Sunday, November 4, 2012

A time to be hungry for food, architecture, and art

Since many of the same people will visit each day from AEDM, I'm starting a new series I'm calling "A time  .  .  .  ."

My friend and neighbor Sally and I visited several restaurants last month.  Rather than take you along at the time, I decided to wait to show all of them at once.  It seemed better than showing them one at a time, especially whenever I failed to get photos, even though I took my camera with me everywhere. 

I managed to get an outside shot of La Galette, a fantastic cafe and bakery with pastries to die for.  Unfortunately, I failed to get any inside shots, possibly because it was evening when we went, and a lunch crowd is always less formal.

At another time, on our way to Old Town, a refurbished area in the middle of our city, we drove by some lovely old buildings

and some not-so-lovely ones.

Of course, shooting photos through a dirty windshield was a challenge, as was

trying to keep the rear-view mirror

and the side door out of the shot.  Not everything can be cropped.

When we got to Old Town, I am always impressed by the remnants of the old buildings that mix with the new signage.

And then there is the art that is peppered around the area.  This one took me by surprise.  I saw the plaque and

simply had to take a photo of it.  I think I can read "Nautilus" and can read "Seashell" in the top and "Sculpture Walkabout" below, but can't make out the word on the next line, although it could possibly say "Donors," with the names of the donors below.  I left this extremely large so maybe you can make it out.  Please click on the photo for a very large view.

Our destination on this hot October afternoon around mid month was Heroes, a sports bar and grill in the middle of Old Town.  I had never been, but Sally had.

Once inside, you can see how lousy the lighting was.  It was quite dark because of all the televisions on the walls.  Everywhere you looked there was a TV showing various sports programs.

Sally, sitting across from me, was awash in the red glow of the bar.

Even the baseball picture under glass which sat above our table was eerie as it picked up the background images.

Around the third week of the month, Sally and I returned to Byblos, the Lebanese restaurant we visited not too many weeks before.

This time, instead of a full blown meal, we chose sandwiches.  Mine was vegetarian, Sally's was a Gyro.  Anything I eat there is delicious.

Later in the month, we went to another Sports Bar (and Grill).  I knew better than to take photos inside, because it was too dark.  I had already learned my lesson at Heros.

Our final stop last month was at a Mexican restaurant, where the only thing on the menu was the buffet.

I love this place where everything is completely authentic right down to the cilantro infused salsa and corn husk wrapped tamales stuffed with chicken.

I hope you enjoyed the trip down last month's memory lane, where food, architecture, and art was enjoyed as we were out and about.

I'm also sharing this with AEDM, Day 5.  One thing I've learned about AEDM is you don't have to make a complete art project every day, you just have to do something.  I realized several weeks ago that it takes a LONG time to create a blog post, especially one as heavily photo laden as mine.  So I don't feel this is cheating, since I spent a lot of time removing these photos from my camera, loading them onto Blogger, then writing the post.  To me, this is also a form of art, even though the photos are very low resolution.

What experiences have you enjoyed over the past month?  Did you see great architecture, sculpture, art, or eat great food?  Feel free to share.  I won't feel so glutinous!

13 thoughtful remarks:

WrightStuff said...

Gosh you made me hungry!! I love that sculpture - you should draw it ;)

Corrine at said...

The tour of parts of your town was great and the peeks inside some of your adventures in eating. I did really enjoy the signage on the old buildings...xox

see you there! said...

Always fun to tour a town. I especially liked the old buildings. I only managed to go out to eat twice last month but enjoyed both times.


Halle said...

Fun site seeing tour along. Love that old stone church. Makes me think of my old church.

Lisa Graham Art said...

I was out with my mom yesterday at Botanica and then we went for a drive around Riverside near Oak Park. We live in a beautiful city. I don't care what they say about Wichita. I LOVE Lagalette! Years ago I worked at a doctor's office and every birthday we got to choose what we wanted...I always chose Lagalett's quiche for lunch. YUM!!!!

Margaret said...

I love that you took us about town with you, great pics, looks like you gals had a fun time. Mx

Hilary Johnson said...

There's no such thing at "cheating" when it comes to art. ;)

When I saw the sculpture, the first thing that popped in my mind was "rolly poley" ... what we call woodlice.

JoZart said...

I enjoyed my gourmet tour... all so different to our restaurants and buildings too. Shame I didn't get a taste of anything at all!
Jo x

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I love looking at photos of other places. Like you, I do love the old architecture. A sports bar opened up in town last week and a friend and I went to try it out yesterday and they had ran out of food! Maybe next time we go they'll have some! tee hee

Oh, I do love me some cilantro. I even add it to my salads!


dandelion dreamer said... are so right.... It all takes so much time so it certainly does count!

~*~Patty S said...

I totally agree about blogging being creative, not only does it take time, it takes lots of thought and more!

You sure do get around.

I often think of cooking a nice meal as being creative too...all parts of our daily life can be artful I believe :)

You have me hungry for tamales!

See you for tea tomorrow E

qrops said...

nice pics

Anonymous said...

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