Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hands and snow

I usually post my blog entries before this, but I wanted to wait till the sun came out to show the snow we got. Pretty disappointing, considering what I've seen on many blogs these past few days, but I'm tickled that it was a white Christmas, at least. Don't let the lovely photo (well, not that lovely with my neighbor's vehicle nearly in my drive) deceive you, though. It is bitterly cold and the wind is still blowing at somewhere between 20 and 30 miles an hour. In fact, as I was taking the photo, I saw the evergreen tree in front (peeking out from the front of my house) flapping in the wind. I figure today will be a great day to get into the studio and get some real arting accomplished.

I've had this spread finished for awhile and was surprised when I looked back on some posts and didn't see it. So here it is. The backgrounds are some I used for my scraps ATCs. It is nail polish dripped over a pan of water, then printer paper laid on top to accept the nail polish. At one time I considered using these images (which cover corrugated cardboard) on the front and back of my book, but decided they would make a better spread than a cover.

I hope everyone has recuperated from yesterday and are staying warm (unless you live in the southern hemisphere, of course).