Friday, April 1, 2011

Final California photos

What a way to start April Fool's Day. We've finally made it to the last of the photos. These are mostly wedding photos and are of people I know quite well. So this may not be very interesting to many, especially if you aren't into seeing wedding shots.

We pick up with Joseph's brother Bob now at the church. Here he is getting his boutonniere,

as were the rest of the groomsmen.

There were smiles all around

and a church filled with beautiful flowers and organza.

The back of the wedding announcement said it all.

I took lots of photos

of the church,

the mission style furniture,

and the flowers.

Although this was not my first Catholic wedding, they are always quite different.

My friend Troy saying a prayer before the service,

and Joseph's mother waiting to be seated.

Some people gathered in the back of the church,

while others took their seats quickly,

eagerly awaiting the event.

It wouldn't

be long now.

Joseph and Meredith exchanged vows,

then everyone stood for final words.

The reception was held at a Lake Club, and each of the tables had one of these lovely centerpieces.

The tables looked full even before any food was served.

Some of my friends who attended the wedding.

Joel flew in from western Kansas after a snow storm derailed him for a day.

Other friends came who Joseph and I have known for years.

And of course, Joseph's 3 sisters and one sister-in-law would be joined soon by Joseph's wife.

But for now, they were just cutting up, even as the lights dimmed.

All eyes were on Joseph and Meredith entering the room.

They looked so happy,

and unfortunately I didn't get a good photo of their first dance. Everything was jumbled.

Later, when the lights were on again, Meredith's father presented his toast to the couple,

then Joseph's father gave his toast.

Sadly, I didn't get a good photo of the shaker that Joseph and Meredith had made for each person. They were passed out before one of the songs was played and you can see the heart is made from both their thumb prints. Very clever, indeed.

I admit, I had a wonderful time after we returned to the hotel, and stayed up all night. Unfortunately I left my camera in one of the rooms and only remembered it the next day, just as Beau was checking out and leaving the hotel. I was very lucky, because it was laying right by the telephone in his room. I couldn't believe I had misplaced it twice. I think I need a strap or something for it. Other than that, the entire night was fun, especially after everyone and everything (including the booze and flowers) got to the hotel.

The next day Scott and I joined several people on the patio, as we waited for Scott's dad to get there for us. The coffee was perfect, and the paper cozies can be altered.

Friends joined us

and we laughed and shared thoughts about the night before.

I could tell Scott's dad was tired when he arrived to pick us up. After all, he had already driven over six hours. He relaxed while we said our good-byes to others, including Joseph and Meredith who were on their way to the airport that would take them to Belize.

It took forever to get out of the city. I didn't think we would ever make it. In fact, it took us until nearly midnight to get to Kingman, AZ, where we once again spent the night at Rusty's friend's house. And it was about that time that I started getting sick. I slept through the night, and slept most of the way home.

I am not sure when I started getting sick, but I know I'm still not well. Just when I think I'm better, I get sick again, just like I did yesterday. However, one thing I know for sure. Monday I will be heading to the post office, since it appears the postal people are not planning to bring my mail to me. So I hope I have nothing important waiting on me, like a big bar of chocolate or something similar! Have a great weekend everyone.

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La Dolce Vita said...

gosh E, sorry to hear you are still unwell, going to the Dr? hope you feel better soon, looks like a great time and fun to get out to CA. feel good soon! xx's

Sue said...

Hi hun
fabulous piccies, you need a chain round that camera, lol safe trip i do hope you feel better real soon hun, miss ya, sue,x

~*~Patty S said...

well I know you must be weary of not feeling well by now...
sure hope you are back to your frisky self again soon lady!!!

looks like it was a really special gathering and wedding ... a trip to Belize sounds pretty nice too!

Take care Elizabeth...feel better soon and that's no April Fool's!!!

voodoo vixen said...

