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Lesson 14: Zippers

I realize this post should have been scheduled for August 5, but I am busy working on a project. That doesn't mean I won't be checking in to visit your homework, it just means I have to use the zipper tutorial I created for my Hands AB because I have no time to create a new tutorial, even though I have my zipper ready to go in my Houses Techniques AB. I've also never made windows and doors, which was the scheduled lesson, so that lesson will be the first ever of that subject. Now that's out of the way, lets get started!

Supplies clockwise from lower left:
Red liner or strong double sided tape that has protective covering (don't use the Scotch brand on a plastic dispenser because it isn't strong enough)
Your AB with 5 consecutive pages
Glue of your choice (I suggest glue stick)
Self healing mat
X-acto or Fiskars cutting tool

I realize some of you may not have enough pages left in your book to complete this project, but I hope you will find a way to participate, anyway. After all, many of you have surprised me with your ingenuity this far.

Glue pages 4 and 5 together and pages 2 and 3 together.

You will now have two consecutive sets of two glued pages.

Align your zipper where you want it. You may choose to use a smaller zipper and place one edge next to the spine. Mine was recycled and way too long for that, so I went with what I had, something you know I encourage you to do, too. As you can see, mine travels the complete length of the book page.

Using a pencil, mark where you want your zipper to go on the front of pages 2 and 3 .

Turn the page and place a similar mark on the back of pages 2 and 3 and the front of pages 4 and 5 as I have shown.

This is an optional step, but I did this in case I wanted to cut from the back, and to have a better idea of where to position my images on page 4. You'll see I took a lot of optional steps with this technique, but only because I had never done it before.

Don't place a mark on the top of page 4, but a tiny dot, since it might show in your completed work. Follow my finger to see where I placed the marks.

Decorate the front of page 4 covering wherever you think your zipper will show the decorations. I suggest you don't use any 3-D embellishment, as it will create too much bulk behind the zipper. Collage papers, stickers, images that represent your theme, or rub-ons are acceptable.

On the front of page 2, mark two parallel lines where the zipper will go. This will help when you decorate the pages.

Be sure your lines are about 1/4" apart to provide room for the zipper teeth.

Decorate pages 1 and 2 according to your theme.

Place your cutting mat in front of page 4 and behind page 2-3. If you don't have a cutting mat, use a piece of heavy corrugated cardboard.

Position your zipper where you want it to sit on the page and lightly mark lines perpendicular to the teeth at the top and bottom of the zipper. Not sure you can see my marks because I used the same color pen as the thread remnants where I removed the zipper. Again, this is optional, but it will save you from guessing where to place the lines.

Using a metal ruler with a cork backing (for safety), cut a strip for your zipper. Yes, that is one of my ugly deformed hands and it doesn't grip much of anything.

I left this sliver intact so you could see how I cut the strip. You will want to cut your piece all the way. This is for demo purposes only.

Another optional step is to fit the zipper into the groove you have just cut. This way if it isn't wide enough, you will know before you glue anything down. In case you noticed, those were cat scratches all over my hand. Some days he is not the Bleubeard ANYone would want.

Place a strip of red liner or Terrifically Tacky or your favorite heavy duty double sided tape on either side of the cut on the back side of page 2-3.

Peel the protective covering away from one side only.

Position the zipper in the groove and press firmly to adhere the tape.

Your zipper will now be glued on one side. Please be aware I have turned the book upside down in this photo.

Repeat for the second side.

Press on both sides, following the teeth downward. Now your zipper should be in place.

Unzip the zipper to make sure everything works properly.

Before going further, now is the time to decorate behind your zipper, covering the mechanism. I didn't do that, so learned after the fact I had to work around it. However, if there is a chance your zipper will show (and it more than likely will), you really should do that now.

Now that your zipper is in place and working properly, and you have covered the zipper mechanism (NOT SHOWN because I must like to do things the hard way), it is time to connect the pages together. Place a piece of tape on the TOP AND BOTTOM of the page IF YOUR ZIPPER IS HORIZONTAL ON THE PAGE. Place a piece of tape at the SIDE AND BOTTOM of the page if your zipper is VERTICAL ON THE PAGE like mine.

Remove the protective covering from the tape.

You can see where I placed the glue strips (tape) for my zipper's orientation.

Bring the top page over to the bottom page. This will help the two pages line up better.

Now adhere the bottom edge.

If you decorated the back side of your zipper, your page is now ready. However, after I opened the page, I realized I should have decorated the back side of page 3, so the zipper wouldn't show. It will be much harder for me to do that now, but I knew I had to do just that before I could call this a finished spread.

