Saturday, February 20, 2010


Could it actually happen? Would we really go to the Asian Market on Friday? Would I make art at Dana's or pack boxes? Would Dana feel like coming to get me? YES, BOTH, and YES.

I was all packed and ready to go. I have the piece that I gave you a peek at on yesterday's blog post, along with other art goodies packed in my bulging and overflowing bag.

It started out a nasty day, and as I was trying to color correct my photo, I accidentally turned it into a black and white one.

Gotta love color correction in Photoshop. I think I got the picture a bit pink from the looks of the concrete.

Once inside, this was the first thing I saw. Leave it to me to find the fruit. Look at those glorious mangoes.

However, Dana spotted other things.

Her eyes were drawn to shiny hanging baubles.

She asked me to back up to get a better shot,

then even further back to take in all the hanging shiny things.

She held up the piece she decided on for her daughter.



and more tea. I couldn't resist posting this photo since it had those darling tea tins with the colorful flower bows (on the left) in it. Also note how the banners are waving in the breeze compared to the photo above.

Crackers were next on our agenda.

Then I checked out the various fruit.

All of these white things are spring roll wrappers. I've never seen such a huge choice of spring roll wrappers. It seemed like the selections went on forever. I was a bit lame and chose the rectangular ones.

Next came spices, sauces, and other goodies.

Of course I had to take pictures in the bric-a-brac aisle. Check out how every inch of real estate is used. The fan classes up the fire extinguisher.

I returned to the paper and New Years aisle

to find more of the Chinese zodiacs I bought last week. The ones I got were printed off to one side and I was determined to find some printed closer to the middle or center of the paper. I had to hunt through every package they had, but finally found one package I could live with.

Next it was off to check out the tofu and other refrigerated choices. Fish and squid were in the "meat counter" to the left.

Soup and other items were located below potted silk plants.

Another colorful aisle caught my eye

right before I got in line to pay.

Quite a bounty for someone who normally doesn't buy that many snacks. Of course, there were wrappers and "hot" sauce to make my spring rolls, too.

Dana was finally finished and it was now my turn. Then it was back to reality and a day that warmed and turned sunny right after we left the market.

Was it worth the wait?

I was going to take some photos of how we organized Dana's rubber stamps, but I couldn't get my old camera to take pictures (the button wouldn't do anything when I tried) and I left my other camera (the one I used to take the pics above) in Dana's car. The thing is, she and I have about the same number of rubber stamps. You could combine hers and mine and come up with one fairly decent medium sized drawer.

Today's blog was suggested by Brian (at A Man Who Crafts). He has become my eyes for men who have unique art blogs. He suggested Jim McBride at Intergalactic Transport. I'm sure glad he did. McBride makes some totally unique and wonderful quilts. He definitely creates some eye popping art with fabric and thread. I think you'll enjoy his humor, too. This is one enjoyable blog that should not be missed. And if you want to waste some real time, take his studio tour, then take the other 600+ NYC artists' tours, too.

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wickedtats said...

Hello! I believe you've won a prize at my OWOH giveaway. I've tried to email you but haven't received a response. Pls drop me a line!

Diane said...

That was fun!! I wish we had one of those here. Hey you better go collect your prize :)

Mar said...

what a market!!!!..

Sue McGettigan said...

I love going to Asian markets - all kinds of surprises and treasures inside! Thanks for the links to the blokes blogs - they are fab! said...

WOW I have never been to an asian market, ever! It looks amazing, especially the zodiac stuff! And the mangoes, yum!

I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for for entering my OWOH giveaway! Sorry it took me so long to get back with you -- it's been a crazy few weeks. I'm following your blog now, and if you'd like to stop by mine and see if you like it, I'd love for you to follow me as well! :) Thanks,


Margaret said...

Wow! our Asian market is about a third of the size! what a great selection to choose from! Lovely photos. Mx

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

looks like a really fun place to visit

I always marvel at the exotic fruits and vegies at our local International markets and enjoy walking the aisles!

my sister just showed me that I have B&W photo capability in my digital! I am so excited ... guess that's what happens when you never take the time to read the manual (just not my strong point ;))

Marlynn said...

I love your trip to the Asian Market, felt like I was there with you and Dana. Just read Patty's post above and I don't have a clue if my camera has a B&W setting. I am curious because I thought your B&W rocked. Loves my visit to Jim's. Interesting blog. I am certain you and Dana had a great play day and I'm happy the sun came out.