Thursday, December 24, 2009

We finally got snow!!

Dana (or her husband) is on her way to get me, but I just had to share what the view from my office window looked like today. I was surprised I was able to get any kind of shot, since the windows are tinted to keep the hot summer (west) sun out of the room, which has a total of 8 windows.
This was the view around 9:00 am.

The snow began to fall in big flakes around 10 am.

The snow tapered off around 10:30. Was this it, I asked myself.

By 11:30, the big flakes had been replaced with tiny swirling bits of flying snow. In fact, it looks like there is less snow here, than in the previous photo, only because of the wind. The big difference is in the gutters that you can see on the side of the photo.

This is what I'll be going to Dana's in. I took this photo about 12:45 pm. The snow is really swirling around out there now, giving the appearance of fog. You can tell that visibility has dropped from the visibility of the windows by the driveway.

I hope you are safe, warm, dry, and having a wonderful Christmas eve.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Mar said...

meeerrry christmas!

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I like your time lapse photography. Merry, merry Christmas