Friday, July 30, 2010

Second set of signatures for my friend Halle

I intended to have a different post today and save this one for when I needed a backup. But the post I was planning to have didn't happen, so it's time to pull out what I will call Plan B. Now I know Halle doesn't feel that way, and I don't want to belittle the post by allowing you to think these signatures make for any less importance than any other post, because that's not the case. So without further blundering about on my part introduction, I will now show my final set of signatures for Halle, and my final set of signatures that I have made. Yep, there are no more books and no more unfinished signatures. However, I hope to start a new set in the near future when I actually nail down what the color teal is!

This is the first page in the second set. See the striped piece at the bottom of the page. It flips up and wishes a happy birthday to ME from Halle. I just added a few words of my own and included it back to her. The ultimate repurposed gift tag.

The smaller page on the right has a postcard you can flip over for added journaling.

Blue duct tape holds the right side image on the page which is actually an envelope.

Yep, the left side is an old envelope I got in a swap. Mail art turned into book art. On the right are a few pink scraps. Halle LOVES pink.

More pink on left and scrapbook paper over a doily on right.

Mostly magazine images and a heart cut from lined paper.

I accented the heart with paint. National Geographic turpentine paper on right, along with a stenciled sticker.

Another turpentine paper on left. Background technique square on right.

Background square technique on left, remainder of mail envelope on right covered with a Chinese cookie box.

Another oriental page. I keep forcing them on Halle. Magazine image on right with note paper.

Images on left were stamped. Lines were made using corrugated cardboard.

More pink background techniques I've made in the past. Tea bag string and label along with canceled stamp on right.

Circles cut from a calendar, sewn over ribbon. I tried to include any and every type of pink I had for this book. I don't do pink well, so I'm not sure I carried it off. However, I know Halle liked the book and that's all that counts, right?

Today's blog is actually the web site of Elaine Pamphilon. Not sure where I found it, but if you like quirky and unique paintings, you will love this site. Loads of photos of her artwork abound. Have a great day and a fantastic weekend everyone.

10 thoughtful remarks:

Joanie Hoffman said...

Your pages are always so colorful & like little treasure hunts. Excellent job.
And thanks for your kindness with my Fuzz-Marie. It helps a lot. xoxox, Joanie

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

you really have created some interesting and great pages for Halle ... the stitching adds an element that I really enjoy ... speaking of enjoy POCKY is so good! We visited an entire Pocky store in Vancouver a couple of years ago ... more varieties than you could shake a stick at ...
Sorry it's lunch time!

elle said...

I'm flabbergasted by your book making skills. I've yet to really do it and I want to so I'll be studying closely. 8^) And teal? I gave up and anything that hints of blue and green or green and blue now has its own stash shelf! lol

Doone said...

It actually the only door inthe house that can hang true - its a very old house and most of our other doors have special hinges that lift the door as it opens so that they clear the floors!

Posted an art journal I made today if you are interested - its a video of the stills, the compeleted journal and the first pages, I use coptic stiching and canvas bindings - gonna follow you so I learn from your journal pages, and book making if that okay?


Halle said...

Yes I do love my journal...still working out in my mind the cover modifications before starting anything. :)

Tess said...

Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for the comment on my post today. the feathers are staying.
Halle is so lucking. The journal you are creating is fabulous. So much to look at and to feel. Awesome.....

Terri Kahrs said...

Elizabeth, I think you pulled off "pink" beautifully! Just enough to make it perfect, but not over the top with that pretty color. Halle is going to adore this book! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Cindy McMath said...

Elizabeth, I just love the way you have sewn in all that great "stuff" into these journals!

Cindy :)

Marlynn said...

Oh my, girlie girl - the three of you (Wendy, Bleu, and you) did an AMAZING job on this book journal. I am speechless and as we know doesn't happen much! Hugs

milkcan said...

These are so fabulous!