Thursday, November 29, 2012

A time to build up (boxes, that is)

Once again, I want to begin by pointing out, I still cannot see any links, including AEDM or the one I created recently, and that I cannot leave comments on any blog with embedded text.  To see what I mean by "embedded,"  simply scroll to the end of this post and go from there!    I'm tired of saying it, too, but I intend to leave this message on every blog post until Blogger does something about this problem, which seems to have affected a few other bloggers, as well.  

It has taken me two days, but I've finally got a handle on sorting the fabric I showed in yesterday's post.  Of course, after the sorting came the careful folding.  I didn't want the fabric to get even more wrinkled if I could help it.  And folding it seemed the best way to place it in these boxes, because many of the pieces were too small to roll (much like the fabric stores do when they have clearance bits left from the end of a bolt).

Since I had no plastic containers, but a few flat rate boxes of various sizes left over from my days of mailing gifts, I pulled these out of my basement studio storage and found a decent use for them.  After all, with postage prices so high, I can't afford to mail flat rate anymore.  Even though I feel bad having to use these boxes in this way, it was the only logical choice I could find.

I realize this is NOT the ideal way to store these small pieces of fabric, but it's the only way I have until I can afford to buy plastic lidded containers, which for me would be ideal.  Until then, I will used this system, cumbersome as it may be.

Originally I was going to fold this fabric I've purchased over the past two years from clearances at JoAnn's, a big box craft and fabric store in the US, as well as the sack of folded sheets.  In fact, you can see I started to do that with the sheets, but decided it was too much of a hassle, and would only wrinkle the fabric further.  Regrettably, that's when I decided to leave them as they were.  Again, not ideal, but possibly functional, at least until I can find a better solution.

I had more fusible webbing than I realized, so put it together and placed it in a bag.  I also had some stiff pellon and found the ideal place for it, too (between the two locked bookcases).

Of course, I still had to deal with my hand dyed or hand painted fabric.  It had taken on a life of its own, too.

It was time to sort (and fold) it by cool or warm colors.

For some reason I thought I had more cool colors, since I've been working with and dyeing blue sheets for some time lately.  However, I had so much warm fabric, I needed an extra box.

Again, not ideal, but at least I can find everything.

As for the extra box of warm hand dyed?  It went in the only spot I could find: next to the white fabric.  And the nice thing is, I got rid of all those extra stored boxes that were taking space in my studio and didn't spend any money (just time) on this project.  An added bonus is, I am no longer ashamed to walk past this area, or bring my guests to my basement studio.

Today is November 29th and Day 30 of AEDM.  Tomorrow will be the final day.  I feel bad about not being able to link with AEDM.  I've missed SO much and feel so frustrated, too.  There were several people I knew I could visit every day because I could leave comments.  I wish I could have kept that communication open.  Because I can no longer leave a daily AEDM link, the only way I have to keep visiting these new found artists is if they leave me a comment.  Then I can return the courtesy.

8 thoughtful remarks:

KatzElbows said...

I am amazed at all you've done. Just incredible. And a great use of those boxes. Well done. If only I found it inspiring and sorted my own stuff out!

Corrine at said...

Great re use solution for those boxes....Nice big tags you can see(great for those of us with) That was alot of work. I have to do the same. It does feel so good to e organized though. xox

elle said...

Sounds like a satisfying couple of days!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Great organizing job! Sorting, marking and storing the fabric took time, but the end result is rewarding, and you came across some extra pellon and fusibles!

Susan said...

Looks beautifully organized! Did the organizing inspire you? I always have the best ideas organizing my stuf :)
I'm about to have a giveaway on my blog I think you would really like.

Love Susan

BJ said...

A time for comments! LOL Way to go on the sorting, well done.

I have rubbed some gold paste onto my book cover and sealed with Glue'n'seal (think I used that for my niche??). It is the gloss version so it is all shiny now and not so much like "mud" as DS put it! Some of the gold spread over the letters and toned/aged them a tad. I'm really pleased and will show it on my desk on Wednesday.

Thanks for your comments on my journal, it sure has been an epic journey for me this month. I'll be twiddling my thumbs in December - NOT! BJ

Rita said...

I think that is a great way to store all that fabric! It's a wonderful recycling idea. One day you can get some plastic bins with lids, but this works great. You might decide to leave them like this. :)

Feels so good to get things sorted and organized. I could almost feel it from over here. Ahhh! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

paulaexuk said...

Recycling and repurposing is a hit with me. Well done Elizabeth. I do keep popping ing to see how you are doing. Still working on my cover, thanks once again for the Altered Book course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and when finished I will have a coffee table book for Christmas. Off to catch up with your other posts. Happy Christmas