Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One quiltlet is complete

I have felt really, really rotten for the past two days. I have not felt like making anything, but yesterday I went to Dana's and we made some art, even though I didn't feel like it.
I worked on some quiltlet embellishments in Dana's basement studio.

I also made some paper embellishments.

Then Dana and I made this Santa with various papers that has a felted background. The backing is not on it yet. We will put the backing on it another day. We also added some embellishments after I stopped taking photos, but the photo will just have to wait.

Finally, we finished this quiltlet that I had started a few days ago. The color is not good here, but a bit better than below.

I feel bad that the photos aren't that good, because the quiltlet is in the basement and the photo isn't the best. I do love the quiltlet, though, even if the color is off. There are several postage stamps on it and I absolutely love the finished piece, even though it is quite dark in the photo. I also love the little hanger Dana added.

I made some twirling pieces, too, but didn't take photos of them. I may work on them more tomorrow if I'm feeling better.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Halle said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. Looks like you had a good time anyway!

Dianne said...

so dedicated to be arting even tho you're not feeling well...hope your are better very soon!