Thursday, February 11, 2010

Only memories

Well, I did it again. I went off and left my memory card in my computer. I was taking pictures from the camera memory, not the card memory. Needless to say, I messed up, because I can't get the computer to recognize the camera. I hope I check the camera the next time before I leave home.

Before going to Dana's, we went shopping. This time it was my idea. We went to the Salvation Army. All clothes were half off, and I bought four or five pairs of pants and five wool or cashmere sweaters. I also bought some books, but they weren't on sale. They are from the 50s or maybe 60s and were pre-school encyclopedias. Now they call it Head Start (grin). I left the books and pants in Dana's car, because it was so late, dark, and very cold by the time I got home. I told her I would pick them up tomorrow, when we do this again, minus the shopping.

We also went to an Asian market close to my house. I had never been before and got Joss papers, coin envelopes, and Chinese Zodiac circles. I have no idea where the coin envelopes or Zodiacs are, but they are not in the picture and they weren't in my package when I got home. Dana promised to take me back to the Asian market because I found some Thai sauce I have been looking for. Dana bought the Pepero sticks and the coffee packets. She gave me the empty boxes to play with. She also made a big pot of tea and I took the empty bags.

The price tags I brought home were from the sweaters. We washed them in hot water and felted them. They were in the dryer when I came home, so I'll be able to see them later this morning. I hope they shrunk and felted like we think they will. I want to use them in quiltlets and maybe even a Dress Up 2010 dress when we get back into fall colors.

Today, Dana and I will not be buying bargains at the second hand store, or going to a really colorful Asian market, but we will do something that will allow me to take a few photos. Not sure what it will be, but at least I'm hoping to have something to show for the day.

BTW, there was NO drawing yesterday because when we got to Dana's, I had lost the slip of paper the names were on and I wanted to show the winner. So, today Dana will draw, and tomorrow I'll announce the winner. Sorry about that. Maybe my mind will start working one of these days.

Today's blog came about from a link that Brian at A Man Who Crafts posted on his blog. There is some serious journaling going on at The Kathryn Wheel. Kate, the owner, has set up a calendar and each participant does the same where you doodle, draw and make a bit of art in a small daily box that looks to be about the size of a post-it-note or a bit larger. Her other art is wonderful, too. But if you do nothing else, you should check out her completed calendar for January and how she started her February calendar.

8 thoughtful remarks:

Marlynn said...

Love this one Elizabeth since I have been known to leave my camera memory stick in the computer. LOL And of course, guess what, that time the photo opts are priceless. Glad you mentioned the Chinese coin envelopes. I have to get mine ready for Chinese New Year next week for my Asian friends. Bless you, needless to say envelopes at office, I'm not..... Take care my friend.... enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you lost your pictures. I can't wait to see what you do with all the Chinese items.


Dianne said...

I've not only left my memory card in the computer, but corrupted the files by not exiting correctly & lost the photos (sigh) so I the atc's! and the new blog links, and the dress tut...always a treat to stop by! congrats on the outstanding response to your giveaways!!

Terri Kahrs said...

OOoops! And here I thought I was the only one to do things like this!!! You have the BEST shopping trips! I've never been to an Asian market, and it sounds like it could yield a whole bunch of treasures. BTW - I adore Kate's journals!!! Am so happy you've introduced her work to a new audience. Hugs, Terri xoxo

Halle said...

I did a bit of thrifting yesterday as well. Picked up some books and a small 3-ring binder for Many Important Things *wink*

Can't wait to see the felting!!!!

Diane said...

I love your shopping trips. I went on a successful one today, too. In the Norah's faces class I'm taking, Sharon shows a technique with paper napkins, and I found a big selection of them at Tuesday Morning, AND at Michaels they had all of their vintage looking jewelry embellishments on clearance--exactly what I would be looking for, and I wasn't in the store for that reason--I just happened to find them--I usually don't run across these deals--they were more than 50% off.

Brian K said...

Thank you for the shout out my friend! No go put that memory card in your camera... RIGHT NOW! ;-) Cheers!

thekathrynwheel said...

Ooooh, thanks for the shout! I'm so glad you came by my blog :-)
I've had a nosey round your blog too and I LOVE your art :-)