Thursday, September 24, 2009

My computer finally fritzed

I won't say it died, but my old computer, which I purchased in 1998, was running Win98 second edition, and IE6, would not allow me to load a page on the internet yesterday. I kept getting "Explorer Error." Then it would shut down and the task bar, start menu, etc. would not come back on. After three times of doing this, I got an even more ominous error: "Reinstall Windows." I freaked and called my friend Scott (yep with the kitchen everyone loves to hate) and got the phone number of a mutual friend, Lewis. Lewis is a computer geek, and within a couple of hours, he was at my house with a "new-to-me" computer. He had already installed Firefox on it, along with my beloved Photoshop. The operating system is Windows 2000, Professional Edition, but I'm not complaining. At least I'm on the internet!!

The new computer is SO tiny. Right now, it's sitting on a step stool and I realize the lighting sucks, but there's not much light under my desk. It's only about three or four inches thick and reminds me of a laptop. He showed me how to insert the CD because you don't just place it in the holder like on my old computer. We loaded WordPerfect, the scanner, and my lovely OLD Logitech camera software. When we went to load the software for the camera that Jackie had sent me, we didn't need it. The camera loaded with no trouble.

As some of the software was loading, Lewis and I went outside and stood around the chiminea. You can see the trees I still have to trim in the background.

To show that I actually got my new wonderful camera software to work, I thought it appropriate to take photos of my old camera. Actually, I had taken these weeks ago, right before I tried to load the software the first time.

Yep, this tiny thing with its itsy-bitsy view finder in the upper left, and the battery level viewer in the center, has been my lifeblood ever since I started this blog. It seemed appropriate that I should show these, because Lewis was the one who gave me this old camera years ago. He told me today it made him happy that I used it as much as I do. If he only knew.

Lewis took my old computer, will remove the hard drive, and get my precious data back to me soon. Right now everything is new, but I'm sure I'll have files on it in no time.

To top it all off, I have a new camera, a new computer, a new internet connection, and I'm doing the happy, happy dance. Sorry, no art today. Just a happy dance.

3 thoughtful remarks:

Mar said...

the life line is in surgery!
well here is to going into recovery and then its own private room...and released to the world

but really
it was a great computer to last as long as it has!

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Lewis is a lifesaver! great that you won't lose any files!

Dianne said...

what great friends to come to your rescue! glad you are still in "bloglandia" and keeping us up to date!