Friday, October 9, 2009

It's official

Have you been to the UHU blog? If not, hop on over and see the two new Gluers who will join Jessica, Maggie, and myself as the faces of UHU in blogland. A big huge congratulations to Deanne and Halle. Please visit their web sites and leave each a congratulatory message. I can't wait to see what projects they will be offering in the next few months.

Talk about a tough choice. If you don't believe me, check out the non-winning entries here. Each of these artists are winners in their own right.

Also on my blog is a new (to me) feature that I've admired on Mar's site since forever. It's a blog list and I can set it so it provides a picture of your first blog photo each time you post. It's on the right and I've filled it with names of bloggers who I follow their art on a regular basis. I still have a few more to enter, but for the most part, it's done. I'm tickled. I'm finally getting my computer tweaked with programs that will actually run on something besides Win98. Enough of my elation and excitement about my new blog feature. You can still see my LINK list, which takes you to other of my favorite sites. I'll be updating soon, because I was just playing around yesterday to see if it would actually work.

So that you won't think there's no art today, Rob and I are making textures in PHOTOSHOP (YEA) since he's making Avitars (virtual people). He showed me some examples and showed me how I can digitally incorporate my backgrounds by turning them into backdrops, clothing, and accessories.

I scanned a background I had posted previously ( that turned out to be the next to the last picture that day. Yep, it's the orange one. I call this one Borg Barbie and it's hard to imagine, with only a couple or three clicks, the orange turned to sinister. Click to enlarge. It really is better up close and personal. It was made using various filters. Unfortunately, Rob was more interested in showing me things I never dreamt I could do in Photoshop using my OWN backgrounds.

Again, more filters, the specific instructions/clicks of a mouse lost in random chaos. After a bit of sleep, I plan to play in this new medium until I can make some more stunning backgrounds from an orange background.

Again, let's give a big UHU welcome to Deanne and Halle and please don't forget to show your appreciation by leaving a comment on their blogs.

3 thoughtful remarks:

Socrates said...

That background is terribly cool. I use PS CS4. I like the look of the blended colors and the texture. I'm going to have to try that.
And I looked at your hands HB. Beautiful blend of colors. Yummmm. I'm just starting with acrylics and paints, and my results are average. Thank you for the inspiration. Sox

Mar said...

i love the textured background pages!
i was shocked with my name in the post!...i had to click it thinking nah it won't be ME!
thank you it was...what i like about that blog feature list
is it shows you when someone has updated...
so i can hop over and support them in a visit...
you will like it too...
and anyone else who changes that and adds it for a feature..

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

those backgrounds ARE amazing, digital art mystifies me totally!

I wish WordPress had the neat blog roll feature you have now E, it makes so much sense!