Wednesday, July 11, 2012

APR: Altered recipes

This week the Artist's Play Room with Jenn at Just Add Water, Silly asked us for

altered recipes. Little did Jenn realize what she was getting into. Back at Christmas in 2008, I received a small handmade art journal from my dear friend Halle. It didn't take long until I started filling it with altered recipes, something I had wanted to make for a long time.

Allow me to explain that I have shown all these photos previously over about a year's time from late 2008 through nearly all of 2009. Since most people who visit my blog today have never seen them, I decided to pull them out of mothballs and show them again. Because I took them from my blog, the images were quite small. I found when I enlarged them, they were huge. So, I've shown both a small and a large image, since Jenn would probably like recipes everyone can read. Of course, some of them were not meant to be read anyway, because I took recipes from magazines or images that spoke to the nature of an altered recipe book. For your enjoyment, here is my APR entry this week. You will need to click once on the large photo to see it in its entirety in a new window. Edit: I would like to add these were taken using my former scanner.

I began this book with a hand written recipe, over which I added a tape transfer and a tiny wooden slotted spoon. I hate my handwriting, so was glad I could cover most of it.

I realize this is not a recipe, but it was a two page spread I loved in the book. The stoves are tape transfers, the words are from various book pages, and the girls are from Paper Whimsey.

I can't draw, so all you real sketch artists, please don't laugh. I drew the big top over the recipe I found on the internet and printed in pink. I added an elephant from my stash for decoration.

I found this image and recipe in a magazine on drinks and had to use it. With the image enlarged, you can tell the image was from a magazine.

Another one of those spreads I made to create a bit of whimsey and humor. I felt it went well in the book. All images are from various magazines.

Again, no recipe, but I used old recipes I cut in squares and edged with various ink pads.

I suspect you are wondering why I called this an altered recipe book. Again, a bit of whimsey, since I attached an old seed packet after I stamped (yes, STAMPED) the background.

Ah! A real recipe. But it looks more like a page in a scrapbook than it does in an altered art book. I used the layering technique scrapbookers use as well as a wooden spoon used in scrapbooks. To my credit, I spent a lot of time trying to make the spoon look old and well used, like most of my wooden spoons.

When a friend learned I was making an altered recipe book, old culinary type books appeared on my doorstep. Since I love, love, love Flan, I couldn't help but make this two page spread, especially after I found those cute custard cups in the scrapbook section of Michael's.

I realize these are only a few of the many pages I made in this book, but I thought that was enough for the challenge. If you want to see more, do a page search for "altered recipes." And thanks for sticking with me through this walk down memory lane.


22 thoughtful remarks:

Dianne said...

These are all very cool! I like the Asian one best!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

You're making me hungry! Clever theme and beautifully executed AB.

see you there! said...

Looks like this challenge was just made for you. What a wealth of inspiration you provided this morning.


Terrie Purkey said...

You're right - lots of your newer readers (me) wouldn't have seen this AB - and it's FAB! I know you have a lot, but I'm continually surprised at the range of themes. I like how creatively you blend actual recipe pages with your signature whimsical pages.....all are really SO cool. I better get busy thinking about my entry - as soon as the snotty fog clears from my head!

Carol said...

They look great!!! A fun way to do a recipe book for a newly wed too.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I'm so glad you decided to bring back this altered recipe book so us newbies to your blog could enjoy it!

I have a lot of those pages in my AB that look more like scrapbook pages, too. I'm not even a scrapbooker! I'm trying not to, I really am!

Rita said...

OMGoodness! These are just so you!! They're really great. :)

TwinkleToes2day said...

This is awesome!! :0)

Halle said...

So fun to see this book again!

minnemie said...

These are delightful! The custard cups are my favorite:-)

Rita said...

Yes, ma'am! You most certainly can!! ;)

~*~Patty S said...

your recipe book is really wonderful with such great details E!
you're making me hungry too!
p.s. Halle gives the nicest gifts!

Alice said...

these are wonderful! thanks for sharing them with us. now to go search "altered recipes" :)

Pam McKnight said...

thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments! Thanks for the tutorial- something I have not tried. Love your altered recipe book!

sandee said...

Loving your altered recipe book, forst time I have ever seen one! You are just too cool for words Elizabeth! :) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Healing Woman said...

I've been wanting to make an art recipe book to give to my children. I see lots of things I'd like to try after reading your post. I've never used tape transfers and the first one with the tiny wooden spoon is great looking. Loved the tiny souffle cups on the last one as well. Since you've added vintage pictures and pictures from magazines, this will be a treasure for anyone who receives it..a real heirloom!

Gloria said...

Ha! I think that is a really neat book, and you did a lot of work! My favorite pages are Lucy serving Ricky and that fancy menu and then on the next page she is opening a TV dinner!

Tracey Fletcher King said...

wow this is amazing... I loved every minute of reading this and spent ages poring over the images... wonderful...xx

Serena Lewis said...

A great selection of recipes! I think the penne one would be my favourite. The cotton candy would be great too though I'd probably mess it up big time. Here in Australia, cotton candy is called 'fairy floss'. :)

Neesie said...

A brilliant collection Elizabeth...fantastic feast for both the eyes and the tum. ;D
There's such a lot to take in both in the writing and pictures...really enjoyable.
And to think I'm going to post one recipe ~ I'm such a light weight!
Can I really start cooking at 11.54pm...hmm... :D

Jennifer McLean said...

all of these are wonderful, so visually stunning.

VonnyK said...

Wow, how good is that? You have put so much work into your altered recipes. That is just fabulous and so clever. Showing how to make cotton candy (or fairy floss as we call it) could be so dangerous. I can feel a sugar rush coming on!!!
Couldn't play this week but will be back next week.