Monday, October 12, 2009

Woodstock ATCs for a swap

Last week I tie dyed some ATC sized fabric for a Summer of Love, Remembering Woodstock 1969 swap.

In case you missed the post, here are the finished pieces right after I removed the clothes pins that held them in place.

Here are the finished ATCs. You may click to enlarge them, since the scan and the material is a bit dark.

They turned out darker than I had hoped, but it was because I used pure dye. The only water was the water that was in the fabric, which I soaked thoroughly before I added the dye.

I found the original Woodstock poster on the internet and copied it to Photoshop. I removed as much of the red as I could, added "Woodstock, 1969" across the guitar, then printed the images on extra heavy photo paper. This made them very hard to cut and because they were so small, I was not able to cut around the pieces as well or as close as I would have liked. The final piece shows how the backs of all these look. Luckily, I still had a few printed backs, so I didn't have to remake them since I still don't have my data files from my old hard drive.

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