Monday, August 8, 2011

A sneak peek

Here it is 08/08 no matter what country you are in. And it means August is in full swing as we continue in the dog days of summer (or winter as the case may be).

My friend Cath in Cyprus left a comment on my blog last week that she was trying to see if she could spot her round robin pages on my desk. Yes, a couple were in progress sitting in the basket behind me, but hidden by a piece of plastic. Other parts, embellishments to be exact, were purposely kept in a bag out of camera view. Since it's a long trip to Cyprus and Cath wants a sneak peek, and since I have no art started, made, or even contemplated, I offer this peek for your viewing pleasure.

I swear there is no green or purple in this sneak peek, but when I enlarged the scan, I got all kinds of pixels that read those colors. Sorry Cath, it's just yellow and black in the top and bottom scans, and a bit of orange accent in the middle image. Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek while I'm taking a much needed break from this heat and those still packed boxes in my basement.

9 thoughtful remarks:

Cath said...

Oh Oh Oh jumping up and down now........ just have to wait for the post.

The middle photo has me wondering!

I am so looking forward to these.


see you there! said...

That first bit in very interesting. There's a hint of green on my monitor but no purple. Hope you get heat relief soon.


~*~Patty S said...

sneaky pretty peeks those are!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

HI Elizabeth,, thanks for the sneak peeks. I've scrolled through a few of your posts and love the tree, it's stunning :-) Sorry to hear the weather has been so brutal in your part of the world. We're really lucky at the moment we've had lovely weather here in the north, better than they've had in the south which makes a change. We've had some rain in recent days but nothing to complain about. Hope it cools down soon and you're able to make some art.
Anne xx

voodoo vixen said...

That would be me and you both then... not having done anything!! LOL I managed to sit at my desk yesterday and have a play... nothing to do with the list of things I should be making, but then that's the way the mojo goes!! Hope things cool down a bit for you soon, it must be a nightmare trying to deal with that heat all the time... a bit like Saudi!!
Your sneak peaks look interesting... I spy a flutterby...

Sue said...

Hi hun
oh now they look interesting sneak peeks, look forward to finding out what they be, sue,x

priti.lisa said...

Hi Elizabeth! I am finally getting a visit in!
I have to say a special thank you for the museum pictures. I LOVE museums. My favorite thing to check out when I go somewhere new to me.

Halle said...

Interesting peeks. Looking forward to seeing the whole project.

amy said...

hi friend.
i wanted to let you know that i was here stalking through your tutorials :)

i enjoy your posts - i love the sneak peeks because when i come back and see the finished products i'm always all "wow!" about it.