Monday, October 19, 2009

My Rocking Horse round robin AB

I want to get this AB to Dana by the time we three get together on Tuesday. Kathy has worked in it and just left it at my place about a month ago. I need to work in Kathy's book, but I took a few hours today to work on two pages for my book.
The first spread is an iris fold on the right. The horse on the left was cut from the background. I think it's great to get two images for the price of one.

The black across the top is German scrap my friend Cindy sent me. I think it 's the perfect finishing touch for the spreads. I used two colors of green acrylic paint on the left page. The green and white background is wallpaper and a bit hard to match the colors.

I drew around a large wrought iron door stopper. I have no shortage of rocking horses, so this subject is easy. I painted the horse metallic red and left the black larger than the book on three sides. I want to make some kind of edge treatment, but not sure what. For now, I'm stopping. Maybe the spirits will move me when it comes home to me next month.

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~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Rocking horses ... how fun!
I find walking away from projects works well for seeing what I might add or do next! Sometimes I'll think something is finished until the next day when I see what else it needs...that happens a lot when I see it on my computer screen too :)