Here is my completed spread with the zipper closed. It looks quite decent. However, upon opening the page, I quickly learned the mechanics of the zipper showed.

As you can see, I have added some of my handmade paper to cover much of the ugly mechanics of the zipper, as well as some wallpaper to the edges of the image in the background. I should have done this before I glued the two pages together, because it was nearly impossible to do it after the pages were together.

Here you can see I placed the wallpaper on both sides of the image and behind the left side of the zipper. It's nearly impossible to open a zipper and photograph it with one hand. However, I hope you enjoy the process and don't make all the mistakes I did.

Homework (always optional, but fun to play along):
Feel free to post ANY previous assignments here. If you are showing any assignment prior to Lesson 12 (folded pages/pockets), please add the lesson number after your name.

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...the yorkshire fox... said...

...great tutorial Elizabeth, what a super way to add texture & definition to your journal pages...Mel :)
Sometimes we forget how ruddy sharp cats claws are until they are scoring through our skin, then 2 minutes later we give them a hug...wishing you a super day with Bleubeard...xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Oh fantastic, what a brilliant idea :-)
Anne x

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea, how cool is this. And YOU make it look so simple....thanks so much!! xox

Unknown said...

what a great tutorial.if i only had the patience!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Wow! That's such a cool technique, especially with the way in which you highlighted it with the little hand pulling the zipper. Blessings!

fairyrocks said...

Wow what a wonderful extensive tutorial. Beautifully done. Thanks so much for sharing. I have replaced zippers on clothing...wonder if I could do that with double sided tape...Hmmmm LOL

Monica said...

Can you put a picture of it finished at the start of your post? As a visual person i can usually work it all out if i see the finished thing first. Very interesting idea.

Dianne said...

an amazing technique! I have never seen this one cool, a great peek-a-boo sort of interactive experience. (I really like how you positioned the hand image to appear ready to manipulate the zipper)great tutorial, as always!

Crafty Loops said...

This is amazing, what a fabulous idea. Lee x

gina said...

Wow! And I thought putting a zipper in a skirt was complicated! This is amazing -- love the results!

SandeeNC said...

wow, totally amazing, and overwhelming, lol But I LOVE how it looks and the thought behind it! Will have to try this technique on a LO! waving hi..yadda yadda

BJ said...

Oh MY - where do the weeks go???? Wasn't expecting ANYTHING this week and find Lesson 14 - (queue - mysterious mysic) Must search out a zip now - BJ

Craftymoose Crafts said...

The zipper page is really dramatic! Thank you for another excellent & easy to understand tutorial. I have my zipper...thinking on the subject.

BJ said...

Finally my internet/router decided to work so managed to write page and post the link. Had to show you I'd actually done the homework this week - LOL BJ - now thinking ZIPS................

BJ said...

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your comment, I did think it was a great suggestion BUT impetuous as I am, having weighed up what themes I had left to the pages available, I just stuck the required number of pages together and went ahead and did the zip etc. My main reason for doing so was that my pages seem a little brittle and when I did the folded page I managed to score a tear in the spine part of the page (real reason for tape - LOL) so I didn't want that happening again. I did end up using some of my scrap papers for decoration and methinks I have made the zip page too THICK! It is very difficult to open it up to look inside. (but still possible). Let's just say I have been getting very Christmasy with this homework :) I think you'll like it. Will probably pop on blog tomorrow (but I won't link 'till next lesson). BJ

Dawn said...

Hi Elizabeth, hope you and Bleubeard are well? I have popped lesson 12 on now. Ha ha what fun I had, hope you like it.
Big hugs x

donnalouiserodgers said...

i just did lesson 9, but will catch up at some
point, linked anyway... dxxx

donnalouiserodgers said...

aw sorry didn't put 9 after my name - sorry

TwinkleToes2day said...

This is one of the most amazing craft things I've ever seen. It's not something that would ever have occurred to me to even think of! You have an incredibly inventive mind :0)

Dawn said...

Hi Elizabeth, I have just popped on my colour wheel pages for you. I was determined to do one, and eventually found time a couple of weeks ago but then went and forgot to put it on here!! Have just been prepping my book for my zip pages and found the wheel again when flicking through!

Big hugs and hope you and Bleubeard are well? x x x x
p.s may I risk being rude and ask you what ails your hands and wrists? Whatever it is it looks painful and awkward my lovely.

paulaexuk said...

Hello Elizabeth, sorry not been around for a while and I see I am 4 gasp yes 4 lessons behind. I hope to be able to do some catching up next week, be patient with me :-)

paulaexuk said...

Back again, posted my "Frames" very late and now on to lesson 11