Monday, December 28, 2009

X-rays (hands)

I started this spread last week and learned a LOT.

1. Never use a "wet" glue like Twist & Glue under an X-ray (used in spread) or a transparency.
2. If you haven't completely covered the page or X-ray, the glue or lack of it, will show through.
3. When using buttons to lift something, be sure they are all the same thickness.
4. If the fact that the "screw head" brads are mixed in the photos bothers you, it would not be a problem. Wait until you have lived with the layout for awhile before you decide to make the embellishments permanent.
5. When you want to make the page permanent, cover your mechanics on the back of both pages by gluing a facing and opposing page to each side.
5. Decide in advance if you want a title for your pages so you can plan for them during the design process.

5 thoughtful remarks:

Debrina said...

Great tips from a great experimenter! And thanks for your nice comments about my latest blog posting. The three Ls are a real treat to read about, I agree.
Hope it doesn't get much colder your way. We often wish for a white xmas in the Southern Hemisphere; but really, the summer is just great!

Jeanene said...

E I did it. I love this x-ray hand spread and Thank You for the hints

Seth said...

Very cool! And you picked the perfect color for the background!!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

thanks for sharing what you've learned, the letting a spread sit a while (preferably overnight. altho that's not always easy sure is good advice!)

How did you get those excellent xrays to show up so great!!! are they real??? they look fab E!

Cindy McMath said...

This is such a cool spread Elizabeth - don't know how I missed it..? Love the x-ray hands typing.

I have a link to a great free tutorial on working with transparencies... not sure if the link will "work" in the comments, but it can be cut and pasted:

Cindy :)