Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week in PREview

I usually show a week in REview, but I took a bit of time off this week, and now must catch up if I want to meet deadlines. I don't mind self imposed deadlines, but required deadlines are nerve-wracking. I don't know how people on design teams make it. I remember when I was a UHU Gluer, we had to make something once a month. It usually involved using something I didn't have, so of course, I spent as much time improvising as I did working on the actual project. I was sorry when they discontinued that program with no notice, but ultimately relieved to see it end. However, these types of deadlines can kill creativity, and after my button tutorial, I felt I needed a much deserved rest.

With temperatures a bit cooler (low to mid 90sF/33-34C rather than triple digits of 106ishF/39-40C), I took a stay-cation day and visited The Kansas African American Museum. I will show those photos later in the week.

I knew I should make at least one more spread in my Windows and Doors section of my altered book, too.

Here are the supplies I used clockwise for back left:
Craft paint
Cardboard tube (didn't use)
Punchinella (sequin waste, also didn't use)
Old gift card
Sea sponge (didn't use)
Handmade rubber stamps
12 X 12 inch white scrapbook paper (5 sheets)

I began by globing (yes, that's a word in my book) craft paint on one page. The idea was to apply paint blobs in two colors in rough triangles.

However, I globed so much paint on the first page, I ended up with three sheets in the same two colors before I had used all the paint. I laid them on my rather dirty anti-static mats on the floor and proceeded to make the final two in very similar colors. Of course, I had to wait until they dried, then I glued them to four pages: the back of page 1, the front of page 2, the back of page 3, and the front of page 4.

When dry, I cut a window from pages 2 and 3 using (don't fall over in a dead faint) a craft knife, self-healing mat, and ruler. You are looking at the back of page 2 above. When both windows had been cut, I inserted a piece of plastic and glued pages 2 and 3 together.

While the pages were once again drying, I sewed a slot in a piece of translucent fabric that I planned to turn into a curtain that can be pulled back.

However, as you can see, this is as far as I got. Look for this spread to hopefully be finished by sometime tomorrow. I didn't realize it was going to take so long for everything to dry this week.

I also hope to finish this quiltlet sometime this week. It's not going as well, or as quickly as I had hoped! You can see I have a long way to go.

I hope this PREview will have you coming back for more this week. I sincerely hope your week is stress-free and art filled. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to add your zipper lesson at last week's Linky. Now I'm off to bed because I have been up all night.


16 thoughtful remarks:

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Cutting with a craft knife... AND is that stamping I see, too? My, my between that and your weather, no wonder you needed a stay-cation day! (Smiling) Thank you for sharing about your difficulty in gripping--I would agree the pain and being out of commission for days is just not worth it. Especially, when you are so adept with other techniques.

I'll be looking forward to seeing some photos from the museum and, of course, seeing your quiltlet & window spread when finished. I have an idea for my window--just have to see if I can accomplish it!

Julia Dunnit said...

Loving the preview idea......I can't contribute to it because I have no idea what the week holds forme art wise. Wait...yep, I predict procrastination!
Love the step photos as usual, the paint colours are really nice, I who need if lower temps mean higher humidity and longer drying times? The curtain in the window is a genius idea!

Marlynn said...

Happy Sunday Elizabeth - your thoughtful notes to me on the staging are great! I am tossing those things that are dried up. Larcy and Oliver just stopped by to pick up the Quick Kutz letters and some other stuff that she wanted. You are so right about making sure the school wants them and use them. As usual you are my coach and mentor in all things craft organizing. You are looking at photos of the "good" areas and from your original coaching with me on Like things with Like things. I still have my adhesives all together and think of you when I get into these moods. Have a great rest of your Sunday.

Corrine at said...

Nice globings of paint. Glad you had a bit of time to relax and that it is not soooooo hot. Looking forward to you views of the museum. xox

~*~Patty S said...

Having a stress free and art filled week sounds just perfect to me ... thank you very much :)

Thanks also for sharing what you've been up...Your color choices of purple and green are fab together!

Here's wishing you a happy new art week E!

Carolyn Dube said...

My heart goes out to you about getting things to dry. I have no patience for that and it is so humid here it seems to take forever and a day. Hope this week is more relaxing for you!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

You have some interesting stuff going on there! Who would have thought of windows with curtains...can hardly wait to see the finished produce. Looks pretty darn clever.

sandee said...

Love those technical terms, globbing, you're mine kinda woman! lol waving hi from the white sandy beaches of Florida ;0

Dianne said...

Curtains for the window in your clever!love it. looking forward to seeing the conclusion. Hope your stay-cation was pleasant and cool!

Rita said...

Glad it has cooled a bit for you. It's cooled down quite a bit here the past week or so. I always love to see what you are creating. :)

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Wow! ~ despite the heat you have been very creative ~ love it all ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Monica said...

You certainly stay busy and you are right about deadlines killing creativity.

Halle said...

The curtain is such a great idea. I love the texture fabric adds in an altered book.

Mar said...

i am glad you have been staying busy while i was off of blog...and creative as ever i i bluebeard?

see you there! said...

A window with a curtain, now that is something different. Great idea. Glad to hear it cooled down a bit for you.


bohemiannie! art said...

I love the work in progress photos...and think your window curtain is going to be WAY cool when it's done.