Saturday, July 3, 2010

Not even a stay-cation

It seems like forever since I've been home and even longer since I've spent any time reading my favorite blogs or doing art, but I'm finally ready to get down to some serious "arting" again. I spent most of Wednesday downtown doing boring legal and administrative stuff, but accidentally wiped all the photos from my memory card when I got home. The "stuff" was boring, but the lovely downtown shots were pretty decent. So of course, I have very little to show for the last three days. Here's a recap minus lovely downtown shots:

Went to the Asian market.

Saw this amazing stuff

called Jack Fruit.

Saw some fish with their eyes still intact.

Saw some dried sardines. Didn't buy any of the above.

Saw some beautiful fans that are bigger than any wall in my house (slight exaggeration, but they are huge).

Stopped at thrift store. Picked up a few blouses that I'm going to dye or discharge.

Remember my friend I helped clean her house? She brought me this.

It's the first FOUR DOLLAR cupcake I've ever seen.

Still just admiring it. May eat it today or tomorrow.

Got another bid on my porch.

The guy kept wanting to avoid my camera.

He's practically hidden by my now overgrown tomato bushes and dying peas.

Did get a photo of him as he was leaving. Today I have another guy coming about the porch and one coming to estimate how much it will cost to paint the house. Always love it when I get to be interrupted from making my art.

Didn't have a blog today. Went looking for anything of interest. Found The Textile blog. Not sure how relevant it is, but I had to have something and I really did enjoy seeing the lovely dyed fabric and paper. Hope you enjoy it. I'm off to do some dyeing myself. Have a great weekend and holiday (US).

8 thoughtful remarks:

MosaicMagpie said...

I wonder why that repair guy didn't want his picture made? Maybe you should watch America's Most Wanted!
He was probably wondering why you wanted to take his picture!

steph said...

Thank you for featuring the Textile Blog, Liz, I love everything in it...from fabric dye techniques to the beautiful laces and embroidery...i'm so inspired!!
I see the jackfruit, one of my faves, it can be really sweet and the flesh is crunchy. Salted fish is used in chinese cooking, either steam it with meat or do a dish of fried rice with it...not too much of it though.... ;)

Marilyn Rock said...

Great shots Elizabeth! Good luck with your porch and house painting. I take it that guy didn't want his picture taken - hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I've never heard of jack fruit - I'm intrigued. xxoo Happy 4th of July weekend!

~*~Patty said...

fun post E!
Jack fruit ... must give that a whirl sometime
Love the huge fans, such a lovely store deco!

Good luck on your porch, bet you'll enjoy it!
off to check out the link

Dianne said...

lotsa fun, even without the downtown photos! I always enjoy your adventures in shopping...

Marlynn said...

Fish eyes, fish eyes, fish eyes..... wow! You were rocking on Saturday my friend!

FlipSyde said...

I know that 'Jack Fruit' shouldn't be so funny to me, but instead of an open admission of my obvious immaturity, I'll beg pardon by saying, "Well, one of my cats boasts the name, 'Jack'".

Melinda Cornish said...

I had a four dollar ice cream cone the other day and boy did it make me mad.....I didnt ask how much they were till I took a bite out of it and the sad thing, it was white chocolate that didnt even taste like white chocolate.....that cupcake looks good though...