You can see I used variegated brown thread on the back side and a deep green on the front. Once again, I am just thrilled to be a part of this call for artwork!

Since I saved this post in my offsite storage prior to Blogger's changed format, I could not change the size from "original" to something smaller.  So please click on any photo to see it in its entirety.


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voodoo vixen said...

My dear E, so lovely to see your art in print and I think you are one of the few arty types that don't spend your life in the studio... you are always out and about and showing us interesting stuff from your area.

Lisa Graham Art said...

Love the stitch work here Elizabeth...something about stitching on paper.

I have that book and did not realize you were in it...I comb through it every now and how wonderful.

I was stopping by also to wish you a Merry Christmas! Perhaps we WILL meet in 2013 since we live in the same city. So glad we met here.

Corrine at said...

Most Merry Christmas to you and Bleubeard. Enjoy your holidays and love seeing you in Seth's book. xox

Julia Dunnit said...

Wow! print...of course! love your answer and the handmade paper. As always, it's lovely to visit and learn.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Wonderful answer to the question! I always enjoy seeing your art and learning about your process.

see you there! said...

Great to see that you are included in this. The piece you made is very interesting and reflects how you work.


Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

How wonderful is that! have finally finished all my wrapping and have time to drop by for a visit which i have not done for weeks! A blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones. May you have the choicest gifts of the season- love, joy, hope and peace beyond understanding. Patsy from

Rita said...

You bring the real world into your studio!
Merry Christmas to you and Bluebeard! :)