Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sometimes it's about perspective

Last Sunday I showed the entrance to Exploration Place, where the Planetarium and gift store were located. I didn't take any photos of the gift shop, which I usually do. But there were so many places to visit, I truly had no time to stop and shop. From this side of the scaled model, you can see the entrance at the front left. The building that has concave sides and is to the front left in the above scaled model is the Planetarium and science center. By walking along the Planetarium, you reach the covered walkway and bridge

that takes you to the next set of buildings, which also charges admission.

This is the front (which I have shown before) that houses the Planetarium and the entrance. The covered walkway and bridge connects to the entrance.

Here you can see the covered walkway and bridge which can easily be seen in the second scaled model above.

There are several round and angular buildings, each of which holds different types of exhibits. The glass buildings (enclosures) are areas that take you from one set of exhibits to the next.

According to the Exploration Place web site:

Discover Exploration Place as you experience your world in a whole new and fun way on this 20-acre site, located along the scenic Arkansas River, in Wichita’s downtown Museums on the River district.

Experience four hands-on exhibit areas designed for all ages that focus on flight, Kansas, medieval life in a three-story castle, and imaginative spaces for young children.

In the Boeing Dome Theater and Planetarium, travel to faraway destinations and embark upon unforgettable adventures in the state’s largest digital dome space planetarium.

Take a breather in the great outdoors at Exploration Park’s picnic grove and adventure play yard. And finally, test your putting skills during the summer at the 18-hole, unconventional MiniGolf course. Other amenities include free parking, Explore Store, Grab ‘n’ Go Snack Bar and Terrace, and family restrooms.

Look out the windows on the covered walkway from one direction and you will see various buildings, the unenclosed bridge (see scaled model 2) and the downtown skyline.

From the opposite side are more round buildings, a statue and the reflecting pool. If you look just right, you might even see the miniature golf course, which charges yet another fee!

I didn't get a map, so it was quite confusing until I went through my photos as well as Exploration Place's web site, and put it all in perspective. This overhead view is from Exploration Place's web site. You are seeing the museum from the river, and the entrance to the museum is in the upper right center. I hope this helps when you see my Silent Sunday photos, too.

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Little Messy Missy said...

That looks like a beautiful place!

kimmie said...

That is beautiful architecture. What a fun place to wander about. It looks like you had a beautiful day too!

voodoo vixen said...

What a fabulous place to be able visit whenever you want... bet you find something new each time you go!!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Nice addition to your city! I'm sure it attracts many visitors and residents.

Dianne said...

innovative architecture...looks like a fascinating place. I get turned around in places like that so easily. I usually ask for a map first thing, or else I get lost! glad you shared these photos.

Halle said...

What an interesting place!! We love museums. I'm sure once winter takes full hold of us, we'll be visiting lots of our cultural centers again. Stay-cationing. :)

Julia Dunnit said...

It is a fascinating piece of architecture...Inside overlooking the water it must be like being on a boat. Lots of charges to pay - is this usual?

Marlynn said...

I too love the architecture. What a fantastic place to visit. Happy Thanksgiving a few days late! Hugs