Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween tea

I want to begin by saying how hopeful I am that all my blog friends are safe, although many live on or near the east coast.  I have been glued to the weather and news channels all night, watching as reports come in on this disaster.  Please take care, because you all mean so much to me.

I still cannot leave comments on blogs that have embedded comments and my blog is still not working properly (please see my previous post).  I am SO frustrated because I tried to leave Pat (Ooglebloops) a comment on her awesome tea post from last Tuesday when I was able to get back online at the end of last week.  I also noticed (from Pat's commenters) that Jean (Bluebirds Living in the Meadow) had also joined Tea Tuesday, but even as I copied her link again this morning, her blog would not load in my browser.  I hope someone who sees this post today will let these two wonderful artists know I keep trying to visit and leave comments, but to no avail.  Their blogs open in a new window, so you won't have to leave mine if you decide to leave them a message telling them I tried!

Now that the housekeeping duties are out of the way, please join me for Halloween Tea.

It's beginning to look a lot like  .  .  .  WAIT!  It's not time for Christmas, but it IS nearly Halloween!  I'm getting ready for it, too.  I used to decorate my entire house for Halloween, but those days have fallen by the wayside, so now the decorations are relegated to a few candles and my tray of goodies I'll be handing out tomorrow night.  I don't anticipate too many children, although there are a few who have moved into the neighborhood.  You can never be too prepared.  I usually pass out pencils, but took the easy route this year and will be handing out the gooey, chocolatey Tootsie Pops you see before you.

My tea this morning is English Breakfast from Crabtree and Evelyn, London.  Nobody makes a better English Breakfast Tea than the British.  Of course, I feel like I should be drinking it with a bit of cream.  I would like to add that Bleubeard is quite jealous, because he thinks I favor the black cat over him.  Little does he realize, I may burn that black cat tomorrow night!!

How do you plan to celebrate Halloween?  I hope it includes your favorite drink.  So come join my Tea Tuesday friends and me, if you like. Even if I can't leave you a comment, I'll visit and join you while you're enjoying your favorite drink.

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~*~Patty S said...

Happy Halloween Tea to you Elizabeth...sorry you are still having problems, that is just so frustrating.

Thank you for your concern and good wishes

Here in Northern VA (just outside of Wash DC) we fared pretty well... the doomsday weather predictions had everyone VERY tense and worried... luckily that turned out to be the worst part of the storm for many of us in this area...we are wet but did not blow away... very sad for so many north of us that are suffering and will be for some time

Hope you get some fun trick n treaters at your door...we don't have all that many usually

take care and Happy Tea on Tuesday

Dorothy said...

Hi there, Elizabeth, thanks for the tea! Have a Happy Halloween, ~Dorothy~

sandee said...

I used to always carve a pumpkin, but this year I hadn't the desire, partly 'cause we don't get any trick or treaters! It's just not as much fun, so I stuck with Fall decorations instead :) Hope your computer problems clear up faster than they will be on the East coast, 'cause they got slammed! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Rita said...

I don't decorate, either. Not since Dagan was little (he'll be 38 on Friday--lol!). I had Tootsie Pops for candy, too, this year! Although I often get no kids at all and the most I've ever had was maybe seven, I still don't want to be empty handed if any kids do come. Enjoy!

donnalouiserodgers said...

Annette send me some awesome teabags that Must Be Shared, so I might join the tribe for tea next Tuesday,

Now I am a busy woman in terms of transatlantic calls ( i'm usually at the hospital during those hours that it would be reasonable to call each other) - but I could volunteer my son to assist you with your blog - he sorted out a USA chaps web site last week - if you want help please let us know and we will arrange a Skype session for you...no point struggling if you can take help...dxxxx

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

My decorations get a little less and less each year. I can still always say; "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!" though! Have fun handing out your treats!

see you there! said...

Like others, I have a few Fall decorations out but nothing specific to Halloween. I do like English Breakfast Tea but haven't had that brand. Something to look for when.

Hope your Halloween is great and that the "goblins" leave your computer.


Dianne said...

Indeed, the Halloween decor did not come out this year at our house either. Though for me I think it was the aftermath of the wedding, and a bit of a letdown from said event! No vintage pumpkins and kitties this year. Just scattered bouquets of silk flowers and vintage bottles from the wedding.

Now why would Bluebeard be jealous...he is so much more handsome than the littler cat! but I do adore vintage style Halloween decorations! Hope your computer problems are improving soon...your post looks fine to me but don't know what YOU see...enjoy the tea my dear, and hope you stay warm and dry!!

Halle said...

Happy T-day...a day late!