Oh dear E, maybe you need to go to the doctor, you have been sick for way too long now. Maybe a course of antibiotics would give your system the boost it needs to get well again? Hope you have a BIG bar of chocolate waiting for you in your pile of mail... it never happens to me though!! ;)
Hope you are feeling better soon... and find time to read your emails!! LOL

Dianne said...

what a wonderful wedding. too bad you ended up with the dreadful head cold. keep drinking your tea and resting! and hang on to that camera! take care...

olive said...

thank you for sharing the wedding... a gorgeous time. I'm sorry you are still poorly, perhaps a medicinal cup of tea will help, or a LARGE piece of chocolate... perhaps you need to add a SAT NAV to your camera!!!!!! hugs xxxx

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh not having the post delivered would drive me nutty! Have loved the photos. I think it's time to involve a doctor, huh? YOu shouldn't be sick for this long. Sounds really bossy, but I mean it with love.

thekathrynwheel said...

Hey, did you lose your journal? Oh no, that's awful - I hooe you find it. Thanks for sharing the wedding pics - it's always great to have a peek at a wedding :-)
Hope you feel better soon x

Amy said...

the photograph you took while they were exchanging vows was supercool with the big light coming in.
get well soon

Marilyn Rock said...

Lovely photos! Thank you. I hope you find that chocolate bar that might await you! You deserve it. Hope you're feeling better. xxoo

Clare H said...

Fabulous photo's, the bride and groom look so perfect together! The flowers were gorgeous! Hope you feel better soon, I seem to have made karma mad and am getting it from all sides at the moment, need to go to bed and get up next month when its all over!

Doone said...

the wedding looks as if it was truly amazing,

hope you get well and stay well soon,


Marlynn said...

Hey, dear one, take good care of yourself. Photos were wonderful and a smash hit. Go bite your postal persons, can't believe the service you are not getting! Hang in there, you have to get well soon, it not follow advice above and get to the doctor! Hugs and warm fuzzies.

Debrina said...

Hope you're on the mend, Elizabeth. Looks like the wedding went well and two more happy people in the world is always a blessing :-)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Sorry to hear you are not well. Hopefully, you will feel better very soon. Thanks for sharing these wedding images - I always enjoy seeing all the love and happiness. :) Theresa

Halle said...

Even though you got terribly sick at the end of the looked as if it was a good time...

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am regaining my strength after a bout of pneumonia...thank you for sharing this beautiful wedding. Rituals are so important for our humanities. Feel Better real soon. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Donna: said...

Looks like a lot of happy people at a very happy occasion! Hope your feel better soon E.
- Donna

Kat W said...

Lovely photos - I love weddings, I'm such a romantic. I even got excited seeing these photos of people I don't even know. What a sap I am. Lol.

Sorry that you're ill again. Sending you huge (but gentle) hugs & get well wishes.
Kat Xx

JoZart said...

Thanks for sharing the wedding photos and I hope the newly weds will be very happy together. Good luck to them.
The boutonnieres ( just called buttonholes in England) reminded me of my DDs German wedding. I made them and all the guests were amazed and thrilled with them as it's not a custom in Germany as it is in England and US.
I do hope you get well very soon.... get good medical advice as we care for you and want you to be well again!
Hugs JoZarty x

Patti said...

Yay - I figured out how to post on my iPad - in Florida! Considering that I posted a wedding book on my blog I most certainly enjoyed looking at these lovely photos!!
Thanks for your kind comment - I appreciate you!

JoZart said...

Hi Elizabeth... I meant to ask if it was you who asked for old fashioned wooden Dolly Pegs quite some time ago. It might have been Elizabeth of Silver Scrapper but I do have some now for whoever did ask!!! I have a note on my desk saying just "Elizabeth pegs" !!!
Hope you are feeling better, hugs joZarty x

Gaby Bee said...

Lovely photos, Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing with us. It's always such a fun to have a peek at a wedding:)
Hope you are feeling better now!

Sending big hugs,