Thursday, October 22, 2009

New canvases

A few days ago Dana and I made art. We both worked on a new technique and both approached it from different places. It's always fun when Dana and I push each other.

I began by placing UHU Twist & Glue on the wood.

Next, I added muslin to the wood.

The muslin took on the shape of the wet Twist & Glue.

I tried to use a brayer to make sure the glue was on the muslin. I still don't care much for a brayer, but Dana keeps trying to convince me I need to learn how to use one.

Next it was Dana's turn with her wood. She chose gesso.

You can see she is adding a decent amount of gesso to her board.

She now has the gesso on and is waiting for it to dry slightly.

Next, she added muslin to her board, also using gesso.

At least Dana knows how to use a brayer.

It's time for me to add my first color from these color mists.

I had a terrible time trying to get this color out.

Now it was Dana's turn again. She used the dark green and yellow. By this time, we had used nearly half the bottle of yellow. It is a nice color, but we sure used a lot.

The color is much better after the piece has dried.

It's hard to believe that Dana's piece is so different, now that she has added some brown and completely covered over the yellow.

Isn't it beautiful? I love this color, but that's only the beginning.

My piece is coming along nicely. I really love the colors, but this is also just the beginning.

Dana has now added some off white to the mix and it now looks like a real canvas. Wow.

This is a heart embellishment I made from some beige heavy canvas. It will change a bit more before I'm finished with it.

I've now added some words to the piece.

Dana is contemplating, and I'm off to a new piece because my first piece needs to dry a bit.

My second piece began with Bottle from Ranger, which is a much better brand than the bright colors we used on the first pieces. I also used Dana's brown. In this photo, I still need to add color.

Here I'm adding the off white to the piece and starting to love it.

Dana has added some tissue to her piece.

Now she's added more paint over the tissue and is getting ready to use her Shiva paint sticks and glaze.

Although nothing is finished, the three pieces are far enough along, I was able to bring my two home to work on them. Not sure how far Dana thinks she has gotten on her piece.

We finally stopped for the day because it was nearly 8 pm. I could tell Dana was tired, but she insisted upon making french toast. What a treat after a long day of art!

7 thoughtful remarks:

Findings Art by Donna said...

Can hardly wait to see what the finished ART looks like. Interesting technique and would love to try some spray inks like that.

Halle said...

This looks like so much fun!! Can't wait to see the finished projects from both.

Minxy said...

oh wow, looks like you had an inky messy fun day. {there the best kind}. you lucky thing you.. be interesting to see the finished pieces :)

Robin said...

Looks like you two had a lot of fun and you have some amazing results here!

Dianne said...

great job documenting the process! hope you are feeling much better...

~*~Magpie's Nestw said...

You are so good at creating AND documenting along the way ... I applaud you E!
These pieces with the muslin are wonderful, I bet they did drink up the color mists.
I have two brayers 4" and 2". I like using them after I glue papers together and for adding paint or ink, it gives such a unique look, great on mailing envies too, our post lady always says something nice about what I mail.

Seth said...

Great post. So cool seeing the step by step process of both your pieces in pictures!!!