Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baking day

What do you do when it's snowing outside? Why bake of course! And that is what I did yesterday. Although I didn't take photos, I made a green bean casserole and a macaroni dish (can't really call it a casserole) that probably sounds better than it was. First, over the weekend I made salsa with some of my ripe veggies I harvested on Friday, then added the leftover salsa to some cooked macaroni and popped it in the oven. It was not as dry as I anticipated, but I felt like the mac took some of the flavor, especially the cilantro, away from the salsa. There was no cheese, milk, or butter in this dish, that's why I can't really call it a casserole.

In between baking, I worked on some polymer clay pieces that will be showing up in my art in the next few weeks. I had a terrible time freehanding the hearts and wings. The hearts are my favorite and that was the real purpose for baking clay.

One of the faces in the top row was an attempt to make what I thought might be the color teal. I'm still not completely sure what the color is, so I decided to play around and try to create my own teal color. That's one of the things I love about polymer clay: creating my own color blend.

In the top row in this picture, I experimented by making a button. I heard they were hard to make, and I'll let you know if I ever sew it to anything, something I don't do (hand sew, that is). My favorite of all the pieces is the heart on the left. I thought the colors turned out so well and everything I did was freehand, including the wings.

The six purple hands on the left are from a cookie cutter, the smallest of three. In the middle of the top row of hands are two made from two push molds. On the right are three pieces I stacked together using the three nesting cookie cutters. I'm thinking the piece might go in a niche in my Hands AB. The bottom row middle has four white hands that were made from my handmade Barbie doll mold. I simply used hot glue and encased Barbie's hand in the hot glue to make the mold. When cool, I removed the hand. The bottom right is a piece made from the same push mold as above. It was the first one I made and I separated all the fingers.

I hope your day is warm, sunny, and free of computer problems.

3 thoughtful remarks:

Vicki Holdwick said...

I love your clay pieces. It makes me want to get out my own and try it.

I recently bought some cookie cutters that I want to try. I may have to have a play day with my two granddaughters who are in 1st grade.

I bet they would love it!

Thanks so much for sharing,


~*~Magpie's Nest said...

never thought of using hot glue to make a mold, that is a lot more reasonably priced than the mold material that is sold

looks like you got great detail too!

Love the hearts with wings!

how much snow did you get?

purplepaint said...

Oh how fun! I was just thinking that I need to break out the clay!!!