Thursday, September 17, 2009

A day in my life

My life has been all topsy turvey lately and I haven't devoted as much time to art as I would like. Yesterday morning I managed to carve out some art time and started this spread.

First I glued several pages of hand gestures to the book pages, then got out my Twinkling H20s and added water to them. I love these although I think they are probably "old news" since I've picked a color up in the clearance bin the last two times I was at Mrs. O'Leary's. These watercolors are addictive, but Dana was coming over and I didn't have time to finish the spread.

When Dana got to my house, we went to Scott's. Yep, the same guy whose kitchen ceiling fell in under the rains of last week. The first day I was there, rain was pouring in everywhere, so I didn't take a photo. The next two times I was there, I didn't take my camera. Yesterday, I decided it was safe and I could show what a mess his kitchen is.

It's so bad that he tacked red "Danger" signs over the opening.

There really IS a double sink under that mess somewhere.

Most of the sheet rock is gone, with the exception of the large piece still perfectly parallel to the window. The big mess that is left is insulation that was above the ceiling.

He certainly won't be cooking on that stove any time soon, if ever again.

All of the fru-frus above the soffet will have to be thrown away or washed, and I can promise you it won't be me cleaning this kitchen. I nearly gag each time I walk through it!

After helping for awhile, Dana and I left and went to a local restaurant. Behind us in the strip mall are 4 empty stores, and one in the direction that Dana is facing.

You can tell by the empty parking lot that not a creature is stirring, not even (OOPS, wrong time of year).

Dana wanted pancakes and she got so excited when her meal came because of the gorgeous Art Deco plate. Like many diners I've eaten in, no two plates matched. It's at times like these I wish my camera took better photos. This was a gorgeous plate. By clicking on the photo, you might be able to see the delicate pattern in pink and white.

I was so beat when I got home, but I wanted to play with my H20s one last time before I put them away. I would have made many more of these backgrounds, but I ran out of room on my floor/anti-static mats.

Hopefully I'll have something to show tomorrow, because this is all I have to post today. I'm saving a big project I worked on last week until a bit closer to when my friend gets it.

4 thoughtful remarks:

Debrina said...

Hello Bluebeard and his lovely Mum! Well, it's been a while since I've come your way to leave a comment - apologies for that!! I'm always keen to see what you're up to but sometimes get so excited about some of the experimentations you get up to, I actually forget to write a comment!!

Lovely of you to leave a comment on my blog - and such a nice one too. I must do some more "auto-biography" ones like that, as they are fun to write and by the sounds of thing, fun to read too. Lol!

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

such a nightmare and not what one might expect ... a roof falling in, so sorry about that!

when you say you're not doing as much art .... you still create like crazy (for lack of a better expression!)

Anonymous said...

Oh Liz, how crazy of a mess is that kitchen of T's, wow!!! Yes, you better go and get that extra pan of mine over there sometime, before another part of the house falls in on it. Good talking to you today!

Love, Joe

Mar said...

where in this world are y'all to get soooo much rain!
isn't rain what afflicted your studio last year?
terrible for this persons roof to cave in