Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two spreads for my Hands AB

I issued a challenge on ABC yahoo group to use scraps or junk mail in their art this week. I started these pages, not even thinking about the challenge, because much of what I use in my ABs comes from my mailbox!! As I was working on these pages, I realized I had fulfilled the challenge.

As soon as I got this catalog, I knew I had to use the images from it. There were so many colorful pictures, many of which applied to safety in the workforce, an area I have been involved with most of my working life.

I began by tearing the background labels, which I did not intend to show when I was finished. However, these labels were just so graphic, I couldn't bring myself to cover them, so I placed the pictures of gloves in and around them.

Originally I considered extending the right side of the previous spread to accept the remainder of the pictures, then decided I would just make two spreads.

For the left side, I used all the remaining images of both labels and gloves.

For the right side, I first wrote the words large enough they would cover over the written words on the page. Then I masked off the hands and inked around them using pigment ink.

You can click on any of the above photos to better read the labels and glove types. In case you can't read my hand writing (after all, I have trouble reading it most of the time), I wrote:
What’s your profession? If you’re a race car driver, jockey, nurse, lab technician, dish washer, fork truck driver, steel worker, welder, or a person who holds one of thousands of jobs that requires wearing gloves each day, you appreciate how much gloves protect your hands.

2 thoughtful remarks:

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Gloves ARE a wonderful invention. Great use of junk mail Elizabeth, you have a great eye for paper treasures!

Mar said...

i think you covered about all of it!
good spread