Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines and rework

I spent about 5 hours yesterday trying to find the code I needed to change the html on the comments so they would number correctly. I never found the line I needed to start with, even though there were three different options. I ended up reading every line of code and finally gave up after that. I guess I'll be counting the comments by hand, which will be a daunting job, since I now have over 500. I may just write them all out in my word processor and number them, then use the random generator to find the name quickly. I really don't know any other way.

I had to change the way the comments were handled, too. I had to put the comments under the post, not in a separate window, like I do now. With over 500 entries, anyone with dial-up will surely get discouraged and leave. Since I want to make it easy for my readers, I decided to put the comments back the way I had them. As a result, I have very little to show for yesterday, although I did finally get the final two collages finished for the draw. You may have seen them as you scrolled down to this post.

I recently made two Valentines for two friends. Both use scrapbook paper for the background and images from an old Opera magazine. Click to enlarge.

This one went to a friend who immediately recognized the image. Since the receiver shall remain anonymous, here is part of the thank you note I got:
I saw a performance by Kathleen Battle a few
years ago and she was wearing that
dress! I swear the sleeve poofs were
bigger than the tenor that was
singing with her.
That really made me smile. To think I made it personal without even realizing it, was an added bonus.

I was just not happy with this piece. So Thursday, Dana showed me how to shade.

Not sure I did a whole bunch of good, but I do see a difference. I also added the bit of color around his/her face in an attempt to bring it out a bit.

I keep searching for art blogs that don't have the OWOH logo on them. I finally found one just a few minutes ago, and I think you will enjoy The Queen of Dreamsz. Even after checking her profile, I never learned her real name, but her blog is filled with images of challenges and places you could go all day and not get bored. Her blog banner is to die for!

5 thoughtful remarks:

Diane said...

Elizabeth, thanks so much for your birthday wishes--I'm glad I met you and that we can share all of our art endeavors together!!

Lynn said...

Your comment delimema sounds daunting to say the least. I do hope you get your five hundred comments sorted out and things run smoothly for you.

Your Valentines are terrific, and I think you got the other piece just fine now.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Who is that cute guy on the side bar with the longish hair? He sure gets my attention each time I come here.

Marlynn said...

Oh Elizabeth, your cards had me laughing out loud, literally, really, laughing out loud and then the cold fish was just too much. I CAN see the difference with the shading and went through the same experiment you did with the shading especially in a "motar board" I needed to use as a background image for a swap. I had to take a pencil and start shading to bring out one image. You did really great on yours. YOu are the BeST! hugs,

Terri Kahrs said...

You're MUCH braver than I, Elizabeth! I can't even THINK about going into the HML code 'cuz I break out in a cold, clammy, scardy-cat sweat. GREAT Valentines! You're recipients are very lucky! Happy Valentine's Day Hugs, Terri xoxo

La Dolce Vita said...

i definitely see a difference, good job!