Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sales and another 8th anniversary square

If you stopped by on Sunday you saw this image of a basket of goodies from the scrapbook store that is closing.

My friend Kathy loves to shop and most of the things in the basket actually belonged to her. In fact, her bill was over $80.00 and mine was about 10% of that. After the scrapbook store, we also went to JoAnns, where everything we bought was either 40% or 50% off. Between the two stores, my purchases added up to just over $12.00. And you would think from seeing all those boxes in my basement that I don't need anything else, but like many of you, I seem to buy things I don't necessarily need, but managed to justify.

In the back, from JoAnns, I got a small ball of wool yarn I'm going to dye using powdered drink mix. Also from JoAnns, were two spools of thread I thought I needed for my latest set of anniversary squares. Two rolls of Christmas ribbon for a quarter each from the scrapbook store, along with three distress reinkers, and three staz-on reinkers add to my dyeing fabric stash. The Tattered Angels tiles will be useful to use in place of texture plates under my Shiva Paint Stics which I hope to find soon. I also got the clear vellum at the scrapbook store, and the fabric on clearance at JoAnns. I needed some black card stock for my next color round robin partner. And since I've never seen black before, I thought it was a real bargain at JoAnns at 40% off retail.

Speaking of sales and bargains, I hit seven stores yesterday looking for shelves and shelving. I have a few more on my list, but the heat got too much for me, so I'll be back out there today with my measuring tape and sketches.

And because you deserve to see a bit of art along with my whining, here is my second set of 8th Anniversary squares. These took awhile to make, but most of the wait time was for the back side of these squares. You probably can't see it, but I colored the backgrounds with two colors of paint, then placed plastic wrap over the wet paint and waited at least two days for the paint to dry because of the humidity. Everything else was sewn in place, first using my new turquoise thread, then black thread when the turquoise kept breaking. After a few squares, I gave up and will use the turquoise thread in my bobbin from now on. Click to enlarge the anniversary squares.

I'm off to visit a few more places while it's still coolish. Our temps have been over 100 every day except one in July and it was the third hottest June since weather people started keeping records (sometime in the 1800s).

10 thoughtful remarks:

Ohhh Snap said...

I hope it cools down for you soon, perhaps the heat could go north instead of east :D.

Love those squares! And ooooooo those backgrounds! Good idea to use the turquoise thread for the bobbin.

I'm thinking I need to make some ice just in case. TFS!!

see you there! said...

Nothing like a sale to stock up, you never know what you are going to need.

I really like your squares, of course black and turquoise are a couple of my favorite colors.


Dianne said...

you spoil us with more than one set of squares! they are quite that you sewed them but I can understand how frustrating when thread keeps breaking...I do like the texture that the stitching creates, and the vintage images.try to stay cool today!

Terri Kahrs said...

So . . . . JoAnns' and the scrapbook store won out over shopping for shelves! LOL!!! A woman after my own heart!

Frankly, I think that the breaking black thread was serendipitous -- I LOVE that turquoise on your beautiful squares! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Marilyn Rock said...

Great purchases and your squares are wonderful. I love the one with the spiral staircase! It is REALLY hot in your camp! We're very warm and muggy. Cooling thoughts your way! xxoo

Halle said...

Love the stairway image and the color treatment you used.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Elizabeth, great stash and what a lot you got for your money :-)
2 fabulous pages.
I don't know how you manage with the heat, it's bad enough here when it's hot, it exhausts me
Anne xx

La Dolce Vita said...

oh, shelves and shelving on my mind too... hope you are coping in the heat?! xo

voodoo vixen said...

I won't moan about the heat we having then... you seem to have it a lot worse!! LOL I was like Goldilocks last night trying out all the beds trying to find the coolest one!! It wouldn't be so bad if the cats didn't keep joining me... they are like little hot water bottle kitties!
Love your squares, the colours are gorgeous and I always love the fact you manage to get the sewing machine involved.
If you could tell me the secret of going into a scrap shop and spending less than $10... Chris would love you forever and forever.... ;)

~*~Patty S said...

Love how you combine paint and fabric...these two squares are super and now you have me thinking about plastic wrap on paint! thanks as always for being so inspiring!

take care in the's been icky and dry here too...finally a little rain this afternoon