Thursday, August 4, 2011

The lights are back on after the storm

Last night there was a storm. It rained cats and dogs. Lightening knocked out the electricity. Winds were clocked at greater than 80 miles per hour. The temperature never dropped below 90 degrees F. My neighbor parked his truck under my tree for protection. Good thing it's a sturdy tree.

The only damage I had was a few small limbs. My neighbor across the street lost a large tree limb.

My next door neighbor lost a small tree limb and had his lawn art blown around.

As I approached my neighbor Sally's house, I knew there was more damage than I could take in from the camera lens.

I looked back toward my house and saw more limbs that were down or hanging by a thread.

Sally's cars were both directly under her tree,

and this branch had done a lot of damage to both cars.

The wind was severe, too.

The worst problem was the roof and shattered windshield on this car.

You will probably have to click to enlarge the photo (which will show the entire shot) to see the shattered glass at the top of the windshield. You might be able to see the cracks that are in the glass, although the glare from the windshield made it difficult to see.

Sally's storm door broke from the winds, too.

I consider myself very lucky. All I lost was power for a few hours.

Sally and I picked up limbs and that large branch at her place.

Then I returned home and picked up my limbs, too. Now I am back on-line. What a day!

10 thoughtful remarks:

Dianne said...

So glad you are both ok, and that there wasn't more damage! and it won't be long until we are wishing it is warmer outside...take it easy during the clean-up!

Steph said...

that was one nasty storm, E...glad you are both safe...

Halle said...

Scary! Glad all is well at your house now.

nerllybird said...

You lost your LIMBS?? Oh my goodness! How brave of you to just go back like that and pick them up and.....Oh - TREES! Silly me....:P

No, seriously. It sounds extremely scary. Where we live there are woods opposite and many years ago one of the trees fell into the front garden of this house and blew out the door and some windows. I always worry that some extreme weather will bring another one down. Hope everything's fixed now and that your weather will be kinder. x

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

Wow, never below 90 that's just crazy! Hurricane force winds to boot. Glad you and Bluebeard are alright and weathered the storm.

Ohhh Snap said...

Glad you are okay and you have electricity again :D.

see you there! said...

Mother Nature had a little hissy fit is seems. Glad you are ok, sorry to see the damage to your neighbors.


voodoo vixen said...

You really get the lot where the weather is concerned E!! Obviously the winds didn't cool the place down either... glad you and your friends and the lovely Bleubeard are ok... you can always fix things... people are harder.

kimmie said...

Sheesh! Glad you're ok though!

Linda Manning Findley said...

so glad you did have bad damage and that no one was hurt ..... Linda F