Thursday, April 14, 2011

A visit to Earth Month

It's time to revisit Earth Day/Week/Month efforts, as this month is nearly half over.

Last year I spent the entire month of April talking about Earth Day and what it means to me. I tried to make people aware that I am an environmentalist, but not a radical. The Earth Day movement, sometimes called the "International Hippie Holiday," turned 40 last year, and as more companies get on board with eco-conscious efforts, some people think it's all a scam. And for some companies, I agree.

Although I was not familiar with Odwalla brand, I learned they are making a single serving drink container using 96% to 100% plant based materials. And even though I've never heard of Odwalla, I have heard of Coca-Cola, their parent company, whose products are all still primarily petroleum based. And who needs plant based individual packaging as an only option, anyway?

One WalMart in China is giving away 40, 000 reusable bags during April. I'm not sure how much that really helps the rest of the 1.3 BILLION residents.

Dasani, another Coca-Cola owned company has just announced that their redesigned bottles will be made of up to 30% plant based materials. Supposedly, the new bottles will also be recyclable. Not sure that's taking much away from the rest of the petroleum based products and materials Coke uses. And speaking of bottled water. Unless you are in a flood, tsunami, earthquake, or other natural disaster, bottled water is really just a big environmental scam.

On a brighter note, I first heard about, and became exposed to, Aveda products while I was in California. This eco-conscious company goes out of its way to let people know about their eco-friendly products and their efforts to save children who don't have clean water. This company makes products like body soap, shampoos, and conditioners. They also make beauty products and encourage individuals to become "water warriors."

So here's my tip for today, the 14th of April. It may be the only tip I offer this month, since the "International Hippie Holiday" turns 41 soon and it makes me feel the earth needs a better outlook and protector than one portrayed solely by hippies.

Buy, or grow, as much fresh fruit and veggies as you can, then cook them the same or next day. When foods are this fresh, they cook better and quicker. This will cut down on cooking time and give you time for enjoying other interests. Now it's your turn. What is your favorite eco-friendly tip?

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voodoo vixen said...

Oh but my hippy days were the best... but thankfully I did move on past them unlike some bald men with pony tails (why do they do that)?? LOL I drink tap water... does that count for any Brownie points? Probably not... ;)

Donna: said...

You and Hippy Earth Day will be the same age then right? 40? ;)

Amy said...

It's so not being a hippy, so much as totally caring about where we are at. I mean, we Come From the earth, and we live on it and in it. I feel so confused why people cannot be bothered to do the simplest of things.

We have a huge recycling center here, but people just Don't Use it because it's not picked up at their house. You have to *gasp* take it there yourself.
Yes, it is a super inconvenience, but
knowing the center is on my way into town means that i am a total lazy jerkface if I cannot even drop my recycles off there.

And people act like the only reason to ride a bike or the bus is that you don't have a car.
Not so.
I have one, and it works just fine - but if I can do what I need to do without it, heck.
I've got time.


Halle said...

I save all of our #5 caps and bring them to Aveda...they make their bottles or maybe just the caps for their bottles from the recycled caps. It's amazing how many I accumulate even though I am conscious of what I buy....not that I don't ever make poor choices. I do...then wish I hadn't.
We have curbside reclining for metal, glass, paper and #1 and #2 plastics. Our environmental center takes #5 yogurt and sour cream containers only. All my bags going here and there drive DH nuts but I know it's worth the extra effort.
Also if you wear eyeglasses or hearing aids and are no longer in need of them for whatever reason most "Lions Club" organizations or a local co-op will take them to pass along to others that can use them. At least here in MN this is the case.

sandra de said...

Ok, here goes.. we recycle all glass, plastic, aluminium, newspaper, cardboard and have compost x 2. All lights have energy saving things (DH turns all lights off) and we live with candles unless you work at a desk - lucky me. We also have solar power, rainwater tank and take our own bags when shopping. I think I have 50 in the boot of the car (diesel and we share driving). Showers have timers and if we go over the 3mins. DH yells!! Working on teenagers to make the switch to vintage rather than shop bought? But that is a work in progress.

Marilyn Rock said...

Great post Elizabeth and we should always be reminded that we must protect our Mother Earth! xxoo

Dianne said...

HInt: It doesn't help to buy dozens of reusable shopping bags if you always forget to take them to the store with you!! =(

Great post E -- and I am looking forward to sunshine so I can hang laundry out on the clothesline again!

~*~Patty S said...

I just came back from recycling bags of papers (newspapers, junk mail and such)...I marveled that were so many bags since I find so many uses for security envies that come in the mail and other paper too!
Great info and suggestions is little by little that big changes come about.
Here Here for Mother Earth and our precious planet
Hope you are safe today...the noon weather report sounded VERY stormy out your way

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Great suggestion!

Marlynn said...

Love your Mother Earth post, Elizabeth. I really try hard to remember my shopping bags and try not to walk out of the store with plastic. I have even gotten to the point, if it is a small purchase, I just put it in my purse (yes, Harley has to move over) and decline the plastic bag. When you look at the scope of the venture, yes, it seems a little hopeless, but we have to start somewhere! Hugs